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Where can I sleep in a motor home in Germany?

Where can you spend the night in Germany in Corona during Corona? The answer to this question answers this page. Where can you stay in a motorhome in Germany? "Where can you stay in a motorhome in Germany?" - that is the question we are currently asking ourselves. We are thinking about a camper trip through ... go to Article

Wine region Franconia by camper

We are in the Franconian wine region. 125 kilometers in nine days through the Franconian wine region! This is slow travel and pleasure travel, as we imagine it! Perfect for a tour through the Franconian wine country by camper. With a lot of time and leisure.

Cooking in a motorhome or houseboat

Cooking in a motorhome or houseboat needs to be well considered. Because both in the galley and in the kitchenette of a motorhome there is little space. We have been traveling several times in recent years with the houseboat and the RV. We have gained experience, what to look for in a small kitchen ... go to Article

Motorhome holidays - How to avoid rookie mistakes

We were as absolute RV newbies on our first motorhome holiday in Franconia. This did not take us into classic home-style wallets like the US or Canada, with their wide and dead straight roads and their convenient infrastructure for camping travelers. No, we were traveling in Germany with its narrow country roads, medieval villages and bustling cities. The … go to Article

Camper pitches Germany

RV sites Germany - where and how do you find them? After we have clarified, where it is allowed in Germany to stay with the camper to stay in it, the question arises: where and how do we find camper pitches in Germany? There are different possibilities, which we present here: ... go to Article

Mobile home and travel tips for newbies

We are asked again and again, what you should pay attention to camper voyages. The USA and Canada are classic travel destinations where RV and travel are a good match. The beautiful nature in the southwest, on the west coast or in the Rocky Mountains lures you to be as close as possible. But also in Europe there are many ... go to Article

Go on a culinary journey of discovery with the mobile home

With the motorhome through Styria We usually do our culinary expeditions with our own car and spend the night in hotels in the area. But of course it works differently. For example, one of our favorite culinary regions, Styria in Austria, can also be easily explored by motorhome. We were ... go to Article

History of camper voyages

In the Erwin Hymer Museum we learn about the history of motorhome travel. When the invitation to the Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee fluttered into our house, I first thought: "What should be interesting about a camper museum?" I have to admit that I'm not a vehicle freak. And my days as a camper were also ... go to Article