Aachen - a walk through the old town

Magnificent ceiling mosaics in the cathedral of Aachen

A walk through the old town of Aachen

Discover the old town while sightseeing in Aachen. Aachen is a city in Nordrhein-Westfalenthat invites you to take a stroll through the old town. Regardless of whether you start this stroll through the city at the Elisenbrunnen or at the town hall, the cathedral is always in the center. This with its high tower can be seen from many locations and can be used as a guide, because the city center is not very big.



City hall in the old town of Aachen
The town hall is located in the middle of the old town

We start our old town sightseeing at Elisenbrunnen

We begin our tour of Aachen at the Elisenbrunnen. This is located on the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz and is easily recognizable by the colonnades that surround it. Hot water, smelling of sulfur, flows from the mouth of golden lion heads and splashes into the pool below. It tastes slightly like salt, but is not very appetizing, especially because of the penetrating smell of sulfur. Apparently it owes it the glory of having healing powers. What is healthy usually does not taste good.


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We look at the blackboard on the edge of the fountain area in the old town of Aachen. On the list are some of the illustrious guests who have already taken advantage of the healing powers of the thermal water of Aachen. Among them is none other than Empress Josephine, the wife of Napoleon, who hoped to be able to do something against her childlessness with the help of Aachen thermal water. Apparently she liked it, followed by a whole series of queens, princesses, field marshals, archdukes and princes, who also sought healing for their complaints here.


Aachen - Elisenbrunnen
In the old town of Aachen at the Elisenbrunnen - Aachen Sightseeing


Aachen old town sightseeing from Elisengarten to the cathedral

We begin our tour through the old town of Aachen. For this we leave the Elisenbrunnen through a passageway in the rear wall of the Kollonaden and stand in the middle of the Elisengarten, a park in which the people of Aachen feel good. Young people can not be stopped by the spring temperatures and look for a sunny spot on the lawn. The older visitors make themselves comfortable on the benches and watch the hustle and bustle in front of them. On our way towards the cathedral we pass a shop window in the past Aachen. Most of the excavated wall remains date back to Roman times when there was a Roman inn here.

A stone proves that the old town of Aachen was populated more than 6000 years ago. However, the time between the end of Roman times and the beginning of the Carolingian era in Aachen is more puzzling. This is because there is no evidence of human settlement in the urban region. “Our city archaeologist is getting gray hair because he finds no indication of what happened in Aachen during this time,” laughs Sabine Mathieu, who shows us her city.


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  • You will go a lot of cobblestones while sightseeing in Aachen. Therefore, we advise comfortable shoes for the city tour.
  • If you are planning an elegant evening, then you should comfortable pumps .
  • In summer it gets hot in Aachen. Therefore fit Sandals good for a city tour.
  • Practical is also a City backpackin which you have utensils for the day and Souvenirs can accommodate.


A fountain in which money plays a role in Aachen's old town

We pass a fountain with an interesting ensemble of various statues: a well-built woman clutches a money bag with her arm and fends off a man who greedily reaches for it. Behind it another person standing behind him is already waiting for the money, while on the other side of the fountain someone is desperately begging for a few coins. “The Sparkasse commissioned the fountain with the note that money transactions should be shown here,” explains Mathieu.

The artist was probably not particularly friendly to the banks, if you look at his greedy and greedy figures. “Only the other two statues show that money is not everything,” says Mathieu. “It is a father who is handing pocket money to his daughter. However, the girl ignores the money and prefers to look at her father. ”The clients of the Sparkasse in Aachen's old town take it with humor. A model of it is even on the boardroom table in the executive office. Passers-by obviously like it too, because whenever we walk past it we find many of them at this fountain.

Past the inviting sausage kitchen for buffoon, which we want to present to you in a separate report, we reach the cathedral.

