The best hotels in Cesky Krumlov for pleasure travelers: A guide to luxury & charm

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Cesky Krumlov hotels

Cesky Krumlov luxurious hotels

If you want to visit Cesky Krumlov, it is best to stay in accommodation near the old town. However, since the Old Town is a pedestrian zone, not all accommodations in Krumlov offer parking facilities. There are several paid parking spaces outside the old town. There are many hotels and guesthouses in the area, ranging from modern to historic buildings. Some also offer free parking, which is like in a city Cesky Krumlov can be of great benefit. Make sure you check the accommodation's facilities and location in advance to ensure it suits your needs. These Cesky Krumlov hotels and guesthouses are located in or near the Old Town. Discover your Krumlov hotel here.

Cesky Krumlov Hotel near the Old Town – Discover Cesky Krumlov accommodation in the Old Town

Cesky Krumlov central hotels

Hotel Ruze

Housed in a beautiful Renaissance building, Hotel Růže offers its guests spacious rooms with elegant furniture and air conditioning. The hotel also offers a spa, sauna and paid parking.


Hotel Bellevue

Hotel Bellevue offers its guests a breathtaking view of the old town of Cesky Krumlov and spacious, modernly furnished rooms. There is also a restaurant that serves local specialities. This hotel does not have a parking lot. Paid and guarded parking lots are about 300 m away.


Gold Hotel

Hotel Gold offers its guests comfortable rooms with a beautiful view of Cesky Krumlov. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Czech cuisine, as well as paid parking.


Hotel Dvorak

Hotel Dvorak is located directly on the Vltava River and offers its guests a breathtaking view of the old town of Cesky Krumlov. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the hotel also has a restaurant and a sauna. However, the hotel does not have its own car park. For cars and motorcycles, however, the public parking spaces outside the old town are available.


Hotel Peregrin

Hotel Peregrin is a modern hotel with comfortable rooms and a central location in the old town of Cesky Krumlov. There is also a restaurant. However, the hotel does not offer its own parking spaces. It recommends the parking lot at the brewery complex instead.


Town square in Cesky Krumlov
You can only drive to the town square in Cesky Krumlov with a special permit. Cesky Krumlov Hotels do not offer them.


Charming guesthouses in Cesky Krumlov in or near the Old Town

Pension Nostalgie

The Pension Nostalgie is a charming place to stay with cozy rooms and a relaxed atmosphere. There are no in-house parking spaces, but you can arrive by car and unload your luggage. You can then park your vehicle in one of the public car parks outside the old town.


Pension Amadeus

The Pension Amadeus offers its guests spacious rooms in a historic building in the old town of Cesky Krumlov. There's also a terrace and free parking (reservation is required). There is also a charging station for electric cars.



Parking spaces in the old town near your Cesky Krumlov hotel

The old town of Cesky Krumlov is a pedestrian zone. You can only drive there by car with a special permit from the city administration and for a limited time.

  • P1 (Jelenka car park): entrance/exit from Chvalšinská street, open all year round, 240 parking spaces, public toilets, charging station for electric cars, restaurant. We parked our car here. From here you have easy access to the old town. You go under the Cloak Bridge and then you are already on the banks of the Vltava and on the edge of the old town.
  • P2 (Car Park Pod poštou/Under the Post Office): entrance/exit from U Poráků Street, open all year round, 180 parking spaces, public toilets, charging station for electric cars.
  • P3 (Městský park/City Park car park): entrance/exit from Linecká Street, open all year round, 170 parking spaces, public toilets, charging station for electric cars.
  • P4 (Zámecká zahrada car park/Castle garden): access from the I/39 state road near the V Oblouku restaurant, seasonal operation (June-August), 80 parking spaces, waiter-service parking.
  • P5 (Autobusové nádraží car park/bus station): entrance/exit from Nemocniční street, open all year round, 107 parking spaces, public toilets, charging station for electric cars, snack bar.
  • P7 (Chvalšinská car park): entrance/exit from Chvalšinská street, 66 parking spaces (36 paved area, 30 unpaved area), public toilets, possibility of parking caravans and campers.

You can inquire about the current parking prices by calling 380 711 190.

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Where can you eat well near your Cesky Krumlov hotel?

