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Bad Kissingen Attractions for Slow Travelers

Bad Kissingen sights
Ludwig I in Bad Kissingen - One of the Bad Kissingen sights that you will see

Bad Kissingen sights

These Bad Kissingen sights are excursion destinations in Franconia for everyone Slow Travelerwho like to go slowly Bavaria to travel. To the spa in Franken you come to enjoy a break. To recharge your batteries. Or to relax in the city, its parks and its grounds. "Discover the time" is the motto of the city. It fits perfectly. Because you can only experience the rhythm of this city if you have enough time. Visitors walk through the parks as they have for centuries. They drink the water from the healing springs. Many enjoy a few hours in the Kurcafé or one of the other cafes in the city. Or they are looking for the sun's rays that heat the benches in the park on these October days. Here you meet to see and be seen.

Here you will find in one City map Bad Kissingen Attractions that you should not miss.


Bad Kissingen sights - the Pandur and Rakoczy springs
Bad Kissingen sights - the Pandur and Rakoczy springs


  • The healing springs

Overall, 7 sources are the source of trace element enriched waters. The water from the Maxbrunnen (Map) arises from the oldest source. It also tastes least like salt. The water of the Ludwigsprudel is completely different. This is usually only consumed for health reasons. In any case, its taste is not tempting to drink it regularly. Its high salt content and musty taste keep me from doing it. Visitors and guests alike tap into the healing waters Bad Kissingen nevertheless directly from the source.



Interesting is the story of how the mineral springs were discovered. So they tell themselves that they were sheep, they found. A shepherd hundreds of years ago observed that his animals preferred to drink from a particular source. This intrigued him and he wanted to find out what was the reason. So he discovered that the water at the Maxquelle tasted salty. A circumstance that particularly pleased his sheep. After that, it did not take long for people from the region to collect this water.

The Maxquelle and all later discovered spa springs were located outside of Kissingen. So, wellwomen dragged the water in vats to the accommodations in the city, where a growing number of bathers were waiting for the bath troughs in the inns to be filled with the precious wetness. So began the bathing tourism in Kissingen.


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Healing waters are served in the fountain hall
Healing waters are served in the fountain hall


  • Fountain and Wandelhalle - one of the top Bad Kissingen sights

Today, the operation is much more sophisticated. In the fountain and Wandelhalle (Map) at certain times of the day, well women pour out the healing waters of Bad Kissingen. Some guests bring medical instructions according to which the composition of the healing waters is mixed. However, if you want, you can also taste all the waters. They are very different in taste.

Discharge times in the Brunnenhalle:

Mon - Sat: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m., 16:00 p.m. - 18:00 p.m.
Sun and public holidays: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

The Brunnen- and Wandelhalle was built at the beginning of the 20. Century. It is built according to the plans of Max Littmann. In reinforced concrete construction, he built a building in the style of a multi-nave basilica over the Pandur and Rakoczy source, two of the four sources of drinking water from Bad Kissingen, The Maxquelle and the Ludwigsprudel spring outside the building. The remaining three sources provide water for the spa and the hotels.

  • Culture and festivals

When it opened, the Wandelhalle was one of the most modern concert halls. The stage can be rotated. The Staatsbad Philharmonie Kissingen performs its outdoor concerts in summer. The guests sit on the numerous benches in the park and listen to the music. Concerts are held in the hall during the Kissinger Sommer, a summer music festival, and during the winter months. Bad Kissingen offers its visitors a lively concert and cultural program, with stars such as Cecilia Bartoli, Lang Lang, David Garrett and Diana Damrau performing.

In the fountain hall, the Pandur and Rakoczy springs are located in a basin behind the water tap. For a long time it was not known where the names came from. It was only when you rummaged through old reports about Bad Kissingen that you discovered that guests used these names. In official documents they were instead called the "Old Source" and the "New Source". It was only later that they were officially christened with the long familiar names that guests had given them. Meanwhile celebrates Bad Kissingen Every year a glittering festival in honor of the Rakoczy source: the Rakoczy Festival is as important to the Kissinger as Christmas or New Year. Then they meet in their homeland, no matter where in the world they live.


