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These are must-have cookbooks - recipes from all over the world

Must-have cookbooks

What are the must-have cookbooks if you want to cook recipes from all over the world at home? Who does not know that? We have on ours Trips to Savor Tried dishes that taste good. We also like to prepare them at home. Just how was the recipe again? It is therefore a good idea to build up a cookbook collection in which you can find recipes from the regions of the world that you have traveled to. Then you can also use the recipes at home that you got to know on the way. It is fun. This way you not only wake up memories of distant countries. You also bring their scents, aromas and smells home with you.

That's reason enough to look around for cookbooks that will help you Recipes from the regions of the world to cook yourself. It doesn't have to the best breakfast in the world, still Comfort food from all over the world be. There are many recipes out there that are healthy and easy to make at home. Must-have cookbooks are guaranteed to help you find the right recipes.
Who, on the other hand, likes to RV or houseboat travels knows that not all dishes can be cooked in a small kitchen or galley. Therefore, you will also find cookbooks here that provide recipe ideas for it. It is similar for those who like to grill on the go. This works both on campsites that offer barbecue facilities. Or you take one portable grill on your excursion and grill in a beautiful place with a view.

Holiday Kitchen

Holiday Kitchen. The best dishes against wanderlust.

In her cookbook Holiday Kitchen, Nina Soentgerath from the best dishes against wanderlust. With their dishes you can travel around the world with culinary delights. In your own kitchen. She begins her journey through the kitchens of the world in Austria. How could it be any different? However, she not only presents typical delicacies such as pumpkin cream soup and Kaiserschmarrn. You can also cook Graubünden chard wraps or Hungarian beef goulash with dumplings. She continues her journey through the kitchens of Europe with trips to Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Sweden and even the Faroe Islands.

Then things get exotic in this cookbook. She presents recipes from Israel, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Japan. The African cuisine is represented with recipes from Morocco. Her dishes from the Seychelles, French Polynesia and New Zealand are particularly healthy. There are recipes with fruit, coconuts and seafood.

Canada and the USA are represented with five recipes. There are also recipes from the British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Brazil and Colombia that make my mouth water. Reason enough to include the cookbook in our must-have cookbooks.

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French kitchen

French kitchen

The author Jean Ferniot takes us on a culinary journey through the regions of France. He not only presents recipes, but also gives a brief insight into the life and everyday life of the people who live there. That immediately makes me curious about the dishes to be discovered there. Don't leek cakes, onion soup and cheese pancakes from northern France sound tempting? I find it particularly good that the author specifies the degree of difficulty in his recipes. Flemish-style asparagus, for example, is very easy to prepare. Waterzoi de poularde, on the other hand, is difficult, a chicken stewed in broth.

Specialties from the east of France

In the east he kidnaps the cheese and wine regions of France. He serves hearty Alsatian cuisine, among other things, Zwiewelkueche and foie gras. The Alsatian sauerkraut pot should not be missing either. There are dishes from Burgundy with wine, including poached eggs in wine sauce and Boeuf Bourguignonne. From Franche-Comté there is pork loin with Dijon mustard. This is only a short selection of the recipes from this region.

That's what you eat in western France

In the west of France, Ferniot first shows us the coast in his cookbook. Therefore, seafood plays a major role in the kitchens of the region. Seafood soup and seafood kettles are just as much a part of it as mackerel with potatoes. However, rillettes (greaves) should not be missing. Meat dishes often use veal, game or poultry. Pastries such as the tarte tatin and the plum casserole far au pruneaux are also included in his recipe collection. Further south on the Atlantic coast, Ferniot also serves snails, crayfish and oysters.

Delicacies from the Alpine regions

In the Alpine region around Lyon and Savoy, meat dishes, cheese and sausages are on the rise again. The Lyon cooked sausage is the basis for his sausage casserole. The cookbook also includes beef stomachs and veal dumplings with truffles. Instead of seafood, char, pike, trout and whitefish appear in the kitchens of the region. Yeast pastries include not only brioches, but also yeast wreaths.

Other regions are the Massif Central, the South and the Pyrenees, which the author presents from their culinary side. Those who like French cuisine will find a good selection of regional recipes here. A perfect addition to our must-have cookbooks.

