Dinkelsbühl sights in the old town

Dinkelsbuhl sights

Discover the Dinkelsbühl sights in the old town

Dinkelsbühl is on the Romantic Road, one of the holiday routes in Deutschland She leads from Würzburg via Dinkelsbühl and Rothenburg od Tauber to Füssen. The Dinkelsbühl sights in the old town fit well with the image that visitors get of the places along this route. According to Focus magazine, Dinkelsbühl has the most beautiful old town in Germany. One of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria she definitely is. We are here in spring. With the dandelion meadows and the fruit trees in full bloom, the city inspires us even before we enter the old town.



Beautiful old town in Germany

Photos are the best way to show how beautiful the old town of Dinkelsbühl is. That's why we made a video that shows you the old town and the city wall.

Dinkelsbühl old town pictures


Dinkelsbühl's main attractions are the old town and the city wall. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the old town has been completely preserved. Many houses in the old town are older than 350 years. At the same time, the old town of Dinkelsbühl is surrounded by a city wall. This goes back to the 14th century. At that time they were built because the original wall ring of the Staufer was too small. The city wall with its 14 watchtowers and the four city gates, which were completed in 1435, is two and a half kilometers long. We park our car in the parking lot at Schwedenwiese. From there we walk past the Dreigangsturm and enter the old town of Dinkelsbühl through the Wörnitz Tor.


Dinkelsbühl old town and city wall
Dinkelsbühl old town and city wall

The sights of Dinkelsbühl are the old town, the city wall and museums

Our walk through the old town of Dinkelsbühl takes us through alleys where people wait for carriages to come around the corner. Dinkelsbühl Sights are the Minster of St. George on the market square and the St. Paul's Church in the Carmelite monastery. This owes its existence to the spelled farmer. A monument was erected in the city park. He is considered the founder of the city. Since he remained childless, he left his court to Carmelite monks who were passing through. They finally built the Carmelite monastery on his farm.

There are Dinkelsbühl sights such as the Kinderzeche, the Museum Haus der Geschichte, the Museum 3. Dimension or the city's churches, but nothing captures you as much as the old town and the city wall. On our walk we reach the market place at the Weinmarkt. That's why there are hotels and restaurants that serve Franconian specialties.



Dinkelsbuhl old town
Dinkelsbuhl old town

City tours 2022 to the sights of Dinkelsbühl

The best way to get to know the Dinkelsbühl sights is on a city tour. Reservation and tickets at Touristik Service T: 09851-902440 The following offers are available for individual tourists:

  • The guided tour through the old town to the Dinkelsbühl sights
    06 January – Easter: daily at 11:00 a.m
    Easter – January 06th: daily 11:00 a.m. + 14:30 p.m
    60 minutes | from Tourist Information | 5,00 euros p. P
  • Tour with the night watchman to the Dinkelsbühl sights
    May – October: daily at 21:00 p.m
    October – April: FRI + SAT: 21:00 p.m
    60 minutes | from Munster St. Georg | 7,00 euros p. P
  • Theme tour: witches, sorcerers, Teuelsbanner
    every 1st Saturday of the month | 15:00 p.m
    90 minutes | from Tourist Information | 7,00 euros p. P
  • Fascination Dinkelsbühl - journey into an eventful past
    Guided tour Museum House of History | Saturday | 14:00 clock
    60 minutes | from the foyer of the House of History | 7,00 euros p. P
  • Covered wagon ride past the Dinkelsbühl sights
    A wagon ride past the Dinkelsbühl sights is an entertaining way to get to know the city. During
    During the trip you will get a short introduction to the most important ones
    Sights of Dinkelsbuehl.
    May – October | 55 mins | Schranne, Weinmarkt | 14,00 euros p.p. P
    Only in good weather!


In the old City
In the old town of Dinkelsbühl

Events in 2022 at the Dinkelsbühl sights

Dinkelsbühl also celebrates itself and its sights at events.

The children's mine - a historic homeland festival from July 15th to 24th, 2022

At this festival, the people of Dinkelsbühler commemorate the rescue of the city from the Swedes in the Thirty Years' War. As in 1632, they set up camp outside the city gates. The tower watchman's daughter Lore and the children of the town play the main roles in the parade. The festival is accompanied by the Dinkelsbühl boys' band.

