Three days in Bad Bük, one of the thermal baths in Hungary

In the adventure spa in Bad Bük

Bad Bük, one of the largest thermal baths in Hungary

Bad Bük, one of the thermal baths in Hungary, is located only a few kilometers from Burgenland away. It is 46 kilometers to the border town of Sopron. It is about the same distance to Vienna as to Lake Balaton. The invitation of the Hunguest Hotel Repce Gold * makes us curious. So far, I have only been to Hungary once. That was in Budapest many years ago. I am all the more excited about what awaits us in the Hungarian countryside.

Four seasons pool in the Bük Therme
Four seasons pool in the Bük Therme

Bad Bük's healing waters were discovered in the 1950 years. At that time hoping to find oil in Bük Hungary. Instead of oil, hot water was spilled during the drilling. 1957 shot an 70 meter high water column out of the hole. The drills had discovered thermal waters deep in 1282 meters. This turned out to be a gold mine. The 58 ° C hot water changed life in Buk, The thermal spa Bük became a magnet for visitors for short breaks. Those looking for a weekend away from everyday life are right here.


One of the open-air pools in the thermal bath Bük
One of the open-air pools in the thermal bath Bük - Bük Therme pictures


In the thermal bath Bük

You will find in Buk a healing, beach and water park, a sauna world and a medical wellness center. A massage works wonders. An aroma massage relieves the tension that comes with working at the desk. Then you have the choice among 34 pools with different water temperatures and waters. There you can continue your relaxation weekend. On more than 5000 square meters visitors of all ages find the right thing.


In the morning in the spa in Bad Bük
In the morning in the spa in Bad Bük


Bad Bük for families

In the thermal bath Bük families with children experience varied bathing days. At the same time there are places for peace seekers. In the park there are sports and playgrounds for children, children's pool and a water playground. At the family pool Acapulco, the parents rest in hammocks. Children are now splashing in the wave and spring bay. Slides provide adventure.


In the adventure spa in Bad Bük
In the adventure spa in Bad Bük


Fun in the adventure pool

A bubble bath refreshes in the adventure pool. Children can explore the shark cave. In the healing water in the heart pool, the adults relax.


Decoration in the thermal bath Bük
Decoration in the thermal bath Bük


Rest in the sauna world

The sauna world in Bad Bük is textile-free. Here you can relax in the aroma steam sauna. The Finnish rock sauna or the Finnish forest sauna will take you to the far north. After herbs it smells in the herbal cabin as well as in the aroma sauna. Adventurous people dare to go to the devil sauna. Or they cool off in the ice cabin.



Where does the thermal water of Bad Bük help?

The healing water in the spa contains minerals that help with rheumatism and movement problems and gynecological problems. If you use the water for a drinking cure, it treats digestive problems.


That's what you need for a visit to the spa



Right next door: the Hunguest Hotel Repce Gold

Very convenient is the overnight stay at the Hunguest Hotel Repce Gold. This Bad Bük hotel is connected via a bathrobe corridor to the spa. This is very pleasant for a visit to the spa Bük. So valuables can stay in the safe and clothes in the room. With the bracelet, which is included in the room rate, we have access to the spa, the beach and the water park. (Access to the sauna world costs extra.) This makes our stay in Bad Bük particularly varied.

VIP Suite on the fourth floor of the hotel

We are accommodated in the VIP Suite on the top floor of the hotel. This includes a large living room with a desk, sofa and armchairs and a wall unit with flat screen TV. One of the closets has a safe and a minibar.




A private Jacuzzi

A surprise is the huge bathing area. The private Jacuzzi can accommodate two. On a side table there is room for champagne glasses and other drinks. So the whirlpool can be used for a romantic evening for two. Generous is the adjoining bathroom with shower, two sinks and toilet.



We also have plenty of room in the bedroom. With open balcony doors we sleep well in the large double bed. There is a second flat screen TV and a second minibar. In addition, this is followed by another toilet. Very nice we find the huge balcony, which runs around the two sides of the suite.