The cathedral - Aachen old town with art and history

The Cathedral of Aachen is breathtaking. He is part of the Palatinate of Charlemagne, who chose Aachen as the capital of his empire in the year 800 AD. The oldest part is preserved except for a few parts to this day. All around, new chapels were cultivated over the centuries. So we stand under the golden chandelier in the middle of the cathedral, where Charlemagne was already standing. Wonderful mosaics adorn the arches of the side corridors that lead around the cathedral center. We are also impressed by the modern glass windows in the newest part of the cathedral, in the choir, which are the highest of their kind in Europe, as Ms. Mathieu explains. But see for yourself: our photos show the beauty of Aachen Cathedral in the center of Aachen's old town probably best.


Magnificent ceiling mosaics - Aachen sightseeing
Magnificent ceiling mosaics in the cathedral of Aachen
Beautiful - the mosaics
Beautiful - the mosaics in the Cathedral of Aachen


If you ask yourself what the wolf in the dome entrance means, there is a story from the construction of the church. Supposedly, the dombauherr promised the devil the soul of the first visitor of the cathedral. But smart as he was, he first sent a wolf through the door, whose soul had to satisfy the devil. Visitors can still visit the cathedral unmolested by Beelzebub.

Through the Domhof we leave the Domareal in the old town of Aachen and follow the John Paul II Street to the right, from which we turn into the Ritter-Chorus-Straße to the Katschhof.


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The Aachen Charlemagne - the Palatinate and the city hall

At the Katschhof in the old town of Aachen, a large square opens up, from where we look again at the cathedral. Opposite him are an equally impressive Gothic building, which today houses the town hall of Aachen. The current building is in 14. Century was built on the foundations of the palace of Charlemagne. From the 10. until the 16. In the 19th century, the royal crowning ceremonies in Aachen were celebrated with lavish feasts. The great coronation hall in the town hall still reminds of this time. He should extend over the entire length of the building.


The town hall in the old town
The city hall of Aachen


We follow the Krämerstraße in the direction of the cathedral, but turn off at the Puppenbrunnen, which represents figures from the history around Aachen, in the direction of the courtyard. There is the culinary center of the old town of Aachen.


Courtyard in the old town
Hof in Aachen - here you can meet for a cup of coffee or juice


Open-air cafes

If you want to take a break while sightseeing in Aachen with a good fruit drink, you can get this at Eat a Rainbow at the farm. There are also cafes and pubs grouped around the square in the old town of Aachen. In the Domkeller it is even explicitly stated that one can fetch a piece of cake from the neighbors and consume it with the in-house coffee. An interesting business concept. In any case, the guests seem to like it, because even if it is quite cool on this May-Monday, almost all tables are occupied. There is definitely a nice ambiance here.

However, we continue our sightseeing through Aachen's Old Town through the Rommelsgasse past other restaurants and cafes in the direction of the town hall and market.


The great restaurant Postwagen am Markt
The great restaurant Postwagen on the market in Aachen
Rhenish roast beef with potato dumplings and red cabbage
Rhenish roast beef with potato dumplings and red cabbage
Öchener slab with different sausages and Leberkäs
Öchener slab with different sausages and Leberkäs


The marketplace

At the corner of the town hall, I immediately notice a beautiful extension. It is that Restaurant Postwagenwhere we have dinner later in the day. Regional cuisine is on the menu here. Petar chooses an “Öchener battle plate” with sausage, meatloaf, other sausages and sauerkraut. I try a Rhenish Sauerbraten with potato dumplings. The sauce is dressed with spice. Hearty dishes that are very filling. Therefore, we do not have a starter or dessert this evening.


Simply delicious - cherry hazelnut cake in Cafe Middelberg
Simply delicious - cherry hazelnut cake in Cafe Middelberg


That would have become too much after our coffee break to conclude our city tour through Aachen's Old Town Café Middelberg in the Rethelstraße. There we enjoy a cherry hazelnut cake for coffee. However, it would have been more typical of the Kirsch rice cakes, which comes from the Belgian cuisine. Well, maybe we'll try it next time?



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Old town
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Aachen - a walk through the old town

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