The most beautiful health resorts in Germany for a health resort vacation

Health resorts Germany for spa holidays and cures

Which health resorts Germany offers for a health resort vacation

Why not take a spa vacation in Germany? In Germany, cures are not only of interest to the sick. You can relax from the stress of everyday life in the most beautiful health resorts in Germany. Health resorts are places that not only attract with healing and medical treatments. Many of them are spa baths that have always attracted those looking for peace and relaxation. This clientele included emperors and kings as well as artists and writers who appreciated the creative ambience in the spa towns. It is no different today. For her, a spa vacation in Germany is a time of relaxation. Concerts and art exhibitions often take place in the spa towns. Take a few days and pamper yourself in one of the therapeutic baths. Cures in Germany are perfect for this.

The most beautiful health resorts in Germany

The UNESCO agrees. Reason enough to include the three health resorts in Germany, which are part of the Great Spa Towns of Europe, in the world cultural heritage. These include Bad Kissingen, Baden-Baden and Bad Ems. A spa vacation there is particularly worthwhile if you are looking for more than a spa stay.


Brunnenhalle Bad Kissingen - health resorts Germany health cure holidays and cures
Brunnenhalle Bad Kissingen - health resorts Germany health cure holidays and cures

Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen is one of these health resorts. The spa town is one of the spas in Germany. It owes this to the seven healing springs. Their water is enriched with trace elements that you can try in the fountain hall. A stay in Bad Kissingen is not only worthwhile because of the water. The magnificent buildings and parks of the city on the Franconian Saale impress every visitor. Enjoyment is also guaranteed in Franconia. In the vinotheque, for example, you can try the wines of the winemakers in the region. Culture lovers will also feel at home in Bad Kissingen. Or do you prefer a visit to the casino? The program of events in the spa town is varied and offers concerts, readings and exhibitions for every taste.



Baden Baden, one of the Great Spa Towns of Europe
Baden Baden, one of the health resorts in Germany for cures and spa holidays


The spa town of Baden-Baden lies on the river Oos and is surrounded by vineyards. The name of the spa already evokes ideas of elegance and pleasure. Baden-Baden's climate is Mediterranean. No wonder cypress, orange and lemon trees grow there. That makes strolling through the city's parks an experience. The festival hall of the resort is well known. Here you can listen to music from classical to modern. A visit to the bathing landscape of Baden-Baden is also part of the spa town in Germany. Maybe afterwards you fancy a visit to the city's casino? Or do you fancy a glass of red wine in one of the luxury hotels in Baden-Baden?


Cure vacation Germany with cures in Baden-Baden


Bad Ems - one of the Great Spa Towns of Europe
Bad Ems - one of the health resorts in Germany for spa holidays and cures

Bad Ems

The third spa in Germany to be on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2021 is Bad Ems. The spa town is located on the Lahn in the Westerwald. from Koblenz you can reach the health resort in about twenty minutes by train. Your spa vacation starts here with a nice journey through the Lahn valley to the third of our spa resorts in Germany. Bad Ems is located in the middle of the Nassau Nature Park. The proximity to nature is therefore one of the reasons why a spa holiday in Bad Ems is worthwhile. A walk on the banks of the Lahn is just as possible as a hike for experts on the Lahn hiking trail. The Lahn cycle path, one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Germany, is waiting for cyclists.

Bad Ems wouldn't be one of the health resorts in Germany if it weren't for medicinal springs. The spa town has fifteen of them, including the hottest thermal spring in Germany, which gushes out of the earth at 57 ° Celsius. In the fountain hall you can try the water from the Emser Krähnchen spring. Of course, enjoyment is not neglected in Bad Ems: what do you think, for example, of a wine soup, a dip cake and an oven slipper as a dessert? You don’t know what that is? Then you should try the specialties of the region.


Cure vacation Germany with cures in Bad Ems

Water plays a major role in health resorts in Germany

Experience the most beautiful health resorts in Germany

How differently you can experience the most beautiful spa towns in Germany is shown by the three spa towns that are among the "Great Spa Towns of Europe". Parks and beautiful landscapes are just as attractive as a cultural life that offers variety. Stay in luxury hotels and wellness hotels. Enjoy the elegance in the casinos. Or relax with a good meal and wines from the region.


Cures Germany
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The most beautiful health resorts in Germany for a health resort vacation

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