Salzburg and Surroundings

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Discover Salzburg and the surrounding area

Salzburg and Surroundings

Discover Salzburg and the surrounding area Excursion destinations for connoisseurs and slow travelers. A stroll through the Getreidegasse is best done in the early morning. Then you can enjoy the traditional shops of the city in peace. Treat yourself to a coffee in one of the Salzburg coffee houses. We can recommend the Café Tomaselli near the cathedral or the Café Bazar on the other bank of the Salzach. The cathedral quarter with its museums is worth a visit. Just like the cathedral. A tip: visit the Salzburg Heimatwerk and have a Salzburg dirndl tailored to you. The Hohensalzburg Fortress is worth seeing. The easiest way to get there is by elevator. Also nearby is the Sankt Peter cemetery, where the graves tell stories of people from Salzburg.



The area around Salzburg also offers interesting excursion destinations. Check out the open air museum. There you can walk through Salzburg's farming villages on foot. Drive out to Anthering and hike to the mill, where flour is still ground today. Enjoy the fish specialties at Grüll. Maybe you would like to try white caviar there? Take a trip to Obernberg, the place where the Christmas song "Silent Night, Holy Night" was premiered? There is a lot to discover in and around Salzburg Austria. Take your time and enjoy your stay.



Night watchman hike in Salzburg in autumn

Discover Salzburg's mysterious sides

Salzburg insider tip - Night watchman hike Salzburg Salzburg is a city with many faces. We found that out in the city on the Salzach. There is the Salzburg Mozart, the Salzburg of the Prince-Bishops and the Salzburg of Getreidegasse and Linzer Gasse. But there is also Salzburg, where you can go deeper ...
In the Venetian Hall of Leopoldskron Palace

Schloss Leopoldskron and The Sound of Music

Leopoldskron Castle in Salzburg We have known Leopoldskron Castle for several years. So far we have only seen it on city tours in the footsteps of the musical The Sound of Music from the other side of the lake. One of the reasons was that until two years ago the castle was used for seminars and ...
An old Gerber Lehrbrief

Salzburg shops with tradition

Shopping in Salzburg in shops with tradition We went shopping in Salzburg and discovered Salzburg shops that have existed for centuries. Shopping in Salzburg is fun. But there is more to it than that. Salzburg shops with tradition tell stories from the old Salzburg region and Austria. Wooden carts once rattled across the ...
The old waterwheel works today

Spend the night in the old forge near Anthering near Salzburg

The Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering near Salzburg Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering is classified as a Naturidyll Hotel. This fits perfectly. There's nothing around the hotel but forest and a stream that flows right next to the forge. We are immediately impressed by the location of the hotel. Only about 15 minutes ...
Funky Africa

Funky Africa in Salzburg - food as in South Africa

In the Afro Cafe in Salzburg you can eat like in South Africa. Eat like in South Africa, that's what I wanted for a long time. Every now and then I feel a longing for the countries that I have traveled to in my life. Habits build up, friendships are made that last for years ...
The Villa Trapp in Aigen near Salzburg

The Trapp family Salzburg - the real story

The Trapp Family from Salzburg - The Real Story If you've been reading our blog for a long time, you may remember our visit to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont a few years ago. Curiosity has been gnawing at us since then. The story of the Trapp family, who ...

Where can you eat well in Salzburg restaurants?

As travel bloggers, we always come to Salzburg to discover new things and see old things again. Since Salzburg is only an hour away from us, this is often the case. Every time we visit, we try out one of the Salzburg restaurants that we don't know yet. Those restaurants...
Discover Salzburg and the surrounding area

Salzburg Sightseeing near Salzburg

Salzburg Insider Tips With these Salzburg Insider Tips you can make your Salzburg city trip an experience that not everyone has. The city of Mozart on the Salzach tells stories. These are varied. Exciting. Entertaining. Exciting. Relaxing. Fascinating. Interesting. I could continue the list indefinitely. But actually Salzburg can be ...
Mill Anthering

to discover Salzburg culinary sides

Salzburg Eating and drinking at the eat & meet festival Salzburg in Austria is not only worth a visit because of its location. It is worth taking a closer look behind the scenes of the city of Mozart. Salzburg You have to know food and drink. That's why we were on the occasion of the eat and meet ...
Fish at its finest

From fish lobster and caviar

Von Fischen Lobster and caviar He is Austria's only producer of caviar: Walter Grüll, who runs his sturgeon farm in Grödig in the Salzburg region. And that's not all! The caviar that he grows - alongside fish, lobster and oysters - is not just any type of caviar, but white caviar and thus the most expensive ...


Salzburg and Surroundings
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Salzburg and Surroundings

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