Hermann Laudensack on his culinary tour
Hermann Laudensack on his culinary tour


  • The Arkadenbau - an insider tip among the Bad Kissingen sights

A real gem among the Bad Kissingen Another attraction is the arcade construction. However, the beautiful halls and the inner courtyard of the building are only accessible on a culinary tour with Hermann Laudensack. Otherwise they are closed to the public and only accessible during concerts. We were lucky enough to take part in such a tour when we visited Bad Kissingen. We meet star chef Hermann Laudensack in his hotel, Laudensack Parkhotel * in the Kurhausstraße 28 in Bad Kissingen.


The courtyard in the arcade - Bad Kissingen sights
The inner courtyard in the arcade building


A delicious starter from the star chef awaits us there. Then we follow his historical tour of Bad Kissingen, which he presents with a lot of humor. The most interesting part of the tour is the walk through the halls and the inner courtyard of the arcade building. In the photos you get an insight into how gorgeous these are. The halls serve as concert and event venues for events in the city. The Tourist Info Bad Kissingen is also located in this building.




  • The market square and the KissVino regional wine shop

The path finally leads us past the Regentenbau to the old town of Bad Kissingen. Area wine shop KissVino is also worth a visit. There the wines of the wine villages in the Franconian wine country are served. Bad Kissingen is not a wine town itself, but is only a few kilometers away from these wine regions. We take a break on our culinary city tour Schubert's wine tavern, the oldest wine bar in Bad Kissingen. For strengthening, there is "Sour Tip", a Franconian specialty (sourly made sausages in vinegar with vegetables).




  • The rose garden - one of the top Bad Kissingen sights

Then it's back via the Bad Kissingen rose garden. This is a park in the Saale floodplains. As we learn on our city tour with Josef Kiesel, this part of the city is also a flood plain. The Franconian Saale repeatedly overflows its banks. Up until a few years ago, over the centuries there were floods there, which also submerged the city center of Bad Kissingen. Only since flood protection walls were erected has the risk of flooding for the city been reduced. The rose garden, however, is and will remain a floodplain. On our city tour, however, it shows itself from its most beautiful side. The roses are still blooming in the park. In the evening there are projector shows at the waterfalls, which light them up in bright colors.

  • The casino

The Bad Kissingen casino is located in one wing of the Luitpoldbad. Here you can try your luck after a day full of variety. We give it to ourselves and instead go on to Luitpoldpark.


The casino in Bad Kissingen
The Casino, one of the Bad Kissingen sights


  • The Luitpoldpark - one of the Bad Kissingen sights to relax

The park is just behind the casino. Here we find a place of relaxation and silence. Away from the hustle and bustle in the center, we walk through the autumnal park. Visitors to the park seem to agree that silence should dominate here. For on our way we listen to the song of the birds and the wind that blows through the deciduous trees. In the Klanggarten (Map), the music of the birds is mixed with the sounds of the birds, inviting one to sit down on one of the chairs and relax.

Just a few steps away is the Barefoot Labyrinth, where you can feel grass, gravel, bark moss, moss and more with your bare feet. If you prefer to try out Sebastian Kneipp's water rituals, you can do so in the nearby Mediterranean Kneipplandschaft, which reminds me of an Italian park with its palm trees and potted plants.


That has to be in the suitcase for the visit to Bad Kissingen

    • Comfortable Shoes. In Bad Kissingen you walk a lot.
    • forget comfortable pumps not, because in some Bad Kissingen restaurants you dine in elegant surroundings.
    • A backpackin which you put a picnic.
    • Switzerland rules out the possibility of deportation to China. It is assumed that these Tibetans come from India or Nepal, both of which countries do not recognize the UN Refugee Convention. Even worse, Nepal recently signed anextradition treaty with the communist regime in China! So, deportation to India or Nepal are not viable solutions for these Tibetan asylum seekers. Camera* for the photo opportunities that Bad Kissingen offers.
  • The KissSalis Therme - one of the Bad Kissingen attractions outside the town center

