Discover Lake Bled Slovenia in two days

The Bled lake

Lake Bled in Slovenia

Discover Europe while traveling – that includes Slovenia. Visit Bled and Bled Old Town on Lake Bled in Slovenia. We looked at the city, the lake in Slovenia and the surrounding area for two days.



Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia

We already knew before we arrived that Bled on Lake Bled is a beautiful place. No wonder! adorns himself Slovenia but almost every advertising brochure with photos of the beautiful surroundings of Bled. Don't overdo it. Lake Bled is just as beautiful as we know it from photos. Bled is a place for Slow Traveler. Even if the place is the destination of bus tours and day trippers even in summer and consists almost exclusively of hotels. Lake Bled and its surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful. We love the view of the lake from the balcony of our hotel. We stay in Hotel Rikli Balance*which lies on a hill in the upper part of the city.

Best travel time for Lake Bled

The best travel time for Lake Bled is therefore spring and spring Autumn. In the low season you will experience quiet days at the lake. We were there in late summer after summer vacation. So we could really enjoy the lake.


Book your hotel in Bled Slovenija here* 

These are the five best hotels in Bled Slovenia:

Hotel Vila Bled* – A dream hotel in a historic villa with a breathtaking view of the lake. It's a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area.

The Grand Hotel Toplice * – A luxurious hotel with a world-class spa and a private beach on the lake.

Hotel Triglav Bled* – This cozy hotel offers spacious rooms and stunning views of the lake and mountains.

The Hotel Park * – A modern hotel with a beautiful garden and a private beach on the lake.

Hotel Astoria Bled* – A charming hotel in the heart of Bled, just a few steps from the lake.


Slovenia Bled Lake

The first hours after arrival we enjoy from our balcony. We watch the sun as it sinks behind the mountains. We observe the boats that are on the lake. Most are rowing boats, which transport visitors across the lake. Even from up here we can watch the oarsmen propel the boats with steady rudders. There is something reassuring about watching them, something nostalgic.



Bled Slovenia and its old town on Lake Bled
Bled Slovenia and its old town on Lake Bled

Lake Bled, one of Slovenia's most beautiful lakes

Bled is located on Lake Bled below the Julian Alps. The place is not far from the Austrian-Slovenian border. This means that the place can be reached quickly and easily from both Bavaria and Austria. In addition, Slovenia's highest mountain, Triglav, is not far away. The sun was shining during our stay. So we can see him well behind the mountains. We need for the arrival of Ljubljana about an hour by car. There is also the airport that is closest to Bled.

“Many visitors only make a stopover at Lake Bled. She is drawn to the Adriatic Sea as quickly as possible,” explains Erika Marolt from the Sava Hotels. Despite its surroundings, the place struggles to fill its hotels. It's difficult for us to understand. Because the place and its surroundings immediately cast a spell over us. What we experience in the one and a half days at Lake Bled Slovenia, we present to you here:



Bled Castle
Bled Castle

Located deep in the heart of Europe, Lake Bled is an idyllic escape. With crystal clear waters and scenic peaks, this hidden gem offers a wealth of activities for explorers. From exploring expansive hiking trails to picnicking on golden meadows, there are many ways to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the wonders of Lake Bled.

Bled sights

  • Enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake

When exploring the shores of Lake Bled, be sure to enjoy the stunning views from one of the many viewpoints. Get up close to the aquamarine water and admire the beautiful mountain scenery. Enjoy this special moment and immerse yourself in nature - marvel at its beauty and tranquility!

  • Bled Castle

Bled Castle is perched on a rocky outcrop above the lake. We leave our car in the parking lot below the castle. There we join the caravan of visitors going up the steep slope in front of us. High heels are out of place here. Because the path is paved with pebbles. I even find it difficult to walk in my hiking boots. If you wear shoes with heels, you can hardly get up the mountain.

Nevertheless, the climb is worth it. From the top you have a view of Lake Bled, the city on one side and the island on the other. The castle from the Middle Ages now houses a museum about the history of the region. We look at it, but it quickly pulls us back out into the sun. The view of the lake and the mountains of Triglav are breathtaking from above.

Bled castle

Grajska cesta
4260 Bled

Admission to Bled Castle:

Adults EUR 13,00
Students EUR 8,50
Children up to and including 14 years 5,00 EUR

Parking at Bled Castle:

You can drive your car to the parking lot under the castle. There is also the bus parking lot. Parking fees are EUR 3,00 for a parking period of up to 2 hours.

Bled Castle opening hours:

May - September: daily 8.00 a.m. - 20.00 p.m
January - April and October - December: daily 8.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m


Church on the island in Lake Bled
Church on the island in Bled lake
  • The island of Blejski Otok

Slovenia's only island is in Lake Bled. St. Mary's Church is located on Blejski Otok, which is a popular lakeside destination. Wooden boats sail from the lake shore across to the island. The pletnas resemble the boats we see in the Salzkammergut know. There they are called plates. Archaeological sites from the Early and High Middle Ages can also be found on the island.

