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Holland tulips are in bloom from March to May

A trip to the tulips in Holland at Keukenhof 2020 Experience tulips in Holland at Keukenhof 2020 when they bloom. The time of the tulip blossom in spring is one of the most beautiful travel times in Holland. It blooms in the region west and north of Amsterdam between late March and mid-May. Tulips in all shapes and ... go to Article

Discover the island of Texel on the North Sea

Discover Texel sights and activities in this travel guide In this Texel travel guide you will find practical recommendations for a visit to Texel with numerous Texel sights, tips and activities. The island on the North Sea is fascinating. Through their people. Because of the proximity to the mainland of Holland. Because of its location in the sea. And because dunes, waves and ... go to Article

Edam - see the cheese village from the water

Discover Edam from the water There is not only the Edam cheese market to discover. First we are perplexed: we are to whisper exploring Edam in North Holland. What does that mean? We have no idea what that means. And you're probably the same, right? Marc had us the former cheese city north of Amsterdam ... go to Article

Texel Tips for gourmets - Discover great island specialties

Our Texel Tips for Connoisseurs In these Texel Tips for connoisseurs we present Texel restaurants, specialties and experiences, in which you can enjoy the culinary of the island Texel. Admittedly, at first glance Texel does not give the impression that there are culinary highlights to be discovered here. A second look, however, makes you curious. ... go to Article

Best accommodation in Texel for a luxury getaway

The best accommodation in Texel for your luxury getaway Discovering the best Texel accommodation in the luxury segment is not easy in the island towns. The main town of the island, Den Burg, does not offer a luxury hotel. In De Koog, however, there are three of them. They are located behind the dunes but offer access to the beach. There are also ... go to Article

Three attractive villages in North Holland

Interesting Places in North Holland We visit interesting places in the north of Holland. On our journey to the north of Holland we had two destinations. On the one hand, we wanted to see the tulip blossom. On the other hand, we wanted to see if the stereotypes circulating about Holland apply. We went in search of cheese, clogs and canals. Finds were ... go to Article

Four exceptional hotels in the north of Holland

Four exceptional hotels in the north of Holland On our spring trip to the tulips, we met four very different hotels in the north of Holland. Each one of them already promises a very special experience. One thing was common to all of them. They offer an interesting story and an overnight stay that taken on its own ... go to Article