Würzburg campsite: Discover the perfect Camp Spaces

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Campsite Wuerzburg

Campsites offer campers and RV fans not only a comfortable place to stay, but also the opportunity to explore nature and the many attractions of a particular region. Würzburg is definitely a place you should not miss on your trip through Germany. You can find out here which campsites Würzburg has to offer, as well as tips for campsites near Würzburg.

Why Würzburg? Well, the region has a lot to offer and is a true paradise for motorhome travelers. We tested that on our mobile home trip along the Main. With its rich history, breathtaking architecture and idyllic location on the Main, Würzburg will immediately captivate you. The charm of the city and the surrounding countryside make it an attractive destination for camping lovers like you.

Camping in Würzburg gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the city and its surroundings up close. You can choose a campsite in Würzburg and thus have the amenities of the city right on your doorstep. Or you decide on a campsite near Würzburg and explore the region with short drives.

No matter which option you choose, you will find that Würzburg and its surroundings offer a wealth of activities and sights. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Residenz, stroll along the Old Main Bridge or enjoy a wine tasting in the vineyards. The region has something to offer for everyone.


Würzburg Marian festivals
Würzburg Marian festivals


Which campsite Würzburg offers

Camping in Würzburg has many advantages. You can fully enjoy the city and its surroundings while experiencing the freedom of camping. The campsites are close to the city and offer a calm and relaxed atmosphere where you can really relax.

The location of a campsite in Würzburg is ideal. You are only a few kilometers away from the main attractions of the city. This means that you can quickly and easily get to the famous sights such as the imposing Marienberg Fortress or the magnificent Residenz. You are always close to the action and can experience the cultural highlights of the city up close.

The Camping Campground Kanu Club

On the left bank of the Main, the Würzburg Kanu Club offers campsites for tents and mobile homes up to 7,5 m in length. There is a restaurant and two boathouses right on the Main. Registration is only possible by telephone: Tel.: 0931/7 25 36

Address: Mergentheimer Str. 13B, 97082 Würzburg

Würzburg Camping Kalte Quelle

The Kalte Quelle campsite is located on the outskirts of Würzburg. There is a beer garden and a restaurant. In summer there is also a shuttle service to the tram station twice a day. The campsite is open all year round. There is also a bicycle rental service. Telephone registration is required in the winter months.

Address: Winterhäuser Str. 160, 97084 Würzburg, Telephone: 0931/65598

When it comes to attractions near the campsites, there is plenty to discover. You can explore the romantic wine region of Franconia and take part in wine tastings in the wineries. There are also plenty of hiking and cycling trails, so you can explore the beautiful nature around Würzburg.

Campsite near Würzburg

Here's an overview of some of the best options:

Campsites near Würzburg

Camping Ankergrund:

This campsite, for example, is located directly on the Main near Volkach and offers spacious pitches. Its proximity to Würzburg makes it a convenient choice. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

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Campsite Knaus Frickenhausen:

This campsite is close to the city and offers modern facilities and services. The journey to Würzburg takes twenty minutes.

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Main-Spessart-Park campsite:

This campsite is idyllically situated on the Main and offers spacious pitches. The proximity to Würzburg allows you to easily explore the city. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

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Camping Park Wertheim-Bettingen:

Just a short drive from Würzburg, this campsite offers a peaceful setting surrounded by nature. It is located near Wertheim, a charming town with a historical flair. The journey to Würzburg takes just under half an hour.

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Extensive selection of campsites near Würzburg

You will also find a comprehensive selection of campsites in the Würzburg area here. Find the right campsite for your needs below.

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When it comes to rating campsites, you should consider their proximity to Würzburg. Depending on what you prefer, there are different options. If you want to explore the city, you should choose a campsite that offers good transport connections. However, if you want to enjoy nature and engage in outdoor activities, campsites around Würzburg might be a better choice. We chose this option on our motorhome trip along the Main. We wanted to see the city on our trip along the river, but above all we wanted to enjoy the wine region.

When choosing a campsite near Würzburg, you should also consider your needs. Would you like a swimming pool or playgrounds for the kids? Do you need WiFi or do you want to completely disconnect from everyday life? Each campground has its own merits, and it's worth reading reviews from other travelers to make the best decision.

