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Ottawa Food Tour

On an Ottawa Food Tour you will experience the city from its culinary side. Good food in Ottawa is definitely varied. Ottawa's Byward Market is just steps away from Parliament Hill, the powerhouse of Canada. Parliamentarians like to come here during their lunch break. But the market in the lower town is also popular with tourists in Ottawa. Here you can make a culinary stop on your city tour. Most of them stroll through the market halls in the center of the market. There, traders sell their goods to their customers over the counter. Appetizing sandwiches, fresh fruit and vegetables, imaginatively prepared salads, fresh fruit juice drinks and smoothies, fragrant breads and cakes fresh from the oven. A paradise for everyone who likes to eat well.



The delicacies are simply eaten while strolling through the market or in one of the cafés. They usually set up their tables outdoors. However, you need luck to snag one of these. The rush to the market is great. In front of the halls, farmers from the area tout their freshly harvested fruit and vegetables as well as fresh flowers, which seem to attract the eyes – and cameras – of passers-by. There is a hustle and bustle at the Ottawa market.


Courtyard Restaurant & Ottawa Food Tour at Byward Market
Tips for Foodies in Ottawa - Courtyard Restaurant & Byward Market


Ottawa Food Tour for gourmets at Byward Market

However, if you are looking for spices, fruits, all kinds of cheeses, tea blends or Italian noodles or types of salami, you are well advised to look around in the small shops at Byward Market in Ottawa. From the outside, these look rather inconspicuous. However, if you open their doors and browse through what they have to offer, there are many interesting things to discover.


Goat Cheese on an Ottawa Food Tour
Goat Cheese on our Ottawa Food Tour


Good Food in Ottawa - Cheeses, Teas and Spices on an Ottawa Food Tour

For example, there is the cheese shop. Here you can buy cheeses from the farms around Ottawa as well as those from all over Canada. We even discover cheeses from the great cheese nations of the world. In the next shop, the door opens to a paradise for everyone who likes exotic spices. Here you will find spices from India, Arabia, from the Spice Islands as well as from Africa. You discover the smells of the world. Ottawa's gourmet chefs know this, too. They like coming here. Here they order spices that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.



If you ask the owner about exotic spice mixtures, he knows almost all of them. If not, he pulls out all the stops until he has found the most unusual spice mixture. His customers are important to him. A visit to the tea shop is also interesting. Its owner is from Germany. She sells tea blends such as John Lemmon, Berry White or Red Zeppelin Tea. Reason enough to get involved in a tea tasting.


Adventurous tea blends on an Ottawa Food Tour
We discover adventurous tea blends on our Ottawa Food Tour


Food Tour in Ottawa at Byward Market

If you want to get to know the Byward Market in Ottawa with gourmets, you can do so on a food tour with C'est Bon Cooking. Paola, our guide, shows us backyards with cobblestones. There I almost expect a horse-drawn carriage to turn the corner. She also introduces us to chefs who let us taste their delicacies.


John Lemmon Tea at the Byward Market in Ottawa
John Lemmon Tea at Byward Market on our Ottawa Food Tour


The Courtyard Restaurant cooks according to the principles of fusion cuisine. We also get to know the owners of small shops around the Byward Market. These give us a glimpse of their stores. We find out where they get their goods from. There is always something to taste. A bite of cheese here, a cup of tea there. In the next shop an extra hot spice. This finally makes us long for Italian baguette. We want to soothe our burning throats again. Finally, let's do like President Obama. We conclude our shopping spree through the Ottawa market with Beavertails. It's a puff pastry invented at the Byward Market.




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Ottawa Food Tour
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Ottawa Food Tour - Good food in Ottawa

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  1. Oh Ottawa, we felt very well and that was also because of the food. I remember that one day we had great breakfasts. In a big industrial hall. From the outside totally inconspicuous and rather uninviting, from the inside super cool and the breakfast was awesome, they baked everything themselves. After a visit to the museum (that was great) we are then, as you to the Byward Market. And I have to agree with you: this is a great place. So from my own experience, yes, Ottawa is really a great foodie place and I can only sign your tips.

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    1. Dear Nicole,

      We are big fans of Ottawa and have been there many times. The proximity to Quebec may make sure that you can eat there so well. The French-Canadian influence is noticeable in the kitchens of the city.

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  2. Such markets are totally my thing. The variety, the smells in the air, I just love food markets. Did you write the article exactly for me? It is already a bit far away from me, but definitely a reason to stop by there.


    1. Dear Victoria,

      These markets are an experience all over the world. Not just for the food, but also for the people you meet there.

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    that sounds very exciting. I would definitely head straight for the cheese shop and the adjacent spice shop !! I love cheese and spices :)

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