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Gifts for campers and motorhomes

Which gifts for campers and motorhomes are outdoor fans happy? Holidays in camper vans and mobile homes are trendy. Therefore, gifts for RV fans can be needed all year round. Gifts for camping enthusiasts make their recipient happy not only for Christmas or for a birthday.

Camping at the Chiemsee - Here you will find campsites

When camping at the Chiemsee you can enjoy the best in Bavaria. On one side is the lake. On the other you can see the Chiemgau Alps. Chiemsee campsites can be found all around the lake. Some are right on the lake, others a little off the beaten track. However, the lake is never far away.

Motorhome accessories online shop

Entdecke Tipps und Ausstattung für Wohnwagen und Camper in diesem Wohnmobil Zubehör Online Shop. Damit kannst Du Dein Wohnmobil mit allem versorgen, was Du für Deine Reisen brauchst. Hier findest Du Möglichkeiten zum Kauf von Zubehör. Außerdem gibt’s Tipps für Deine Wohnmobil Reisen.

Motorhome holidays - How to avoid rookie mistakes

A motorhome vacation is different. As a beginner, you make mistakes. On our first motorhome holiday, we collected tips on what to look out for during this type of holiday. Here you will find 13 tips that will help you on a holiday with the motorhome.

Where can I sleep in a motor home in Germany?

Where can you stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany? This works in many places, but not everywhere. Where possible, TravelWorldOnline Traveler explains in this article. With practical tools for on the go.

Camper pitches Germany

Where and how can you find good RV sites in Germany? Where are private parking spaces for motorhomes in Germany? We present ways how and where you can discover them.

Camping Waging am See in Chiemgau

This year we discovered the possibilities for camping Waging am See in Chiemgau. Waginger See campsites can be found on the shores of the lake and on Tachinger See, which is only separated from the neighboring lake by a dam and a bridge.

Wine region Franconia by camper

We are in the Franconian wine region. 125 kilometers in nine days through the Franconian wine region! This is slow travel and pleasure travel, as we imagine it! Perfect for a tour through the Franconian wine country by camper. With a lot of time and leisure.

Cooking in a motorhome or houseboat

Cooking in a motor home or houseboat needs to be carefully considered. Because there is only little space in the galley as well as in the kitchenette of a mobile home. During our trips with the motorhome and the houseboat, we have gained experience of what to look for in a small kitchen.

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