Tips for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation

Tips for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation

Tips for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation

We are always looking for opportunities Excursions in Bavaria. This time we decided to spend a few days on Chiemsee. We spend a short vacation in Prien am Chiemsee. We take it to one of the places from which Herrenchiemsee Castle is easy to reach. But we want - as always on our trips and excursions - to get to know a little more about the region. With these three tips you can plan a short vacation at the Chiemsee.



Culinary tip for Prien am Chiemsee
Smoked fish plate in the Reiter fishing hut promises enjoyment with a Prien am Chiemsee vacation


A visit to a fisherman's hut is part of the Prien am Chiemsee holiday

“If already at the lake, then right”, I think to myself and look for an idea of ​​what we should do with the cool spring temperatures at Chiemsee. In doing so, I came across a brochure from the Prien tourism authority, which lists businesses that manufacture and sell the region's products themselves. “Food is always good,” I think. Especially when it comes to char and trout from the lake.

That's why I'm looking for one of these providers as a destination: the Rider fishing hutwhich is a few kilometers from Prien on the lake. To get there we have to walk a bit along the lake. So we also have our lake experience. A cozy one Hike along the banks of the Chiemsee.

What I didn't expect, however, was how atmospheric the lake looks even in high fog. Our weekend in Prien shows us the Chiemsee from a beautiful side. There is a magical atmosphere over the water as we look for our way to the fisherman's hut at the edge of the sedge belt and past jetties. At this time of year we have the lakeshore almost to ourselves. Only now and then do we meet another walker or hiker.

We are also the only guests in the fisherman's hut - with the exception of the landlords. What is served to us there surprises me. I have seldom enjoyed such freshly smoked fish. I almost think I can still feel the smoke in my mouth. How nice a visit to the Reiter family must be on a summer evening when you can sit outside at one of the beer tables.

Here you will find fishermen for your Prien am Chiemsee vacation who sell fresh sea fish:


That is a must for the Prien am Chiemsee vacation suitcase

    • Comfortable Shoes. In Prien you walk a lot.
    • forget comfortable pumps not, because in some Prien restaurants you dine in elegant surroundings.
    • A backpackin which you a picknick accomodate For longer hikes we recommend one backpack.


Promenade in Prien am Chiemsee
Promenade in Prien am Chiemsee

By boat to Herrenchiemsee Castle on our weekend in Prien

Our second destination this weekend in Prien is the island of Herrenchiemsee, on which the castle of King Ludwig II is located. We cross over with the "Siegfried", a ferry that connects Prien with the island. The crossing takes only a quarter of an hour, and then the ship already docks at King Ludwig's island paradise. The ticket counters for Herrenchiemsee Castle are just behind the boat landing stage, but cannot yet be seen from here. Signs show us the way past the old castle, which towers above us on a mountain. It says that it will take us about 15 to 20 minutes to get there.



Coach to Herrenchiemsee
We lurch with the carriage to Herrenchiemsee Castle - Slow Travel with a Prien am Chiemsee vacation


It's going to be slow on our weekend in Prien

There is a horse-drawn carriage next to it, and the driver can clearly see from me that I would rather go with him. He says: “We're going to the castle in a moment. Would you like to go with us? ”Well, I won't miss the invitation. We are the only passengers who make the way to the castle on board the carriage at the other end of the island. The horses' hooves clatter to the rhythm of their movements, sometimes slow and sedate, then faster again when the coachman lets them trot over one of the low hills.

We slowly drive past the shore zones of the island with ever new views of the Fraueninsel, a little further in the lake, with its striking church tower. Then the carriage branches off into the interior of the island and after a short distance through the forest, Ludwig II's castle appears next to us. It looks magnificent with its long facade, which is so similar to its model in Versailles. No wonder, as King Ludwig wanted to have the palace built based on the French model.

We are only allowed to visit the rooms in the castle with a guided tour, and photography or filming is not permitted there. So we look at the hall of mirrors, the king's bedroom and the “Tischlein-deck-dich” without taking photos. It's actually a shame, because the things we see are impressive.

After our tour of the castle, we treat ourselves to a cup of chocolate with cheesecake in the castle cafe before we - again with the carriage - make the way to the ferry. We pass the old castle again, which today houses a museum and an art gallery. But since it is already half past four and we have scheduled another date for our excursion day, we take the next ship back to Prien.

Information of the Chiemsee shipping


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Prienavera - tip for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation
Prienavera - tip for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation


Treat yourself to a massage in the Prienavera adventure pool

The third destination on our weekend in Prien is a detour to the Prienavera adventure pool. “What, swimming in cold spring temperatures!” You will say. No, we have something completely different in mind. We want to have our tired feet massaged. Maybe this way we can avoid the first sore muscles of the year? In any case, we have an appointment with Birgit in the wellness area of ​​the adventure pool, who is already waiting for us.

First, she explains to us which massage options are available. We opt for a foot reflexology massage, which involves pressing certain points on the foot to stimulate them and revitalize the feet. I hold my feet up to her and then she starts her work. After half an hour I almost fell asleep and she asks me if she should bring me a glass of water. I agree, enjoy the few minutes until you return and review the eventful day again.

Information about the Prienavera adventure pool


You need that for a swim in Prienavera or Chiemsee


Our weekend in Prien is coming to an end. After Petar's feet are also relaxed, we go to our hotel, the Landhotel Neuer am See *, in which we enjoy dinner before we end the day in our suite. What a beautiful day!

numerous ideas, what you can do with children in Prien and the surrounding area, you can find at traveling with child.


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Prien am Chiemsee vacation
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Tips for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation
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