No matter which campsite you ultimately choose, you are sure to have a great time camping near Würzburg. Enjoy nature and explore the region!

Camping with dogs in and around Würzburg

If you want to take your dog with you on your camping adventure in and around Würzburg, I have some useful information for you here! There are campsites in the region that are specially tailored to the needs of four-legged friends. Some campsites in the Würzburg area warmly welcome dogs. They offer facilities such as special dog pitches, dog parks and dog showers. Some campsites even provide food bowls and dog waste bags.

So that your dog feels comfortable, it is important that the campsite has enough space to romp and play. Make sure there are nice walking trails in the area so you can have adventures together. Many campsites are located near nature parks or hiking trails that are perfect for long walks with the dog.

Würzburg and its surroundings also offer many activities that you can do together with your dog. Explore the picturesque vineyards or take a walk along the Main. There are also hiking trails where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the region with your dog.

It is important that you follow local dog rules, especially when you are outside of the campsite. Keep your dog on a leash where necessary and make sure you always have plenty of poop bags with you.


Camping near Würzburg
Camping near Würzburg


What can you do in and around Würzburg?

In Würzburg itself there are a variety of sights and activities that will inspire you. The city is famous for its magnificent residence, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can explore the baroque gardens and visit the interiors. The Alte Main Brücke is a highlight, from which you have a beautiful view of the city.

From the campsites in the vicinity of Würzburg, you can easily reach the sights by public bus or train or by car. The connection to the city center is usually good, so you can easily get to the attractions. In the city center, however, it is difficult to find a parking space. We parked our mobile home in the Friedensbrücke car park, Dreikronenstraße, 97082 Würzburg. From there, a beautiful footpath leads directly along the banks of the Main to the Old Main Bridge and on to the old town of Würzburg.

If you like to be out in nature, the area around Würzburg is ideal for hiking and cycling. The vineyards along the Main offer beautiful wine trails and offer you the opportunity to taste the wines from Franconia. The Spessart Nature Park is also a paradise for outdoor activities.

A trip to Wertheim Village, an outlet shopping paradise with a variety of shops, is also recommended. Here you can shop to your heart's content and make bargains. Another highlight is a visit to Veitshöchheim Castle with its impressive rococo garden. You can stroll through the manicured gardens and admire the magnificent water features.

The region around Würzburg thus offers a variety of excursions that will certainly appeal to every taste. Whether culture, nature or shopping - there is something for everyone here. Enjoy your time in Würzburg and be inspired by the diversity of the region!

And finally ...

There are a variety of campsites in the region that offer different benefits. In Würzburg itself there are campsites that offer good infrastructure as well as a convenient location close to the city. From there, you can explore the sights and experience the city's heritage up close. If you want to enjoy nature, there are also campsites in the Würzburg area surrounded by vineyards, forests or rivers.

The campsites in the region are usually well equipped, with modern sanitary facilities, electricity connections and WiFi. Some campsites also offer special facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants or playgrounds. It is worth reading reviews from other campers to make the right choice that suits your needs.

Würzburg itself offers a wealth of sights, including the magnificent Residenz, the Alte Main Brücke and the vineyards. The area around Würzburg also offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and wine tasting.

My recommendation for RV travelers is to base your campground choice on your personal preferences. If you want to explore the city, choose a campsite in Würzburg itself. If you want to enjoy nature, choose a campsite in the area. Regardless of your choice, you will experience the beauty of Würzburg and its surroundings. So pack your things, grab your motorhome and make your way to Würzburg.


Are dogs allowed at the Ankergrund campsite?

Yes, dogs are allowed at the Ankergrund campsite as long as they are kept on a leash.

What transport connections are there from the campsites in Würzburg to the city centre?

The campsites in Würzburg have good public transport connections such as trams, buses or trains to the city center.

Which leisure activities are particularly popular in the Würzburg area?

Popular activities in the Würzburg area include hiking in the vineyards, cycling along the Main and visiting wineries.

What alternatives to camping are there in the Würzburg region?

In addition to camping, there are also opportunities to stay in hotels, guesthouses or holiday apartments in the Würzburg region.


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Würzburg campsite: Discover the perfect Camp Spaces

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