What you need to know about getting to the island of Texel

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Texel accommodation

Texel arrival - you have to know that

Texel arrival by ferry

In our Texel Travel Guides you will find everything you need to know about the ferry crossing. Getting to Texel by ferry is easy. What you should know for your holiday on Texel:

Traveling to Texel by car

Traveling to Texel by car is an excellent choice. Because the crossing to the Dutch island is uncomplicated and flexible and comfortable in combination with your own vehicle. So you can easily reach the most beautiful corners of Texel and are independent of public transport. Whether you want to discover the picturesque villages, the beautiful nature or the numerous activities - with the car you are always mobile and can arrange your trip individually.

You should consider these if you want to travel to Texel by car:

  • If you plan to travel to Texel by car, enter the address of your accommodation on Texel into your navigation device. If you don't have this, enter Pontweg 1 in Den Hoorn/Texel.
  • You can book the Texel ferry on this page: https://www.teso.nl/de/
  • You don't book your ticket for a day or a time. Instead, you just join the open queue. If necessary, the ferry company also uses a second ferry to process the ferry operations more quickly.
  • The Texel ferry timetable  here.
  • If you buy your ticket online, you don't need a ticket to travel to Texel. With the license plate recognition you can drive on the ferry at the time of your choice.
  • If you have printed out your ticket for your journey to Texel, you can instead have the code scanned in using a reader at the entrance to the ferry.
  • Barriers show you which waiting lane is currently being filled. There you line up and wait until the barriers open when loading the ferry. Then you follow the lanes onto the ferry.
  • The crossing over the Wadden Sea takes about 20 minutes.
  • You don't need a ticket for the return journey. You join the open queue and drive on board as soon as the driveway is open.
  • Also, look out for discount offers on the ferry's website. There are often early bird offers there. If you book early, you can even translate for free to the island of Texel.

How much does the ferry to Texel by car, motorbike or mobile home cost?

  • The current prices for cars, motorcycles, motorhomes on the Den Helder Texel ferry you can find here. You can also book the Texel ferry here.

Texel fact: There is only one traffic light at the ferry on the island. Every visitor passes it twice when visiting the island.

Texel arrival by train

Compare and book flights here*. We then continue by train or rental car to Den Helder.

The Texel travel guide recommends traveling to Texel by train. Of course, you can also travel by train to your holiday on Texel. To do this, take the train to Den Helder. There you then change to bus number 33. This will drop you off at the main entrance for pedestrians and mopeds / cyclists at the ferry station.

TESO Veerhaven Den Helder
Havenplein 3
NL-1781 AB Den Helder

When returning to the train station, follow the signs for the bus that you will find on board the ferry. Bus 33 runs once an hour according to the ferry schedule. (Attention: It does not leave the main entrance, however.)



Texel Parking - You should know that

Be prepared for this before your arrival on Texel: In Texel, parking in cities and beaches costs money. In some places, the parking time is also limited to a certain period of time. Therefore, you shouldn't forget your parking disc. the Parking fee can be conveniently paid online for your entire island stay. This is also the easiest way to pay the parking fees when you are on the island. You can use it to make your holiday on Texel completely relaxed.

You choose the period for which you need the vignette, then enter your license plate and pay the fee. Finished. You will then receive the vignette and receipt by email. You do not need a receipt, as your license plate shows the inspector that the parking fee has been paid. Alternatively, you can also buy the vignette from parking ticket machines. However, you can only pay there with a debit or credit card. Cash is not accepted. Currently (27.04.2023) parking costs € 1 for 10 day and € 8 for 20 days.




Windmill behind the dike
Windmill behind the dike


Do you want to experience Texel actively? Here are tips.

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Questions and answers about getting to Texel

How long is Texel?

The island is 23,7 km long and 9,6 km wide

Where is the island of Texel?

It is located in the Dutch province of North Holland and is the southernmost island in the Wadden Sea.

How much does the ferry from Den Helder to Texel cost?

Important for the Texel arrival: You can find the current prices on the Website of the ferry.

How long does the crossing to Texel take?

The crossing takes 20 minutes. The ferry departs from Den Helder every hour between 6:30 and 21:30 on weekdays. On Sundays and public holidays and depending on the season, the ferry service starts later. Exact and up-to-date information can be found on the Website of the ferry.

Is the island of Texel car-free?

No, cars are allowed to drive on Texel. However, there are many and narrow country roads on which one rarely encounters cars. It is more likely to see tractors and farmers driving to their fields there.



Texel arrival
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What you need to know about getting to the island of Texel

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