Darss sights between Fischland and Zingst

Fischland Zingst Darss Sunset

Darss vacation on the Baltic Sea

Holidays on the Baltic Sea on the peninsula on the Baltic Sea coast

The Baltic Sea beach is one of the Darss sights, which is why we made the detour on our trip from Stralsund to Kuehlungsborn do. What a beach! He is wild. It stretches endlessly from one end of the peninsula to the other. We almost have it to ourselves. Only on the horizon do we see a few beach walkers walking lonely through the sand. The summer holidays are over. The summer vacationers are gone. Beach chairs have already been cleared away or are waiting to be taken away. Despite this – or precisely because of this – a holiday on the Darß is worthwhile at this time of the year. As well as from March to April. Because among the Fischland Darß Zingst sights we are interested in another one. The cranes!



Fischland Darß travel organization:

Arrival at the Baltic Sea and the Darß

Book here Arrival by plane, bus or train*. The Darss is a peninsula on the Baltic Sea coast. There are international airports in Frankfurt or Berlin. From there, the journey is via Rostock, Stralsund, Hamburg and Berlin to Ribnitz-Damgarten and Barth by train and then by bus 210.

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The Darß and what distinguishes Fischland from the Darß

The coastal region on the Baltic Sea is called Darß. It is the middle section between Fischland-Darß-Zingst. The Darß belongs to Western Pomerania, while the more southerly Fischland belongs to Mecklenburg. Ahrenshoop forms the border between the two regions.



Cranes are resting
Cranes take a rest on the Baltic Sea - one of the natural sights on the Darß

Fischland Zingst Darß Sights and destinations

The cranes

On our trip we are on the road in autumn. From September to the end of October, the cranes gather in the Bodden landscape in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. But they also come in the spring. From March to April they rest here on their way to their breeding grounds in eastern and northern Europe. Then you can watch them at their mating dance. Reason enough to also visit the Darss sights between the Baltic cities Zingst, Fischland, Prerow, Ahrenshoop and Wustrow to look at.

The cranes rest on this coast in spring and autumn on their way to their breeding grounds in the north. In autumn they fly back south to the places where they spend the winter. You can see them in March and April and from September to early November. This is also a good time to visit the Darss. In the low season you can enjoy the region. Let yourself be blown by the wind. Walk along the sandy beaches. At this time of year you have the beaches almost to yourself. It gets a lot busier here during the summer holidays.

The best way to get information about cranes is from the crane specialists in the

NABU Crane Center Groß Mohrdorf
Linden street 27
D-18445 Gross Mohrdorf
Tel. 038323 - 80540

Excursion destinations on the Darß to watch the cranes

  • Observation platforms: There are several observation platforms around Zingst and around the Barther Bodden. You can find them on this map.
  • Kranich infomobile: Here you can not only watch the cranes during their evening flight to the island of Kirr in September and October, but also get information about the cranes in the Darß. Rangers provide expert information on this. The infomobile can be found on the outskirts of Zingst (GPS coordinates for navigation systems: 54.42555 N, 12.67452 E).
  • Kranorama: In spring, the cranes rest in March and April in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park. Then you can watch them during their courtship dance. The Kranorama near Günz is only open when the cranes are flying. You can find detailed information in the Flyer or on the Website. However, the region near Günz is worth a trip all year round. Nearby is the crane center of NABU, one of the Darß sights, which provides information about the birds and their migrations all year round.
  • You can also get a view of the cranes from the Meiningen Bridge. Photographers gather there in the evening and wait for the perfect photo.

High Dune Zingst (Pramort)

  • Another place where you can see the birds is at the Pramort bird lookout. There you can see the cranes in the evening when they fly to the island of Großer Werder. You can only reach the Pramort bird lookout on foot. If you are traveling by bike, you can park it about 500 m away at a bicycle parking lot.



Darß sights - the port of Zingst
Darß sights - the port of Zingst

Darss and Zingst sights

Where is the Baltic Sea resort of Zingst?

The Baltic Sea health resort of Zingst is located in the northwest of Western Pomerania. Together with the islands of Kirr and Barther Oie, the place belongs to the Fischland-Darß-Zingst region. The town of Zingst is at the eastern end of the peninsula that bears her name. It is ideal for a longer Darss vacation or a detour on a road trip from Stralsund to Rostock.



Zingst Activities for a holiday in Zingst - observation platform and lookout tower

The town of Zingst is good for observing the cranes. There are several places in the Western Pomeranian Lagoon Area National Park, from which you can see the crane flight. There is a viewing platform and a bird watching tower that provides privacy in the fall. From there it is an experience when the cranes fly to their roosts on the island in the evening. A little further south near Bresewitz there is another vantage point on Crane Island. However, you can only reach it on foot or by bike.