Outside the center lies the latest achievement of Bad Kissingen: the Kiss Salis Therme. We spend half an afternoon in the Bad Kissingen swimming pool on our pleasure weekend. The Bad Kissingen Therme is also fed by one of the healing springs. Here the 20,2 ° warm Schönbornsprudel provides the water. This is heated in the thermal bath to 32 ° to 38 ° and thus ensures pure well-being. Since there is too much hustle and bustle for us in the experience area of ​​the thermal bath, we look for one of the quiet areas and relax after a bath in the intensive brine. In the wellness area we treat ourselves to a pumpkin seed back massage for two and finally end our stay with a meal in the thermal spa restaurant.


That's what you need for a visit to the spa

  • A Terry bathrobe * - I always like to take my own, in which I feel most comfortable
  • swimsuit, Bikini* for ladies and swimming trunks* for men
  • In the flipFlops * Make sure that they are non-slip
  • Switzerland rules out the possibility of deportation to China. It is assumed that these Tibetans come from India or Nepal, both of which countries do not recognize the UN Refugee Convention. Even worse, Nepal recently signed anextradition treaty with the communist regime in China! So, deportation to India or Nepal are not viable solutions for these Tibetan asylum seekers. Beach bag *in which you place all utensils
  • A big Bath towel *


Kiss Salis Therme
Kiss Salis Therme


Bad Kissingen and the surrounding area excursion destinations

The Klaushof wildlife park

The Klaushof wildlife park is just outside the city. This is well suited for a trip with children. For little money you can buy food and feed the roaming deer. The paths in the wildlife park lead uphill and downhill past the animal enclosures.

Klaushof Wildlife Park
Klaushofstrasse 101
97688 Bad Kissingen

The Wittelsbach Tower

The observation tower is located on the 420 meter high Scheinberg a good three kilometers outside of the city and offers a beautiful view of Bad Kissingen. In the brewery restaurant there are Franconian specialties, but also vegetarian dishes.

Wittelsbach Tower Brewery
Wittelsbach Tower 1
97688 Bad Kissingen

Botenlauben Castle

The former noble castle Botenlauben dates from the early thirteenth century. Today only one ruin remains. This is located in the Reiterswiesen district of Bad Kissingen. from there you have a beautiful view of the city.

Botenlauben Castle
97688 Bad Kissingen

The Bismarck Museum

Reich Chancellor Bismarck visited Bad Kissingen fifteen times. Each time he moved his seat of government to the Franconian Saale. During his stays in Bad Kissingen he lived in the residential building of the Upper Saline. There they have set up their living rooms and exhibition rooms as a museum. Here you can find out more about his life in Bad Kissingen and Bismarck's world politics.

Museum Upper Saline
Upper Saline 20
97688 Bad Kissingen

The graduation tower in Bad Kissingen

Not far from the Upper Saline is the Bad Kissingen graduation tower. This salt production plant was set up to increase the salt content of the medicinal waters in Bad Kissingen. The historical wooden construction is now being used to create a health-promoting microclimate. If you consciously inhale the surrounding air, it can clean the airways, regenerate lung function and strengthen the immune system.



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Sights Bad Kissingen and the surrounding area and excursion destinations in Bad Kissingen


Travel Arrangements

Getting there

The nearest airports are Frankfurt or Nuremberg. It is also possible to travel by train or bus (to Würzburg).


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We stayed in the Hotel Fontana *, There we felt very well. The hotel is very conveniently located. From there, almost all the sights are within easy walking distance. Search for others here Accommodation in Bad Kissingen *

City tours:

The culinary city tour with Hermann Laudensack and the highly interesting topic guide on the role of water in Bad Kissingen with Josef Kiesel you can at the Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen reservation: gaestefuehrung@badkissingen.de



Do you already know:


Bad Kissingen
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Source for Bad Kissingen attractions: own research on site. We would like to thank Bad Kissingen Tourismus for inviting you to this individual research trip. Our opinion about the Bad Kissingen attractions remains unaffected.

Text: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photos: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline. The photos are published by courtesy of the KissSalis Therme.


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