Freshly smoked trout and char from the Chiemsee fisherman

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Chiemsee fish eat at the Chiemsee fishermen

Eating Chiemsee fish at a Chiemsee fisherman is something that connoisseurs will enjoy with theirs Chiemsee vacation not to be missed. We taste trout and char in a fisherman's hut directly on the Chiemsee in Bavaria. To do this, we spend a day in Prien at the Chiemsee and make - despite the rather cool spring weather - one Hike along the lake promenade along. We're leaving ours Hotel at the Chiemsee. Our path goes past horse paddocks and sedge that is repeatedly broken by jetties that lead out into the lake.

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There is high fog over the lake, which gives the scenery a very special charm. Ducks, geese, coots and now and then a swan romp about in the lake, proudly stretching its plumage. There is a silence over the lake that doesn't seem to have really woken up from hibernation at the beginning of April. We only meet other hikers now and then. We have the lake almost to ourselves.


Reed belt
Ried belt near the Chiemsee Fischer


Fish hut rider

The aim of our walk is the Reiter fish hut, which is located in the moor regions directly on the lake. It is only separated from the lake by a few trees and the sedge belt. A sign announcing the local Wieninger beer tells us that the hut is open from 12.00 noon on weekends in winter. We use the waiting time to take a few photos of the wooden hut from the outside. It just looks like it is standing there on the black moorland.


Fischhütte Reiter - Chiemsee Eating fish
Chiemsee fish eat in the fish hut Reiter


Eating fish at the Chiemsee

Smoke rises from the chimney of the hut. Therefore we know that we are the fishermen's products Chiemgau from the house's smokehouse. The selection is not large, but slow food in Bavarian. Smoked fish and other fish dishes are the most important thing on the menu. But non-fish lovers can also get one snack made from wiener, cheese, bacon or chimney root, if you wish. However, we want to taste trout, salmon trout and char from the Chiemsee. It is also freshly smoked.


In the Reiter fish hut
In the Reiter fish hut


Cozy fisherman's hut

I didn't expect that after our tour around the simple hut: inside the hut is lovingly furnished in a country house style with a lot of taste. Blue and white, Bavarian-inspired cotton curtains, pillow cases and tablecloths adorn the wooden furniture. Old jugs with fresh flowers and lanterns with pillar candles in them also create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room.


Lovingly decorated - eat fish at the Chiemsee
Lovingly decorated - eat fish at a Chiemsee fisherman


Freshly smoked - trout, salmon trout and char

We look at the menu and quickly decide on the smoked fish plate. This promises a selection of Chiemsee fish from our own smokehouse. When asked, the landlady explains to me in the most beautiful Upper Bavarian language that today she can offer trout, salmon trout and char. Of course we have to taste that. In the meantime, she brings us a freshly tapped beer and a cool Spezi while we wait for our fish plates.


Culinary tip for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation
Smoked fish plate in the Fischerhütte Reiter, a Chiemsee fisherman near Prien


Finally, we enjoy our fish selection with rye bread and white bread. Fresh salmon trout, smoked trout and char, these are the smoked fish that Frau Reiter serves us with vegetable jelly, butter and a slice of orange. The taste of the smoke is still on my tongue. In any case, it is worth taking a break in this cabin on the lake. An experience that offers an insight into regional specialties fresh from the producer.

We are still here in the cool season, but I can well imagine that such a fish meal tastes even on a warm summer evening. Reason enough to come back, right? Another proposal for a Alpine panorama Tour through the Chiemgau with great views of the Chiemgau Alps we introduce here.

You can find the Fischerhütte Reiter here:

Chiemsee fishery Michael Reiter
Carp path 5
83209 Prien a.Chiemsee


Where can I buy Chiemsee fish

Typical species of fish that the Chiemsee fishermen catch are whitefish, bream, eel, lake char, lake trout, perch, pike and zander. The most popular food fish is the Chiemsee whitefish. You can buy these freshly caught from the fisherman. They are served smoked, baked, in a fish roll or – best of all – as a fish stick. In the restaurants you can get them as matjes or as a finely prepared fish dish. You can buy Chiemsee fish from various fishermen on the lake. The Reiter family is just one of them. You can find more fish shops, fish restaurants and fishermen here:

  • To Fischer am See · Harrasser Str. 145 · 83209 Prien am Chiemsee
  • Chiemsee fishery Joseph and Maria Wörndl, Fraueninsel 34, 83256 Chiemsee
  • Pollfischer beer garden, Frauenchiemsee house no. 2a, 83256 Chiemsee
  • Master fisherman Hans Stephan, Greamandlweg 16, 83209 Prien am Chiemsee
  • Thomafischer Chiemseefischerei, Markstatt 10, 83339 Chieming am Chiemsee
  • Master fisherman Franz Minisini-Gürtlerfischer, Fraueninsel 5, 83256 Chiemsee
  • Chiemseefischerei Stephan, Alte Rathausstr. 31 b, 83209 Prien a. Chiemsee
  • Fishery Florian and Miriam Kirchmeier, Traunsteiner Str. 2, 83358 Seeon-Seebruck
  • Fishery Martin Kreuz, Baumgarten 28, 83236 Übersee
  • Him Winkelfischer, Forellenweg 28, 83209 Prien a.Chiemsee
  • Master fishermen Thomas and Florian Lex – Wicklhütte, Frauenchiemsee 31, 83256 Chiemsee
  • Fishery Martin Dinzl, house 22, 83256 Chiemsee (Fraueninsel and Herreninsel)
  • Restaurant Fishing Minholz Bernau-Felden, Birkenalle 48, 83233 Bernau a.Chiemsee
  • Braxei's Fischhütte Bernau-Felden, Birkenallee 43, 83233 Bernau a.Chiemsee
  • Fish shop Fishing Minholz, Birkenallee 48, 83233 Bernau a.Chiemsee



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Chiemsee fisherman
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Freshly smoked trout and char from the Chiemsee fisherman

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