Although the suite is a bit old and has signs of wear, we feel comfortable in it.

Eating at the Hunguest Hotel Repce Gold

The hotel restaurant at Hunguest Hotel Repce Gold serves a buffet in the morning and in the evening. Now I'm not a friend of hotel buffets. They are too impersonal for me. I prefer to be served at the table. This does not offer this hotel.


Dessert from the hotel buffet
Dessert from the hotel buffet


The selection of food is great. There are regional and international dishes. Sausages, ham, a large selection of antipasti, jams, cakes, fruit, cereals and warm egg dishes are served for breakfast. In addition white bread and rolls. Coffee and juice come from the machine. The evening buffet has a large selection of hot dishes. From fish to meat dishes to meatless meals, there's everything.


We were on a weekend in Bad Bük, where Hungary is celebrating its national holiday. One evening there was live music and dance performances in the dining room. At another table, the tables were covered in national colors of Hungary and adorned with candles.

Visit to the Kemecés Csárda in Szakony

We really enjoyed our evening in a Hungarian csárda. We use the offer of the hotel for a dinner in a typical restaurant. Csárdas originated in Hungary in the 19th century. They were simple pubs that offered food, drink and accommodation to travelers. There had to be space for horses and carriages. They were usually a day's journey from towns. However, this is not the case with the Csárda that we are visiting. It is located in the middle of Szakony.




What is a csárda?

That's why traditional csardas were so far out of town because they wanted to escape the control of the authorities. Tax officials were not thrilled to need a day to travel to check one of these pubs. To get enough guests, most csardas lay on roads that led to markets. This was also appreciated by muggers. They liked to spend the night in these inns, because they did not have to fear persecution by the gendarmes there.

These stories sing many Hungarian folk songs. In general, music plays a big role in Csárdas. Our visit is also accompanied by an entertainer, who warms up the guests during the evening more and more. To watch the dancers, with which contortions they move in time to the music, is fun. Good mood is inevitable.


We eat from clay dishes
We eat from clay dishes


Typical hungarian food in a csárda

We look forward to the Hungarian specialties in the Kemecés Csárda. It is served up. And how! So much for the table to bend. Not on plates, but in bowls, from which everyone uses. Noodle soup. A meat selection of goose pork, pork roulade and smoked knuckles. Nothing for vegans. With peppers, potatoes, rice, tomatoes, coleslaw and other vegetables. The best are the quark and poppy seed strudel for dessert.


Goose slugs and pork roulades
Goose slugs and pork roulades


Hungarians like to party

The fact that the guests are almost all Hungarians makes our visit even more exciting. We are sitting at the table with a Hungarian family. Although neither of us speaks the other's language, we enjoy ourselves royally. With hands and feet and with the help of Petar's notepad, we realize that it is a grandmother with her two daughters and son-in-law. This manages a post office in a small town. When they learn our names, they let songs sing on us. Grandma proudly shows me photos of her three grandchildren. "One from this daughter, the other two from that one." In Hungarian, of course. But her gestures are clear. It is an evening that we have not seen in a long time. Full of hospitality. With nice people. Funny and with a lot of laughter.



This is also ensured by the owner of Csárda, who invites a few guests before dessert to practice whirling. Fueled by the guests, the volunteers try to pull out the strudel dough so thinly that you can read the newspaper through it. The man succeeds better than his companion. However, she does not mind the laughter. Instead, she tries to close the holes she has torn into the thin dough. The strudel, which we then get on our dessert plate, are perfect. And just taste delicious!

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Bad Bük in Hungary
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Source: own research on site. We were invited by Hunguest Hotel Repce Gold in Bad Buk. We thank you 50Plus hotels for the organization of the trip. Our opinion remains unaffected.

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Three days in Bad Bük, one of the thermal baths in Hungary

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