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Gscheitgut volume 2The cookbooks from the Gscheitgut series

The Gscheitgut series by Corinna Bauer and Michael Müller shows that it doesn't always have to be just the world's cuisine. In this series they present dishes from German regions. The first cookbook in this series has the Baden cuisine presented, the second volume is devoted to the cuisine of Franconia.

What I like about this cookbook is that the recipes are broken down according to the seasons. This makes it easy to cook sustainably and seasonally. The recipes from these cookbooks come from pubs and restaurants in the region. There is no better way to bring a vacation home. It is best to travel through the region first and try out the gastronomy that the authors suggest in this cookbook.

You can then easily cook the recipes at home. These are often simple and can be easily prepared in your own kitchen. I think it's nice that herbs from the region are used when choosing the dishes. What do you think of a watercress foam soup with brown trout dumplings, for example. I am particularly pleased that there are very simple herbal recipes such as the woodruff punch.

The cookbooks logs * are apparently so popular that there are now quite a few of them. For us, they are definitely one of the must-have cookbooks.

Weber's BBQ Bible

Cookbook for barbecue lovers: Weber's barbecue bible

Grilling has not only recently been in. Every summer, clouds of scent from our neighboring gardens waft through the air. Then the neighbors start their charcoal, gas or electric grill. The smells of grilled steaks, sausages and grilled vegetables entice every gourmet to use their own grill. For us, grilled food is part of every summer. No matter whether we are on the terrace or at picknick grilling.

There are simple grill recipes. But there are also dishes that are cooked on the grill in certain regions of the world. Think of Ražnjići or Cevapcici from Croatian cuisine. Yakitori is made in Japan. These are fish, meat and vegetable skewers. The satay skewers, which are served with peanut sauce, come from Southeast Asia. The Korean bulgogi is also interesting. This is done by grilling thinly sliced ​​beef. Then it is served with hot sauces. There is also garlic, paprika, peppers and onions that are wrapped in a lettuce or sesame leaf.

In South America, asado - grilled steak - is even the national dish in some countries. In the USA you grill on charcoal, hickory or mesquite.

Sweden prefers to prepare pork, which is marinated and grilled directly over hot coals. Or there is grill spett. These are skewers on which vegetables and meat are grilled together.

A good basic knowledge is required for all of these dishes. There's no better book for that than Weber's Grill Bible. There you will find 160 grill recipes. Even more exciting, however, is the knowledge that the author has in store for all hobby barbecues. Here you get answers to all grill questions and background knowledge about the grill types.

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The 2 in 1 one pot cookbook

The 2 in 1 one pot cookbook

For everyone who likes the Caravan, in the Houseboat or are out camping, this cookbook is suitable. There is little space to cook in the galley, in the mobile home kitchen and especially when camping outdoors. Large dishes that are difficult to cook cannot be prepared there. On the other hand, recipes that only require one pot are all the more practical. In this cookbook you will find 300 recipes for one pot dishes. This makes this the perfect manual for anyone who likes to go on vacation on the move.

The recipes and dishes don't have to be boring. The list of dishes in the One Pot Cookbook reads like a trip around the world. There's a Korean and a Hungarian stew. You can cook a cheeseburger stew or a Dutch smoked sausage stew. It doesn't have to be just a stew, either. You can prepare pasta dishes as well as a Gnocchi One Pot or a MacCheese One Pot.

There are recipes for paellas as well as for a mocha soufflé or a Danish-style casserole. You can Shakshuka Prepare or ravioli from the tray. in the Dutch Oven you can cook a white wine chicken as well as lasagne or wild mushroom dumplings. Dutch oven accessories can be found here.

The list of recipes is endless. However, it is not boring. So this is a cookbook that fits perfectly with our must-have collection of cookbooks.

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Which cookbooks do you have to have?

As you can see, it all depends on where and how you want to prepare and enjoy your food. That depends on which cookbook you need to have. Grill and One Pot cookbooks are helpful for anyone who enjoys outdoor enjoyment. If you want to relive memories of your last vacation at home, you can do so with a cookbook from your favorite country. Only one thing is important: it has to be fun to cook. We like to do this in pairs. We often prepare dishes from both known and unknown regions of the world. How about you?


Must-have cookbooks
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Cookbooks that a traveler must have for pleasure
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