Looking for amber at the North Sea - a holiday tip for the winter

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Searching for amber at the North Sea

Searching for amber at the North Sea

 Advertising – What is amber?

Amber is actually not a stone but fossil resin. Which tree species this came from can no longer be clarified today, since the glaciers of the last ice age destroyed all traces of these forests. After our visit to Amber fishermen on Rügen I thought that amber was only found on the Baltic Sea. Only when I was doing my research on the subject of amber on this article came across, I discovered that you can also look for amber in the North Sea and on other continents. As on the Baltic Sea, this is only possible on the North Sea in winter. This makes looking for amber a good pastime during a winter holiday at the North Sea. Who knows, you might find so many that you can make your own amber necklace out of them.

We have already discovered how beautiful amber is on several of our trips. With its golden-yellow sheen, it is tempting to make jewelry and other valuables out of it. One of the most famous is certainly the Amber Room, which has disappeared since World War II.


Searching for amber at the North Sea for amber necklaces
Searching for amber at the North Sea for amber necklaces

When is it worth looking for amber?

The search for amber is successful only in autumn and winter. Then autumn and winter storms wash amber onto the beach. This happens when the salt water of the sea is cold. Then the storms drive the fossil resin to the surface and deposit it on the beaches. In summer the sea is too warm. In the summer months the chances of finding amber are poor. However, if you want to look for amber, you should get up early. Because the search for the fossil is a popular pastime on the coast. If you come too late in the day, the most beautiful pieces have already been collected.

If you want to look for amber during your winter holiday, it is best to stay in one Holiday home at the North Sea. With this broker you will find more than 15000 holiday homes. There are also more tips on his website about what you can do on a winter holiday at the North Sea.


amber casket
amber casket

Searching for amber works best with a UV flashlight

Since the small stones are often hidden between seaweed and algae at the point where the waves reach, it is good to search with a UV flashlight. If you shine it on amber, it shines out between the washed-up remains.

Recognize amber - how does it work?

The search for amber also requires caution. Because amber resembles the dangerous phosphorus in appearance. This ignites at a temperature of 20° C and can cause burn injuries. Therefore, you should never put your finds in your jacket or trouser pocket. Better to collect them in a container.

The best locations

On the North Sea, the search is particularly worthwhile on the dunes of Helgoland, in the mudflat regions in front of St. Peter Ording and Büsum. You can also look for amber on the beaches of the East and North Frisian Islands. On the Baltic Sea, for example, they can be found in space Fischland Darss Zingst, on Rügen, Hiddensee or Usedom.


looking for amber
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Looking for amber at the North Sea - a holiday tip for the winter

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