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Garden splendor in Veitshöchheim in Franconia

Garden splendor in the Rococo garden Veitshöchheim

How did the Würzburg prince-bishops pass the time?

Garten Pracht impresses us in Veitshöchheim. Franconia is rich in beautiful places. No wonder! The prince bishops from Würzburg were present along the Main. Be it because they built churches to strengthen Catholicism in the region. That's because they had vineyards cultivated. Their profits finally served to present their power in magnificent buildings. We have many examples of this on ours Motorhome trip along the Main seen. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Würzburg as well as in Veitshöchheim. The garden splendor in this small town surprises us.

Prince-bishop's castle in Veitshöchheim

Impressive garden splendor in the Hofgarten Veitshöchheim

The Rococo Garden in Veitshöchheim belongs to the castle of the city. This was used by the prince bishops of Würzburg as summer residence. From a flower garden garden architects finally developed the Rococo garden. However, we hardly discover flowers on our tour. Only wildflowers sprout in one of the garden spaces framed by hedges. Flower borders are missing. Instead, wide paths lead through the park. A pond with fountains in the middle of the park also embodies the garden splendor of the Rococo. The park is also divided by hedges into garden rooms. These adorn more than 200 sandstone sculptures. They represent figures of gods, allegories and animals dar. The garden rooms can be reached through green tunnels and finally reaches hidden pavilions.

There are always water features in Rokokogarten Veitshöchheim

One of the Rococo gardens in Germany

The park is one of the most important rococo gardens in Germany. Therefore we are not alone on our walk through the park. We meet tourist groups as well as couples, who make themselves comfortable on the bank of the pond. We hear languages ​​from all over the world. A group of young girls discusses in French. Not far away a couple talks in Arabic. Again and again we meet families. They push their prams in front of them. Or they try to keep their offspring in check. Strollers settle on stone benches. They let the garden splendor affect you. The Hofgarten Veitshöchheim is a place of rest. The garden rooms simultaneously create a retreat.

The best pictures show how beautiful this park is. Follow us on our walk through the park.

Elegant lady of sandstone

Petar on our walk through the Rococo garden Veitshöchheim

Green tunnels connect garden rooms in the rococo garden

Playful characters

We almost always saw wild flowers in flowers

Mischievously smiling sandstone sculpture

Sandstone statue in the Hofgarten Veitshöchheim

Travel Arrangements

Arrival by plane, car, bus and train

The nearest airport is Frankfurt. Arrival by train to Würzburg. FlixBus also goes to Würzburg.FlixBus From there you can reach Veitshöchheim by excursion boat or by car.

Hofgarten Veitshöchheim

Echterstrasse 10
97209 Veitshöchheim
Tel. 0931 91582
Opening hours: from 8.00 o'clock to darkness (latest 20.00 o'clock)
Admission free

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