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Culinary Trips to Savor

With these tips for culinary trips to savor you can turn your journey into an unforgettable experience.


Visit Local Producers

Discover, what local producers do and how they work. Get insights on how they make local specialties and products. Such visits also offer the opportunity to meet and talk to locals. A look behind the scenes is fun and also shows you your travel destination from an indepth perspective.

Visit an innkeeper and let him explain what's special about his menu choice. Go on a hike through the meadows with a herbalist and learn what you can do with the herbs. Visit a brewer and taste the beers he produces. Or shop in a farm shop and let the farmer explain which specialties he has on offer.


Discover Culinary Specialties and more in Markets and Shops

Visit markets to get to know the culinary art of a region. A market in China offers different foods than a market in Quebec. It's also a great place to discover culinary artisans.

The same applies to stores. Here you can get to know a region in depth. In stores the experience is not limited to culinary or arts and crafts aspects. Stores give you insights into regional everyday life or art and culture. A confiserie in Salzburg makes other chocolates than one in Toronto. A traditional costume shop in Scotland shows you different clothes than a costume shop in Bavaria. A glass dealer in Sweden offers a different design than one in Vermont or Bavaria. It is worthwhile to take a deeper look.


Restaurants and Cafés to Savor

The best restaurants are not always the most expensive. Have a seat in a restaurant where they serve dishes based on recipe books that are more than 200 years old. Enjoy a local coffee break that consists of four courses and takes the whole afternoon to savor. Try a homemade goose on St. Martin's Day in the Burgenland, Austria. And do not miss the tasty Brettljausen (snacks) on the pastures of the Alps. The gastronomy of the destinations you visit often offers surprises worth discovering.


Hotels for connoisseurs

A pleasure trip includes hotels where you can enjoy your stay. There are various aspects that turn a hotel into a hotel to savor. That can be culinary offers. This can be a loving decoration of the rooms. The ambiance of a hotel plays a very important role. You can also enjoy spa and spa services. Or it is a particularly beautiful environment that turns a hotel into a hotel to enjoy.

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