What do you have to see in and around Koblenz?

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Have ships ever been lashed here? - Deutsches Eck - Koblenz what do you have to see

Koblenz, what do you have to see?

To the question “Koblenz, what do you have to see” we answer: “the city and its surroundings”. Because it's not just the city at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine that's worth seeing. There are sights in the surrounding area that are worth a trip. This makes the city on the German Corner ideal for a stay of several days. It is the perfect starting point for excursions along the Rhine and Moselle.


Assmannshausen near Rhine in flames

Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

Discover beautiful cities on the Rhine There are many beautiful cities on the Rhine. We have seen this again and again in our travels as travel bloggers over the last few years. We think the section in the Middle Rhine Valley between Mainz and Koblenz is particularly nice for a holiday on the Rhine. These two cities are also two of the cities that we would like to recommend to you in this article. But the city of Stein am Rhein also gave us...
GHotel in Koblenz

The GHotel Living in Koblenz – a modern feel-good hotel

The GHotel & Living in Koblenz There are many positives that come to mind when we think of the GHotel Hotel & Living in Koblenz*, where we stayed for two nights on the way back from Rotterdam. First of all, the hotel is centrally located just a few steps from the main train station and bus station in the city of Koblenz. Furthermore, it is perfect for everyone who travels to Rhineland-Palatinate by public transport and wants to explore the city ...
Museum in Koblenz

Attractions in Koblenz - Deutsches Eck and Ehrenbreitstein

Koblenz sights Rhine and Moselle The rivers are the Koblenz sights that shape the city. Koblenz is located at the mouth of the Moselle and the Rhine. That lies between Rotterdam and Munich. Perfect for a stopover in Rhineland-Palatinate on a trip to the Netherlands. So let's take a closer look at the Koblenz attractions. We stay at the GHotel & Living near the city's main train and bus station. It is perfectly located ...
Hiking on the Moselle

Hiking on the Moselle - hikes through the vineyards

We discovered how beautiful hiking on the Moselle is on several hikes in the region around Alf, Bullay and Zell on the Moselle. There are wonderful views of the river along the way. The idyllic places are worth a visit. You can also go on a wine tasting hike in the wine region. Or just pack a bottle of Moselle wine and a snack in your backpack, find a nice vantage point for a picnic...



Questions and answers about Koblenz, what do you have to see?

What is the most famous landmark in Koblenz?

The most famous landmark in Koblenz is the Deutsches Eck, where the Moselle flows into the Rhine. There is also the equestrian statue of the former German Emperor Wilhelm I.

Are there also sights away from the Deutsches Eck?

In any case! For example, the city has a well-preserved old town with many historic buildings and churches such as the Old Department Store, the Church of Our Lady or the Schängelbrunnen. A visit to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, which towers high above the city, is also worthwhile.

What can you do if you like being outdoors?

A nice option is to take the cable car to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, from which you have a great view of the city and the Rhine Valley. You can also walk or cycle along the Rhine, for example on the popular “Rheinradweg” cycle path.

Are there also cultural highlights?

Yes, definitely! The Forum Confluentes regularly hosts exhibitions and events on various cultural themes. The Koblenz Castle and the Middle Rhine Museum are also worth a visit.

Which culinary specialties should you try?

There are many regional specialties in Koblenz, for example the "Koblenzer Sauerbraten", which is served with raisin sauce and potato dumplings. The "Koblenzer herb pan" with various types of meat and vegetables in herb butter is also very tasty. For dessert, we recommend a "Koblenzer Käsekuchen" made with quark and raisins.

Koblenz Travel Guide

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At the Deutsches Eck
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What do you have to see in and around Koblenz?

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