What do you need for hiking?

What do you need for hiking

What do you need for hiking?

To the question “What do you need for hiking?” You will find answers and equipment for leisure hikers and everyone who wants to go on easy hikes. If you like to go on longer hikes or even plan long-distance hikes, this is not the place for you. Here you will find tips and equipment for everyone who likes to be out and about in nature. Slow Traveler and gourmet Here you will find suggestions and information about what you need on your hiking tours. It's not about top athletic performance. Instead, the focus is on enjoyment and the experience of nature. What do you need for hiking as a connoisseur? You can find everything you need here.


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Hiking equipment

Hiking packing list – hiking equipment for pleasure hikers

Hiking packing list - What equipment do you need for your hike? This hiking packing list is intended for pleasure hikers. The hiking equipment is sufficient for a day tour. You can easily store these in a hiking backpack. Usually these are tours that we do in Germany or Austria. But we are also on hiking trails in ...
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Hiking backpacks

You want to buy a hiking backpack? You better clarify that before buying

Buy a hiking backpack? What you should know before you buy Do you want to buy a hiking backpack that meets your requirements? Which one suits your hiking gear? Do you even go hiking with a backpack? Then it is important that you first make it clear to yourself what your hikes usually look like. You should you...
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walking boots

Best hiking shoes for wide feet

Hiking shoes for wide feet - what should you look out for when buying them? Best hiking shoes for wide feet for women and men are hard to find. Anyone who, like me, has strong feet that swell quickly when walking for long periods of time knows how difficult it is to find hiking shoes that fit wide feet. I have ...
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Stainless steel lunch box

Stainless steel lunch box for children and adults

Stainless steel lunch box for children and adults A stainless steel lunch box is suitable for children and adults. You can use these for hiking or traveling for your snack. It fits well in a hiking backpack. You can also use it as a lunch box at work. A metal bread box also fits...
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Gift ideas for gifts for hikers

Practical equipment for hikers

Gift ideas for practical presents for hikers who enjoy having fun Presents are not only needed at Christmas time. The best souvenirs are always those that can be used for specific purposes. That is why we are collecting suggestions for practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers who like to enjoy on the go. Anyone who enjoys being in nature ...
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Why hiking socks

Why wear hiking socks?

Why hiking socks? Hiking is trendy. Exercising in nature is popular. However, there are a few things to consider for beginners. "Why wear hiking socks?" you will ask yourself. "Don't socks that I knitted myself also do it?" If you wear socks for hikers, you will quickly notice that these are one ...
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What you need for a hike

  • What do you need for your hike? In our Packing list hiking you can check what you need for your tour.
  • Good hiking boots are a must with every hike. Only then can you enjoy your hike.
  • What you need for a day of hiking, you can do in one backpack pack. You can also use one in it Brotzeit, Yours Lunch box and accommodate everything you need for your day trip.


What do you need for hiking
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What do you need for hiking?
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