Museum Lübbenau - a tour

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The Museum Lübbenau in the Spreewald

We were particularly impressed with our journey through the Spreewald the Museum Lübbenau. This was one of the attractions we visited during our three days in the Spreewald. We had no idea what to expect there. We were all the more surprised by what was worn there. The Spreewald Museum is located in the gatehouse on the Topfmarkt, one of the squares in the center of the small town on the Spree. The building used to be the town hall, district court, police station and even a prison before it became a museum. We are here on the museum's day off. So we have the rooms to ourselves and are guided by the curator through the exhibitions. A stroke of luck, as it turns out, she knows very well in the history of the place. And that's interesting.



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Overview of life in Lübbenau in a set box - an exhibit in the Museum Lübbenau


A tour of the Museum Lübbenau

In a type of case, the Museum Lübbenau presents exhibits at the entrance, the perspectives of small town life in Brandenburg of the past hundred years. There are not only objects that reflect the private life of the residents, but also objects that illustrate how and what you lived on, and others that represent the economic development of the area.

In the next room, Erich Honecker's voice rings out to us from a film from the GDR era, which runs here constantly and reminds visitors of the times before the Wall came down. "Not every visitor likes that," explains the curator. "But that is just as much a part of our history as what we will see in the next rooms." For us, this is a piece of contemporary history, since our first contact with life in the GDR only took place when it no longer existed . "Visitors from eastern Germany no longer want to be confronted with this," she tells us and leads us into the next room.

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This shop sells everything from coffee to dishes
This shop has everything from coffee to crockery - in the Museum Lübbenau



A travelguide

Spreewald travel guide
You should have this travel guide from Michael Müller Verlag with you for a trip or an excursion to the region. The author Peggy Leiverkus not only shows excursion destinations in the Lower and Upper Spreewald. What I particularly like is that she also deals with the peculiarities of the Spreewald. She presents the culture of the Sorbs and Wends as well as the specialties from the Spreewald cuisine and the history of the region. She also recommends a trip to Cottbus. Part of the travel guide also gives tour and excursion tips for hikers, cyclists, canoeists and ice skaters. You will find the right activity for every season.

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Wine came from Hungary


This is how the people of Lübbenau lived a hundred years ago

Here we enter the lives of the people from Lübbenau in the past 100 years. "We tried to put things together that illustrate life in the days before that," reports the curator. One of them is a shop interior that shows what there was to buy in those days. While oranges, lemons, apples, grapes, carrots and cheese are on the counter, there are pots, coffee and even a trolley on the shelf behind them. A corner shop where you can get everything that went over the counter at the time.


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Three generations of furriers in the Museum Lübbenau


A furrier

In the next room we finally enter the original workshop of a master furrier, whose fur coats and fur jackets seem to be waiting for buyers. On the walls hang the skins of foxes and fur animals, which are apparently waiting to be processed. And above the counter a sign promises “Only quality goods despite the lowest prices”. Over the door are the photos of members of the furrier family who apparently had operated the business for generations.


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Here shoes were made


How shoes were made, we can also visit in the workshop. The shoe models are neatly lined up on a shelf in front of which the cobbler seems to be getting ready for a new pair of shoes.


The pretty traditional costumes of the Sorbs in the Spreewald Museum Lübbenau
The pretty costumes of the Sorbs in the Museum Lübbenau


Sorbian costumes in the Museum Lübbenau

In a showcase we see the costumes of the Sorbs, the Slavs, who have settled in the Spreewald. Beautifully embroidered top aprons, bows and ribbons with floral, stripe or lace patterns decorate the women of the Sorbs on holiday days. In the same room there is a cupboard containing the dowry of a bride: blankets, tablecloths, blankets, pillowcases, hand and tea towels, and more.


The Lübbenau beer mark Spreewald Museum Lübbenau
The Lübbenauer Bierzeichen in the Dorfgasthof


Beer brewer in the Museum Lübbenau

From here we enter the public life of Lübbenau: im Dorfgasthof We also learn about the types of beer that were served there, and over the counter hangs a Lübbenauer beer sign made of wood, on which a fish and flowers are displayed. In the corner is a metal stove, which was once the showpiece of a flat or pub in this small town in the Spreewald.


The train in the Spreewald Museum Lübbenau
The train of the old Spreewald Railway ends in the Museum Lübbenau


The locomotive of the Spreewald Railway, which once connected Berlin to the Spreewald, finally found its last stop in the outbuilding. If you want, you can have a look at the engine driver's control panels inside, or sit on one of the wooden benches where the passengers were transported over the tracks.


If you are interested in the history of the region and its people, you will definitely get a good insight into life in this area during the last 100 years when visiting the Spreewald Museum in Lübbenau. We think it's worth a visit.

Spreewald Museum Lübbenau
Pot market 12
03222 Luebbenau
Tel 03542 / 2472

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Museum Lübbenau - a tour
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