What can you do in Cesenatico?

Historic sailing ships at the port of Cesenatico

What can one do in Cesenatico?

The name Cesenatico has awakened my longing for a vacation since I was a child. Vacation, which in this case means lounging on the beach. Just do a few days doing nothing, sleeping in, sunbathing and looking for cooling off from time to time in the sea. At least in my imagination! When I hear the name of this city on the Adriatic coast, I think of thousands of umbrellas and deck chairs for miles Sandy beachwhere stressed holidaymakers relax from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Idle on Beach lying is not usually our way of vacation. So we avoided this part of the Adriatic Sea like the devil holy water. A mistake, as it turned out. There is a lot to do and discover in and around Cesenatico that makes a vacation in this city eventful and enjoyable.


Beach life in Cesenatico
What can one do in Cesenatico? That's the one side of Cesenatico

The Cesenatico the bathing vacationer

Granted: the umbrellas and beach chairs on the sandy beach are still there today. We are here at the end of May, just before the Pentecost holidays. Therefore, we have many of them for free choice. When we arrive in Cesenatico on Friday, the beach promenade is empty. Only now and then I meet a lonely walker or beach holiday on my walk past the Bagnos, the beach restaurants. These separate the sandy beach from the quayside.



Many of them are run by the big hotels lining the other side of the Embankment. In one of them we are accommodated. We stay during our stay in the Four Star Hotel Michelangelo in Cesenatico Valverde *, a family hotel that is almost fully booked at the weekend. When we arrive there on Friday, only a few guests are with us in the hotel. Therefore, we have the pool, the restaurant and the public premises almost to ourselves. If you are looking for a quieter stay, you should arrive during the week rather than during the holiday season.


Wine, cheese and figs in the Bagno Magnano
What can one do in Cesenatico? Eating at Bagno Magnano in Cesenatico
At the Bagno Magnano in Cesenatico
Andrea and his wife prepare us a wonderful evening


The Bagnos of Cesenatico

On our first evening in Cesenatico, we visit one of the Bagnos for an aperitivo. Together with Alessandra Catania, in her blog 21grammy.com blogging exclusively about Emilia Romagna, and Daniel Dorfer of Fernwehblog.net we drive to the Bagno Magnani 72. There we experience our first big surprise: Bagno operator Andrea and his wife. The two of us are so hospitable and welcome that we immediately feel at home.

Because it's Friday, the kitchen stays cold. That's why there is local Vino Sangiovese Superiore and regional antipasti. Piadino, which Alessandra calls "the bread of the poor". It is a kind of flatbread made from flour, salt and lard, which tastes best when warm. You either eat this with ham, salami and cheese. Or you fill it with different ingredients. The antipasti tasted so good that we spent our whole evening with Andrea and didn't eat at the hotel.

German regulars

Andrea tells us about one of his German guests who has been spending his vacation in Cesenatico for years and is one of his regular guests. “He always comes with his wife and only demands antipasti. But he eats them in quantities, “he laughs. "And then you go out into the sea or on a canoe, where he processes the calories you have eaten." The Bagnos offer bathing holidaymakers an inexpensive alternative to hotel meals. You can also get to know regional specialties and the hospitality of Emilia Romagna.

The Piazza Pisacane
What can one do in Cesenatico? With Garibaldi in the center on the way

The Cesenatico of yore

There is also the other side of Cesenatico. The place where Leonardo da Vinci left his mark. It was the great genius of the Renaissance who planned the port of Cesenatico. So that he alone is protected by its shape against silting. The port canal was designed by Leonardo 1502. He should improve the original port facility. The canal is today the center of Cesenatico's old town. The canal is home to the Maritime Museum, the Antiquarium, Casa Moretti and the theater, as well as Piazza Pisacane with its monument by Giuseppe Garibaldi.


Covered tables
What can one do in Cesenatico? The restaurants in the old town


We walk along the canal towards the sea. We pass one restaurant after another, where the tables are already waiting for the midday guests. Invitingly covered with starched tablecloths, whole batteries of wine glasses, pretty napkins and fresh floral decorations, they attract visitors. In between, there is always a gelateria, in whose displays the most delicious sorts of ice cream are waiting for their buyers.


What can one do in Cesenatico? Restaurants in Cesenatico
A restaurant closest


The old town of Cesenatico

We do not think about food in the late morning. We want to take a closer look at the old town and follow the canal. Past the historic sailing ships of the Maritime Museum, which have found their final port here after a long service in the Adriatic, we go to the sea. The closer we get to the water, the more intense it smells like fish. On sunday, the fishermen's boats are in the harbor. Our noses inform us immediately about the function that the boats fulfill during the week.

We discover the old fish market, over which the wind turns various fish of metal in a circle in a wind chime. And although it's weekend, some trucks stand in front of the warehouses. There you just invite fresh fish.




On the large Piazza Ciceruacchio we can still see the extent of the ancient Pretoriaturms. This once protected the harbor from the attacks of pirates. Close to the lighthouse, the modern Da Vinci gates ensure that today's city is safe during ocean storms. Also worth seeing is the Piazzetta delle Conserve in the heart of the old town. This owes its name to the pits that were dug here in the dune sand. In it was once stored fish. With ice and snow you have kept this fresh. The ice was collected in the winter. It ensured the shelf life of food in the pits long before the invention of refrigerators. Four of these old cooling pits are now restored and can be visited.



Travel Arrangements:

Arrival by plane or train

Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti fly to Bologna. Possible is the journey by train to Cesena.

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One campsite is the Cesenatico Camping Village, Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 182, 47042 Cesenatico FC, Italy. A Rent a motorhome you can here. With our Motorhome packing list You'll never forget anything again.

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What can you do in Cesenatico?
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