Tickets for the festival are available from Touristik Service. T: 09851-902440

The price of €42 pp includes the following:

  • Festival badge of the children's mine
  • Visit to the festival
  • Historical pageant
  • Historical dances of the guild dance group
  • Children's binge watch
  • Snail noodles – traditional Dinkelsbühl pastries


In downtown
In the city center of Dinkelsbuehl

The Dinkelsbühl Christmas market from November 24th to December 21st, 2022

During Advent, the Christmas market takes place in the inner courtyard of the Heiliggeistspital. With mulled wine, bratwurst and gingerbread you can buy Christmas delicacies and gifts.

For €35 per person, you can get tickets for the following attractions from the Touristik Service:

  • Guided tour of the historic old town
  • Admission to the Dinkelsbühl House of History Museum
  • Entrance to the 3rd dimension museum
  • Voucher for a mulled wine at the Christmas market
  • Voucher for a pair of sausages at the Christmas market
  • Admission to the sauna garden and indoor pool

We leave Dinkelsbühl through Rothenburger Tor and walk past apple orchards back to Wörnitz Tor and Schweden Platz. If you want to enjoy Dinkelsbühl in peace and see the sights, you should take a whole day.


Restaurant in the old town
Restaurant in Dinkelsbuehl

Which Dinkelsbühl hotel near Dinkelsbühl attractions is popular?

There are several:

Hotel Meiser's Dinkelsbuehl

The 4-star superior Hotel Meiser's is popular with business travellers. Guests like the location, the food and the design of the hotel. They also rate the comfort and service as very good.

You can do the Hotel Meiser Dinkelsbühl book here*


Meiser Altstadt Hotel

The Meiser Altstadt Hotel is perfect for a weekend for connoisseurs. It is located on the Weinmarkt and is therefore in the center of the city. His guests praise the good food with specialties from Franconia.

You can do the Altstadt Hotel Meiser book here*


Hotel Blauer Hecht Dinkelsbuehl

The Hotel Blauer Hecht Dinkelsbühl is something for romantics. The hotel is furnished in a country house style and is located in the old town of Dinkelsbühl. The restaurant serves Franconian cuisine. The breakfast buffet also offers vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

You can do the Hotel Blauer Hecht Dinkelsbühl book here*


Signs in Dinkelsbuehl
Signs in Dinkelsbuehl

Apartment near Dinkelsbühl sights

There are also some very pretty holiday apartments in Dinkelsbühl:

hetzelhof's witch's cottage

Hetzelhof's Hexenhäuschen is a small holiday home with a terrace in the old town of Dinkelsbühl. It has its own parking lot and restaurant. At breakfast you can choose between continental breakfast or buffet.

You can do hetzelhof's witch's cottage book here*


Garden shed on the Wörnitz

The garden shed on the Wörnitz with garden and terrace, which also belongs to the hetzelhof, is also exceptional. Guests particularly like the great location on the city wall. Breakfast and restaurant are available in the Hotel Hetzelhof.

You can do the garden shed on the Wörnitz book here*


Garden shed in front of the Dinkelsbühl city wall
Garden shed in front of the Dinkelsbühl city wall


Sights in Dinkelsbühl and the surrounding area

  • If you like hiking, then a trip to the Jagsttal is definitely worth it. Of the path of silence offers beautiful views as well as places away from the hustle and bustle that make hiking a pleasure.
  • Do you like open-air museums as much as we do? Then it's worth taking a trip to Open Air Museum Bad Windsheim. There you will find out how farmers used to live in Franconia.
  • There is also Rothenburg ob der Tauber with its sights in the area.

You want to go camping in Dinkelsbühl?

  • Do you want to rent a motorhome? Then you will find information and a selection in these  booking options. Or would you prefer to stay overnight in a  roof tent on the car? Also the overnight stay in a camping tent is possible.
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  • Dinkelsbühl Camping is possible here: the DCC See Camp Dinkelsbühl, Kobeltsmühle 6, 91550 Dinkelsbühl, is located on the shore of a bathing lake. There you can after a day trip in a Dutch Oven  or on the portable grill or maybe on that Campfire after a day trip .
  • You want to know where to stay overnight in Germany can and are you looking for parking spaces and campsites? You can find information about this under this link.


Travel Arrangements

Arrival by plane, car, bus and train to the Dinkelsbühl sights

Arrival by plane, bus or train*. Nearby airports are Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. It is also possible to travel by train and bus.

Car Rentals:

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Accommodations in the region:

Accommodation for online booking is also available in Dinkelsbuehl* via Booking.com.


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