Darss Zingst sights

It's worth taking a break at the port of Zingst. Savor a fish sandwich. With a view of the boats in the harbor and the island of Kirr, it tastes twice as good.

One of the Darß sights that you should not miss in Zingst is the local history museum. There you will find a captain's house and exhibitions about the history of the place. For example, you can find out more about the time when Zingst was still an island. There is also a café and a bakery.

Zingst beach promenade is one of the Darss sights

Strandstraße in Zingst is located in a traffic-calmed area. It is located between the center and the pier. On the Baltic Sea side of the town you will find the Zingst pier. A place for a break, an ice cream and a glimpse of the place from the sea side. If you like, you can also dive into the depths of the sea for a good half hour with the diving gondola and observe the underwater world.

Do you like to travel to the Darß sights in your motorhome? On the Darß you can go camping from Fischland to Zingst.

Darss campsites

  • Campground Naturdüne, Straminke 5, 18374 Zingst
  • RV park Zingst Ostsee, Müggenburger Weg 45a, 18374 Zingst
  • Wellness Camp Düne 6, Inselweg, 18374 Zingst
  • Campsite surf school Zingst, Müggenburger Weg 1A, 18374 Zingst
  • Just outside of Zingst there is the mobile home port Am Freesenbruch, Am Bahndamm, 18374 Zingst, Tel. 038232 15786. This is just steps from the beach.
  • Meißner's Sonnencamp, Villenstraße 3, 18375 Prerow
  • Rainbow Born, Nordstraße 86, 18375 Born am Darß
  • Find more Information about camping in Germany  here. 


Beach Darss Sights
The beach is one of the Darss sights between Zingst Fischland and Prerow

Darss vacation

Vacation on the Darss

Holidaying on this peninsula on the Baltic Sea coast is not limited to the Baltic Sea Bad Zingst. Instead, it is worth getting to know the other places along the Baltic Sea on the Darß.

Darß Zingst sights - the sandy beaches between Zingst and Prerow

On our journey from Zingst to Prerow, we always drive parallel to the Baltic Sea. From the road, however, we see nothing of the sea. Instead we look at the dunes that block our view of the water. So we finally park our car in one of the parking lots. These are well signposted. You can park your car there for a fee. From there you walk over the dunes, which are densely overgrown with grass. From the top we have a good view of the endless beaches, which don't attract too many visitors in autumn. It's already too cold to swim. In addition, the wind tugs at our jackets. Nevertheless, I like a visit at this time of year. Wind and weather testify to the power that nature and the sea can develop in this place.


Houses at the Darss Sights
Darß Sights - the typical houses with hipped roof and gabled signs


One of the sights in Fischland Darß are the boatmen's houses

On the way to Prerow we pass houses with hipped roofs and half-timbered facades. This construction is typical for the Darss. The old skippers' houses had to protect themselves against the often harsh weather. The further the roof protrudes over the walls, the more protected the house is. Buildings like these began to appear in the mid-19th century.

Houses that are thatched often date from earlier times. Many of them bear gable signs. These can be seen above all in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. In the Darss they are found frequently and in many forms. In the Darss Museum  in Prerow you can see fifty motifs. Originally these signs go back to pagan times. At that time they served as protection against evil. At first it was horse skulls that were supposed to ward off fire, lightning or diseases. With the disappearance of paganism, the residents developed new motifs. To this day, many believe that they bring good luck.

Also worth seeing are many doors in places like Prerow and Ahrenshoop. With increasing prosperity, the boatmen's families were able to have their homes embellished. They did this with doors carved with great attention to detail by the carpenters of the region. Colorfully painted, they are still sights on the Darß that are worth a visit. For example, in Prerow there is a front door path, which is ideal for a walk. (You can also use the Outdooractive maps offline Outdooractive Pro*.)


Darss accommodation

Find your accommodation on the Darß here

Apartment Darss right on the beach

You should know that the beach at Darß is separated from the towns by dunes. While many accommodations are near the beach, most are not directly on the beach.

Holiday home Darss


Sailor's Church in Prerow
Seemannskirche in Prerow - one of the sights on the Darß

Excursion destinations & sights Darß

Insider tip Prerow and surroundings – Which Darß Baltic Sea sights are there?

