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3 museums for a Aachen old town tour

Aachen in one day - which sights in Aachen do you have to see as a museum friend in the city of Charlemagne? That was the question we asked ourselves on this visit to the city Nordrhein-Westfalen posed. We visited three of them on our tour of the old town. They are all located in the city center and can easily be visited in one day. The walking distances between the museums are short. This tip is therefore suitable for a day trip or for a rainy day. If you want to stay longer, you will find further suggestions for the here Imperial city.




Rathaus - a must when visiting Aachen in one day
The town hall of Aachen - one of the top sights in Aachen

Aachen in the rain

These three Aachen sights are good for a rainy day in the city. You can spend Aachen in the rain in the museums in the city center. There you will learn a lot about the city and its history.

Aachen sights for Aachen sightseeing

The Center Charlemagne near the town hall in Aachen's old town

A museum that should not be missed when visiting the city of Aachen is the Center Charlemagne. Among other things, the exhibition is about a resident of Aachen who has shaped the city to this day: Charlemagne. This museum is located at the Katschhof. That's the name of the large square between the Aachen Cathedral and the town hall. The square was already used for festivals in the times of Charlemagne, just as it is today. In the Center Charlemagne we will also learn more about the history of the city. However, the urban region was a settlement area much earlier. Already in the 5th millennium people lived where the city is located today.


Center Charlemagne
Center Charlemagne City Museum of Aachen


From the Romans to Emperor Charlemagne

The history of Aachen only became interesting with the Romans. These used the thermal springs. As a result, the place quickly developed into a spa. To this day, the thermal baths make the city a destination for wellness lovers. When Charlemagne finally came to the city, he decided to build his imperial palace in it. The cathedral still reminds of the times of the great emperor. All that remains of his palace are the foundation walls that are located under today's town hall. All the more you learn about the emperor and his time at the Center Charlemagne. We therefore recommend a visit to this museum to everyone who wants to get to know Aachen and its development better.


Center Charlemagne
Center Charlemagne - one of the Aachen sights where you can find out more about Emperor Karl


Under Napoleon and the French, the city experienced a renewed heyday. Nobles from France visited the thermal baths at that time. Even if they were not exactly popular in Aachen, they contributed to the boom in the 19th century. In our time, Emperor Karl lives again. He is considered to be the first to think of European unity. As such, he is now the namesake of one of the most prestigious prizes awarded to supporters of European unity: the Charlemagne Prize. This is awarded every year in the Aachen City Hall to people who have made a contribution to the unity of Europe.

Center Charlemagne

New City Museum Aachen
Katschhof 1
52062 Aachen
Tel: +49 241 432-4956
Fax: +49 241 432-4989


That's what you need for a day in Aachen


The Couven Museum - one of the Aachen sights with everyday history

The Couven Museum provides an insight into the citizens of Aachen. Where pharmacists once mixed their pastes and powders, today you can see how the middle class citizens of Aachen lived. The museum is also located in the old town. It's on the chicken market, about a five-minute walk from the Center Charlemagne.


Pharmacy in the Couven Museum - one of the Aachen sights, in which old times come to life


Here I recommend visiting the Center Charlemagne first. There you will already familiarize yourself with the history of Aachen. In the Couven Museum we get an insight into what everyday life looked like in the city of Aachen from Rococo to Biedermeier. With knowledge of the history of the city of Aachen, visiting this museum is even more fun.


banquet hall
Ballroom in the Couven Museum - one of the Aachen sights that is still used today for celebrations


In memory of the pharmacist Adam Coebergh, we begin our tour of the museum in a room that looks like a pharmacy. Here once had pharmacist Coebergh in the second half of the 17. Century chocolate sold over the counter. At that time it was still reserved for the rich and wealthy. The house changed hands several times until it finally houses the Couven Museum since 1958.


Kitchen in the Couven Museum - Aachen Sights from the city of yore


We particularly like the kitchen, the ballroom and the tiled room. Its walls are completely covered with ceramic tiles from the Netherlands that tell stories. It's about children's games, shepherd scenes, ships and even sea monsters.


In the tile room
In the tiled room of the Couven Museum - one of the Aachen sights that we particularly liked


Couven Museum

Chicken market 17
52062 Aachen
Tel. + 49 241 432 4421-
Fax +49 241 432-4959


Travel guide for Aachen sights

With these travel guides you won't miss any of the Aachen sights:


Cathedral treasury at the cathedral - a must among the Aachen sights

The third museum in our list of Aachen sights is the cathedral treasury. This is a must for every history lover! In addition to relics of Charlemagne, which are kept in gold, there are also the coronation mantle of the German emperors and other utensils that were needed for the imperial coronation.


In the cathedral treasury of Aachen - one of the top Aachen sights


In addition, the exhibition provides an insight into the splendor of the Catholic Church. It's unbelievable what treasures lie here. There are crosses decorated with precious stones, as well as altars that are carved from wood and decorated with gold leaf. We see holy water stoups and ivory book covers alongside works of art of book art from the city's scriptoria. Margaret of York's crown is particularly splendid. We had already heard from her during our visit to Mechelen heard in Belgium.


coronation robe
Coronation mantle of German emperors - Aachen sights of bygone times


After so much splendor, we take a break in the inner courtyard of the cathedral treasury with a view of the cathedral, which towers over the administration building. We will take a few minutes' rest here before we go looking for cafes and restaurants that have been recommended to us for Aachen. But this is another story.


Aachen attractions
Aachen attractions


Cathedral Treasury Aachen

Pope-Johannes-Paul-II-Straße ("Little Dragon Hole")
52062 Aachen
(no access through the cathedral)
Tel: 0241 / 477090
Fax: NO / NO


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Activities in Aachen

What can you do in Aachen?

  • A walk through the old town shows you the architecture of the city from the time of Charlemagne to today.
  • Schließe Dich einer Stadtführung durch Aachen an. Dabei erfährst Du viel Interessantes für die Stadt und ihre Geschichte.
  • Visit one or more of the city's museums. The cathedral treasury is particularly impressive.
  • The Lousberg is worth a visit. From the viewing platform you have a good view of the city
  • Relax in the thermal baths of Aachen.
  • Try Aachen's specialties and let us show you how to make them.



Excursions to Aachen

In der Stadt und in der Umgebung von Aachen gibt es viel zu entdecken. Hier findest Du Ausflugsziele in und um Aachen, die wir selbst besucht haben. Außerdem stellen wir Reisetipps von anderen Reisebloggern vor:


Travel Arrangements:

Getting to the Aachen sights by plane, train, bus or car:

The nearest airport is definitely Maastricht-Aachen (about 40 km away). For arrivals from all over the world Frankfurt the best choice.  Book your flight here.*  From there you can take the train or bus to Aachen. Timetable and booking*. If you are also arriving by car, you can park your car in one of the multi-storey car parks near the center.

Reserve a rental car here for a visit to the Aachen sights:

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Hotels, apartments and other accommodation in Aachen * You can also book via our partner under this link. However, we have in INNside at Melia * A comfortable hotel with a parking garage, from which you can easily reach the museums on foot.


Aachen museums - Aachen sights
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Discover Aachen sights in one day

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    1. Dear Victoria,

      what us in Aachen what I like so much is that it is not a “dusty” medieval city. It not only has the great buildings that have accumulated there throughout history, but is also very lively and hip as a university city. A visit to Aachen It is definitely worth it.

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