Why wear hiking socks?

Why hiking socks

Why hiking socks?

Hiking is trendy. Exercising in nature is popular. However, there are a few things to consider for beginners. “Why wear hiking socks?” You will ask yourself. “Don't socks that I knit myself also do it?” When you wear socks for hikers, you quickly notice that these make a difference. At Hikingthat last a few hours or more, feet begin to sweat. The feet swell. You rub your shoes. Hence, by the way, are also walking boots important that sit well. In combination with socks that cushion the heels and toes, your hikes will be more comfortable. Make sure they fit well. They should wick away the sweat. Dampen shocks. Then you will reach your destination without blisters and with feet without sweat.

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Padded hiking socks, sports socks

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Hiking socks make hiking pleasant

With socks like these, your hiking boots will no longer smell unpleasant after the hike. Make sure that your hiking socks are double-layered. This ensures that your steps are cushioned even on routes that are rougher. It is also important that you wear hiking socks without an elastic waistband. This can be uncomfortable after a day's hike. If you pay attention when buying, you can avoid this effect.


Wear hiking socks
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Why wear hiking socks?
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