Camper pitches Germany

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Where can I rent an RV?

Camper pitches Germany

We have clarified where it is allowed in Germany to spend the night with the motorhome. Where are there RV pitches in Germanythat are inexpensive? Who offers private pitches for mobile homes in Germany? Where are pitches for the motorhome in Germany in places that are worthwhile? It's not that easy to find out. That's why we created this page, where we collect tips for this.


Campsites in Germany to book online

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Camping and parking space guide for camper pitches in Germany

You will also need camping and parking space guides in book form. These pitch guides and camping guides will help you find them.




Parking spaces for motorhomes in Germany with private providers

We like these private parking spaces for motorhomes in Germany, because you don't just stand on the side of the road or in places on the outskirts of town. Many offer additional experiences in addition to a pitch. These are therefore particularly interesting for connoisseurs.

Country experience - motorhome parking spaces in Germany

So you can spend the night on farms with your mobile home. What's better than being right in the middle of the action with your mobile home. This parking space guide presents 150 farms in Germany. Care is taken to ensure that the pitches are located directly on the farm or very close by. This is why these pitches are suitable for families with children and anyone who wants to get to know rural life.

GPS data, prices, leisure activities, excursions, equipment of the parking spaces and more can also be found in this parking space guide.

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Motorhome parking spaces Germany on apps

If you only travel in Germany and have a cell phone, you can also download the camping and motorhome parking space guide to your cell phone.

You can find motorhome parking spaces in Germany via the app store on your mobile phone and here:

RV sites Germany via Google search

You can also use Google to find search engines and lists of motorhome parking spaces in Germany. However, they all have one thing in common. None of them list all RV sites. For this reason, we also used Google to search for motorhome parking spaces in the towns on our route. We have found pitches or campsites that are not listed in the pitch guides. It is also worth looking out for parking spaces at your destination.

Motorhome parking spaces Germany in Molls travel forum

A source for motorhome parking spaces in Germany, but especially for questions about motorhome trips Moll's Travel Forum. We asked questions and got answers. It is therefore worth taking a look at this travel forum. There are also motorhome groups on Facebook where you can get tips.

Travel bloggers recommend RV parks in Germany

We asked around among travel bloggers who are out and about in their motorhomes. They present their favorites among the motorhome parking spaces in Germany:


Beuron motorhome pitch
Beuron motorhome pitch


Motorhome parking space Germany in Beuron

Surrounded by the rocks of the Danube valley, the motorhome parking space in Beuron is close to nature. But it's not just the natural setting on the banks of the Danube that sets it apart. Here you can spend days hiking, biking, climbing or canoeing. At the same time, there is a lot on offer for everyone who loves culture. The Benedictine monastery of St. Martin, which invites you to church services, is also within sight. Ideal for early risers, because Lauds begins at five o'clock.

Also worth seeing is the St. Maurus Chapel two kilometers downstream. It is considered the cradle of the Beuron art school, which the monks developed from 1870 onwards. The Haus der Natur with its exhibition on the nature park also creates a connection between nature and culture. The gastronomy is regional and close to nature, on site as well as in the Jägerhaus, which is 3 km away, or on the Knopfmacherfelsen. There is also a barbecue area right next to the pitch. Or you can hike on the long-distance routes and circular hiking trails of the Südwestalb. Beuron is also ideal for cyclists. There are not only bike routes, but also a bike shop with workshop and extras. If you still miss the city, a 20-minute train ride will take you to Sigmaringen or Tuttlingen.

Stefan Blanz is a journalist, web designer and father of two children. On he reports on recreational vehicles as well as culture and cuisine.


Motorhome parking space at the Alpengasthof Schwabenhof
Parking space at the Alpengasthof Schwabenhof - motorhome parking spaces in Germany


RV park Germany - Alpengasthof Schwabenhof

One of my favorite places in Germany is the Alpengasthof Schwabenhof im Allgäu in Bavaria. Here you stand on terraces in the middle of the Alps and have a view of the mountains from every seat. In summer, the site is also the starting point for hikes and the ringing of the cow bells will wake you up. In winter you can also ski here.

What is special about this motorhome parking space, apart from its location, is that it is right next to the Alpengasthof. There you get food and even a buffet for breakfast.

Equipment and prices:

  • Supply and disposal, also chemical toilet
  • Parking space, depending on the season and vehicle length, 12-19 euros
  • Electricity 4 euros per day
  • 30 cents garbage fee per day
  • Shower 50 cents for 5 minutes
  • plus 1,20 euros tourist tax
  • WLAN in the inn free of charge

Sina is out and about in the Bulli with her dogs Jamy and Iria. She reports on vacation, camping and hiking with a dog on her blog Ontourwithdogs.