In Cesky Krumlov you will not only find historical architecture and narrow streets, but also a selection of restaurants that are worth a visit. However, we were in the city in winter. Therefore, the selection of restaurants we could visit was not large. Not all were open. We were also in the city for a day trip. Therefore, we only had limited opportunities to gain an insight into the gastronomy. That's why we present four culinary experiences in Cesky Krumlov that have received good reviews from their guests.

The Garden Restaurant

Located in the heart of the city, Le Jardin offers an exquisite selection of French cuisine with a Czech twist. The ambience and friendly service make it the place for a romantic dinner. The seasonally changing menu guarantees fresh and innovative dishes that give every visit a touch of exclusivity.

Address: Latrán 77, 381 01 Český Krumlov, Tel. +420 380 720 109

Hospoda 99

An authentic Czech experience awaits you at Hospoda 99. This cozy restaurant serves hearty, traditional Czech dishes that pair perfectly with local beers. The rustic furnishings as well as the warm atmosphere invite you to enjoy a relaxed evening with friends.

Address: Věžní, Latrán 99, 381 01 Český Krumlov, Tel. +420 380 713 813

Krcma v Satlavske Ulici

For lovers of grilled meat, Krcma v Satlavske Ulici is a top address. This restaurant is known for its open grill kitchen. You can watch how the dishes are prepared. The house specialty, grilled pork ribs, is an absolute must.

Address: Šatlavská 157, 381 01 Český Krumlov 1, Tel. +420 380 713 344


Laibon is a true oasis for vegetarians and vegans. Located directly on the Vltava, this restaurant offers a creative selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes that will also appeal to meat lovers. The relaxed atmosphere and the view of the river make every visit an experience.

Address: Parkán 105, 381 01 Český Krumlov 1, Tel. +420 775 676 654

These four restaurants offer dining experiences that receive high reviews from guests, according to Google. Therefore they are worth a visit. Do you want on your visit? Czech specialties Try it, then you can find out more about it in this article. In it we present dishes that have a tradition in the Czech Republic. Not all restaurants will have these on the menu, but they're worth looking out for.

Have you already been to Cesky Krumlov?

Have you discovered any special hotels or restaurants that you would recommend to others? Then share your experiences and experiences with our readers in a comment. They appreciate this for their own travel planning. And we look forward to your tips.


Hotel Ebersbach Cesky Krumlov
Hotel Ebersbach Cesky Krumlov


Questions and answers about a Cesky Krumlov hotel

Which hotels in Cesky Krumlov have the best views of the city?

The Hotel Ruze* and Castle View Apartments* are among the top addresses for breathtaking views of Cesky Krumlov. Both accommodations offer windows that offer picturesque views of the historic old town as well as the castle, making every morning an unforgettable experience.

Are there hotels in Cesky Krumlov that offer special culinary experiences?

Yes, the hotel Bellevue Cesky Krumlov* As well as the Hotel Ruze* are known for their excellent restaurants that serve local specialties and international cuisine at a high level. These hotels not only offer outstanding food, but also experience gastronomy that connoisseurs will particularly enjoy.

Can you find hotels with a special historical charm in Cesky Krumlov?

Absolutely! The hotel Zlaty Andel* as well as the hotel Dvorak* are located in historic buildings that have been carefully restored to retain their original charm. Guests can therefore travel back in time and stay in rooms equipped with antique furniture and decorations that reflect Cesky Krumlov's rich history.

Which hotels in Cesky Krumlov are ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway?

The Boutique Hotel Romantick* and also that Hotel Ebersbach* are perfect retreats for couples. These hotels offer romantic packages including candlelight dinners, wellness offers and rooms overlooking the romantic streets of Cesky Krumlov to create special moments for two.

Are there any eco-friendly hotels in Cesky Krumlov for sustainably-minded travelers?

Yes, that Hotel Monastery Garden* and the Pension Adalbert* attach great importance to sustainability. These hotels use ecological materials, offer organic food and drinks, and promote local sustainability initiatives, making them the ideal choice for eco-conscious travelers.




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What needs to be in the suitcase to visit Cesky Krumlov?

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Cesky Krumlov Hotel
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The best hotels in Cesky Krumlov for pleasure travelers: A guide to luxury & charm

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