The fishing village of Prerow is a real insider tip. Even if you don't have much time, a visit to the Seemannskirche in Prerow is worthwhile. The church with its wooden tower is reminiscent of the time when Prerow was still a seafaring town. Model ships hang inside the church, reminiscent of the town's past as a fishing village. The cemetery with its old tombstones and tombstones is also worth seeing.

If you have more time, Prerow is a good starting point for hikes. The viewing platform at the Hohe Düne is on the outskirts and is ideal for a walk. From here you can also go on hikes and bike tours in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park. The Darßer Ort with its lighthouse and the Natureum is not accessible by car. It is best to leave the vehicle in Prerow and hike there through the national park. Alternatively, you can also reach Darßer Ort by bike, horse-drawn carriage or Darßbahn. You can also go horseback riding or paddle a canoe on the Prerow Strom.

Like many places on the Baltic Sea, the beaches of Prerow are a place where amber is found. After storms you can find it on the beach. Alternatively, you can inform yourself in the Amber Museum in Prerow about it.

You shouldn't forget that if you want to go hiking on your Darß holiday


Ahrenshoop - artists' village
The artists' village of Ahrenshoop is itself one of Fischland Darß Zingst's sights

Ahrenshoop - artist town and one of the sights on the Darß for art lovers

The town of Ahrenshoop is worth a visit because of the well-kept skippers' houses, which delight every visitor with their doors and shutters in the Darss style. On a tour of the town, you will also notice the many galleries. the Kunstkaten Ahrenshoop is considered one of the oldest art galleries in northern Germany. There are also several art museums in town that display paintings depicting the Darss and the sea. The proximity to art in Ahrenshoop goes back to the 19th century. At that time a group of painters founded an artists' colony and a painting school in the village. Over the years, the artists' colony has also attracted sculptors and writers to the town. Even Albert Einstein once stayed in the old customs house at Dorfstraße 6b. Holiday guests can stay overnight there. Anyone interested in art and painting can easily spend several days in Ahrenshoop.

When the weather is nice, a hike along the steep coast that stretches between Ahrenshoop and Wustrow is also worthwhile. Alternatively, you can take a bike tour to Wustrow on the bike path between Ahrenshoop and Wustrow. A visit to the old mill near Ahrenshoop afterwards is nice.



Events of the Darß sights

The events on the Darß include cultural offerings from the museums, churches, galleries, exhibitions and cultural centers. There are guided bike tours and hikes.

Other events at Darß:

In addition to horse races, popular events include regattas, barrel knocking off, beach gallop races, an environmental photo festival, as well as harbour, pier, folklore and children's festivals.

Darss events for families:

There are events for families on the beaches and piers in Zingst, Prerow and Wustrow. These include beach festivals, special children's programs, concerts, dance events and more.

Here you will also find an overview of the current events at Darß.


Port of Ahrenshoop
Port of Ahrenshoop

What makes a trip to the Darß sights special?

A trip to the sights on the Darß is a trip into nature. You won't find any large towns here. Instead, you'll find fishing villages that try to maintain their authenticity. If you get involved with the quiet way of life of the local people, you can experience a vacation in nature that is rarely possible. Let yourself be blown by the wind that almost always blows on the Baltic Sea. Get a bike and ride out into the country. Go hiking - whether on the beach, through the dunes or along cliffs. Definitely take your time for the cranes. Get involved in the way of life on the Baltic Sea coast. And above all: bring enough time for it. The Darß cannot be experienced in one day. You need at least several days of leisure for this. Then you can experience the region intensively.

Questions and answers about the Darss sights

What do you have to see on the Darss?

There is a lot besides the sights mentioned above. For example:

  • Diving gondola Zingst
  • Summer Gallery Prerow
  • the Darsser Ort lighthouse
  • the town center in Darsser Ort
  • Artist House Luke

Where is it most beautiful on the Darß? Which Darss sights are worthwhile?

The most beautiful beach is the Prerower Nordstrand. It is five kilometers long and 80 meters wide near the Baltic Sea resort of Prerow.

What can you do on the Darss?

The choice is great. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cranes watch in spring and fall
  • Hike to the Darßer Ort lighthouse
  • visit the pier in Zingst
  • Cycle tours from Prerow
  • visit art galleries

What can you do on the Darß when it rains? Which Fischland Darss Zingst sights are there?

Our tips for activities in bad weather:

  • Listen to the rain in the tea bowl in Prerow with a cup of tea and cake
  • Visit the Darßer Arche guest center in Wieck
  • Visit the crane information center in Groß-Mohrdorf
  • Visit art galleries in Ahrenshoop




Darss vacation
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Source Fischland Darß Zingst Sights: Research on site. We financed this trip ourselves.

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