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Practical gifts for slow hikers

Gifts for hikers
Here you will find practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers who like to enjoy


Practical gifts for slow hikers

Presents are not only needed at Christmas time. The best souvenirs are always those that can be used for specific purposes. That is why we are collecting suggestions for practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers who like to enjoy on the go. Everyone who likes to be out in nature is happy to receive one of these gifts. They show that you have thought about what he needs for his hobby.



Jack Wolfskin Velocity


Every hiker needs a daypack. A warm jacket, rain cover, a seat cushion and hiking maps should definitely fit in. In addition, a snack and something to drink should be in every hiking backpack. Our choice: the Jack Wolfskin Velocity daypack. You can do this backpack Order here.*







Hiking sticks - practical gifts for hikers

Steinwood Premium Carbon hiking poles

Every outdoor fan who likes to be sporty is happy about telescopic hiking sticks. These are extra light. The material they are made of absorbs shocks well. They can be adjusted precisely to the body size. The handles are ergonomic. They also adapt to the conditions in summer and winter. You can use the Steinwood telescopic hiking sticks Order here.*






Merino hiking socks for women, men and children

Hiking socks are practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers. These are suitable for both Hiking in summer as well as in winter. The merino wool ensures that your feet are warm in winter. It keeps your feet sweat-free in summer. The socks make a good gift for every family member. You can do the socks Order here*.






A picnic blanket - practical gifts for hikers

At Leisurely walks a picnic in nature is part of it. There are not always benches or tables on which you can unpack your snack. A compact picnic blanket like this one is suitable for this. It is also waterproof. Therefore, it can also serve well as rain protection. You can use the picnic blanket Order here*.







A snack board with a knife

Practical gifts for hikers are utensils for a snack. One that is us for a picknick like this wooden snack board. That doesn't take up much space in the backpack. With this board, you always have a knife for cutting vegetables or fruit with you. You can use it to cut fresh tomatoes or apples on a hike. You can have the snack board Order here*.




A lunch box - practical gifts for hikers

For day hikes you usually take open sandwiches, or snacks with you. These can be conveniently transported in a stainless steel box like this one. It is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean. It is closed with a wooden lid. This can also serve as a cutting board on the go. The can is closed with a silicone strap. Anyone who values ​​sustainability will be happy about a lunch box like this one. You can Order here*.






An enamel mug for hikers

This mug is not only suitable for the design for hikers. It is light and unbreakable. You can simply rinse them by hand when you are out and about. She doesn't like dishwashers. But you don't have them with you when hiking anyway. I also like that it's not quite perfect. That gives her more charm. You can Order here*.








Practical gifts for hikers

Light sports bottle - practical gifts for hikers

When hiking, it is important to bring enough drinks with you. These are best placed in containers that can withstand puffs and knocks. This Tritan sports bottle, for example, is very suitable for this. It weighs only 135 grams and therefore hardly puts any weight in the backpack. You can Order here*.







Military survival kit

Outdoor survival equipment

If the hike is more adventurous, a survival kit is helpful. Inside is everything you need for a tour into the wilderness. There is even provision for spending the night outdoors. "Hardcore hikers" who like to be outdoors for longer periods of time are particularly happy about this. You can Order here*.







Forgotten paths in the Allgäu

Every hiker is happy to receive inspiration for new hiking trails. These 33 tours away from the hustle and bustle through the Allgäu take you to the quiet regions of the Allgäu mountains. Here the hiker can discover panoramic trails and mountain peaks away from the tourist crowds. You can do the book Order here*.







There are many practical gifts for hikers. With the selections we have made here, a hiker is definitely well equipped. Anyone who enjoys being outdoors, hiking or going on bike tours will be happy about these gifts. Not just at Christmas time.

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Gifts for hikers
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