Rügen parking space


Motorhome parking space Germany - Rügen/Königsstuhl

In this national park is the Königsstuhl with a height of 118 meters. The projection of the chalk cliffs on Rügen is the landmark of the island on the Baltic Sea. However, access is only possible on foot. From the car park in Hagen, which also serves as a mobile home parking space, a 3-kilometer path leads through the forest to the National Park Center and the viewing platform above the Königsstuhl. As an alternative, there are also shuttle buses. Campers stand on an area between meadow and forest. Even if you don't find any other place to spend the night on Rügen, you can usually still find a corner here where you can spend the night in peace. It's not bad at all for an overnight stay. If you like eating game, you should stop off at the “Försterei” across the street, fabulous.

Motorhome parking space: parking lot to the Königsstuhl
Stubbenkammerstrasse 57
18551 Lohme / Hagen
Phone +49 383 02/94 12
GPS: 54.562249, 13.626004
Supply and disposal

Katja is a journalist and traveler with a van. On she gives tips on travel destinations and tours - between southern Spain and the North Cape - as well as on everything to do with camping and mobile homes.


Motorhome parking space at the Möhnesee
Motorhome parking space at the Möhnesee


Motorhome pitches Germany - Delecke

The mobile home parking space Delecke is laid out on terraces. It is located on the north shore of the Möhnesee and offers views of the water. The lake is one of the lakes in the Sauerland and is located in the district of Soest in North Rhine-Westphalia. The parking lot offers about 60 parking spaces for mobile homes. However, access for mobile homes is only possible in the uppermost area, not at all for caravans.

In addition to a self-check, which is monitored by a camera, the Delecke motorhome parking space offers sanitary facilities for overnight guests free of charge including showers, the possibility of supply and disposal as well as electricity. However, WiFi is not available.

Right next to the parking space there is a playground, a sunbathing lawn and a pedal boat rental in summer. Above the square there is the Pier 20 restaurant. Also nearby are the lido and the yacht club. Restaurants and the pier of the MS Möhnesee are within walking distance. Around the Möhnesee there are Opportunities for excursions.

Tanja writes on her travel and camping blog about traveling in Germany, Europe and the world. She prefers to travel with her daughter and in a mobile home.


Motorhome parking space in Burgk
Motorhome parking space in Burgk


Motorhome parking spaces in Germany - in Burgk

The Saale-Orla district in Thuringia is a travel destination that is worth visiting. The river Saale meanders through a valley near Ziegenrück. The forests on the banks of the Bleiloch dam invite you to go hiking. Railway tunnels and bridge constructions also offer opportunities for excursions.

Free parking space in Burgk

In Burgk, a place with a few houses and a castle complex in the middle of the Thuringian Slate Mountains Nature Park, there is a mobile home parking space. It is located right next to the Saaleturm at the end of a cul-de-sac above a parking lot for hikers. About 12 campers can be accommodated here for the night. The parking space is free. The service includes a toilet in the Saaleturm, which is about 300 m away. There are also electricity columns. A kilowatt hour of electricity costs 50 cents, as does the use of the toilets. However, you will look in vain for supply and disposal here.

Because the Autobahn 9 exit Schleiz is not far away, it is also worth stopping here if you are passing through to the south or north. The site is popular with campers because of its location. We recommend climbing the Saaleturm with a panoramic view of the slate mountains, a visit to the castle complex from the 14th century and a hike to the Koberfelsen.

Local road 1
07907 Burgk

Nicole and Jörg from the blog are touring the country with their ambulance Ellie, discovering places to visit and places to stay.

Questions and answers about RV parks in Germany

How do I find child-friendly RV parks in Germany?

Check out special campground guides that highlight child-friendly campgrounds. Just click on the link and you will find more than 1000 campsites in Germany where camping with children is possible.

Are pets allowed on the camper pitches?

Check the pitch information to see if pets are allowed. On these campsites, for example, you can bring your dog with you on a leash in summer.

How can I reserve a motorhome parking space in Germany?

Ask the pitch operator directly or use an online booking platform if necessary.

Are there RV parks in Germany with WiFi access?

Many pitches offer WiFi, information about this can be found in the pitch details. These campsites in Germany, for example, have 80-100% WiFi coverage.

How much does a parking space for a mobile home in Germany cost on average?

Prices vary, check site guides and websites for up to date rate information.



Motorhome parking spaces in Germany
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Camper pitches Germany

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