Elvis lives - in Emilia Romagna!

Elvis lives

Elvis lives - in a museum in Emilia Romagna

If you don't think Elvis is alive, you should visit the museum in Sogliano in Italy visit. He lives. At least it looks very lifelike! In the Museum of Music in Sogliano al Rubicone we discover a life-size figure of Elvis as he once delighted the masses. He's still rocking the show there today! Robert Parenti, an avid music fan, made in this small Italian village in Emilia Romagna near Cesenatico a considerable collection of records, musical instruments, record players and gramophones, memorabilia and a colossal sound station, now on display in the Palazzo della Cultura in Sogliano. Music lovers will be thrilled!



Elvis lives
Elvis lives - in the Palazzo della Cultura in Sogliano
Not only Elvis lives in this museum, but also Luciano Pavarotti
Not only Elvis lives in this museum: Luciano Pavarotti Lookalike


A meeting place for music lovers, where not only Elvis lives

When we enter the museum, we hear classical music in the stairwell. When we enter the exhibition rooms we see that it is not music from the loudspeaker, but that a pianist and violinist are actually rehearsing. "We are currently practicing for a concert that will take place in our rooms over the next few days," explains Davide Parenti, who now manages his father's museum. He leads us through the different rooms and explains what we see. A museum in which not only Elvis' music lives.


Amy Winehouse
Not to be mistaken - Amy Winehouse
Not only Elvis lives here, but also the Beatles


Davide - music has been his life since childhood

“My father came from a very musical family. My uncle was even an opera singer, and I grew up listening to music too, ”laughs Davide. “It goes without saying that I took over the management of the museum.” He leads us past memorabilia of all styles: there is a figure by Amy Winehouse as well as figures by Irene Pappas or the Beatles. Our walk through the exhibition rooms is like a walk through 120 years of music history.


Michael Jackson
Not only Elvis lives here, but also Michael Jackson


Not only Elvis lives here, but also Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and others

I ask Davide where the characters come from and he replies, “A family friend made them. They are not for sale. ”He winks and says:“ Unless you give him an order yourself. ”I even find a Berlusconi figure among the stars and starlets. So you have a sense of humor in this museum too, I think to myself.

Music is the focus

However, the main role is played by the music, and it does not matter what kind of music it is. Not only Elvis lives in this museum. Here we find everything from classical to jazz and blues to rock and punk music. We see a gold record from Michael Jackson and the guitars from Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page or Robert Plant. And Davide shows us event posters for concerts by Roberto Caruso. But the best comes at the end of our visit: he leads us back to the first showroom and puts on a Miles Davis record. And we listen ecstatically to the jazz sounds that sound through the museum from the unique sound station. A treat for the ears!


Marilyn Monroe
On leaving the museum we meet Marilyn Monroe


When you visit the Museum of Music in Sogliano, don't forget to ask Davide to play one of the records! He likes to do that for visitors. Not only Elvis lives in this museum. The museum can be found here, just an hour's drive from Cesenatico:

Palazzo della Cultura
Piazza Garibaldi,
47030 Sogliano al Rubicone (FC)
Tel: 388.1667113, 338.8979725

A trip to Sogliano al Rubicone is also worthwhile for Foodies. Here you can find out about Fossa cheese, Italian hard cheese maturing in pits. There are more reasons than one for a trip to the mountains in the hinterland of Cesenatico. If you want to check out another museum in the Emilia Romagna, then Janet recommends the Modena Maserati Museum.

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Sogliano al Rubicone and the music
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Elvis lives - in Emilia Romagna!
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