Pletna boats wait for their passengers in the spa park, below the Hotel Park, in Mlini and in Velika Zaka. In total there are 23 pletna boats on Lake Bled. Each of these boats can accommodate 18 passengers. The pletnar - that's the name of the boatman - steers the boat with a special technique. He moves the boat forward while standing with two oars. Pletnarji are highly respected. When Empress Maria Theresa ruled here, she gave the rights to operate such boats to farmers whose land was not good enough to live on. Since then, this profession has been passed on within families.


Grimschitz Castle on Lake Bled
Grimschitz Castle on Lake Bled on the left in the picture
  • Grimschitz Castle

Between the two world wars, Lake Bled was Slovenia's most sophisticated health resort. The royal family Karadjordjević also had their summer residence here. In the summer months, the place was the scene of numerous visits from politics and diplomacy from all over the world. After 1945, Slovenia nationalized these institutions. From then on, Grimschitz Castle served as the summer residence of President Tito. Bled's importance as a host to politicians, statesmen and artists continued. Today Grimschitz Castle is Bled's finest hotel. Today, as Vila Bled, it accommodates guests who like to stay in luxury. The view of the lake from the hotel's terrace is also beautiful.

  • Bled old town

In the old town of Bled you will find many hotels and guesthouses. These make the place a place to stay overnight. However, there are no major sights there. Bled is also where most of the restaurants on Lake Bled are located. You can go for a walk along the lake on the lakeside promenade.

  • Bled hiking – circular hiking trail around Lake Bled

You can hike around the lake on a six-kilometer circular hiking trail. The path is paved. Therefore, it can also be used with a stroller. If you have trouble walking, you can always find a bench to rest on along the way. There are also cafés and bathing spots distributed around the lake. If you are looking for vantage points, there are several of them on the lake.

How long does it take to walk around Lake Bled?

The circular route around the lake is six kilometers long. This takes about 1 - 1,5 hours, depending on how often you stop to enjoy the view. The path is easy to walk.

  • Explore the wooded trails.

Take a leisurely stroll or brisk hike along the forested trails of Lake Bled. As you hike, you will spot some wildlife along the way, including deer, birds, and foxes. The trails that line the lake offer spectacular views of the nearby mountains and the calm waters below. So grab your camera and explore an unspoilt corner of Europe!

    • Mala Osojnica If you are good on foot and don't mind steep, rocky, narrow and sometimes slippery paths, you can climb this path to this vantage point. Good footwear is essential.
    • Velica Osojnica You can reach this vantage point in two ways: the steeper and more difficult one starts at the campsite. You can return via the stairs, but they are also demanding. Definitely worth the view.
    • An oyster From the road, the ascent takes about 25 minutes. The path is rocky and not recommended for children or people with walking difficulties. The last piece is secured with a rope. However, the view of the lake is worth the effort.
    • The Heart of Bled (Heart of Bled) A photo motif for selfies is the red heart on the lake shore. The views of Lake Bled, the island, the church and the castle are worth a stop. We are not selfie fans. Nevertheless, a stop is worthwhile because the view is very nice.
    • Views from the castle There are also good views of Lake Bled from Bled Castle. From above you can see the island, Grimschitz Castle and the old town of Bled.


  • Dive into the crystal clear lake

The azure hue of Lake Bled offers the ultimate retreat for sunbathers and swimmers alike. The breathtakingly clear waters put even some of the clearest lakes in Europe to shame, ideal for a refreshing dip or soaking up the sun in the summer heat. With no shark nets or busy crowds, dive (or jump!) into the lake and take a well-deserved break from reality.

  • Discover native wildlife, including rare birds and fish.

Lake Bled is home to a wide variety of native bird and fish species. Keep an eye out for rare marsh birds like the redshank, which have found refuge in the shallow waters around the lake. Besides rare birds, Lake Bled also has a unique species of freshwater fish called Bleac Dace, which can only be found on this particular lake! So if you're looking for a chance to spot some truly unique wildlife, there's no better place than Lake Bled.



The lobby of the Grand Hotel Toplice
The lobby of the Grand Hotel Toplice on Lake Bled

Hotel in Bled for connoisseurs – Discover your Bled accommodation here

  • Bled Hoteli at Lake Bled for connoisseurs you find here

This 5-star hotel is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It is right on the lake shore.:

Grand Hotel Toplice *
Cesta Svobode 12
4260 Bled


Hotels on the shore of Bled Jezero Lake


  • Tito's villa in Bled town

When Bled in Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia, Villa Bled served as the summer residence of President Tito. The villa is located just outside the town of Bled. Today it is used as a hotel. We make a flying visit to the park. The building is more reminiscent of a mansion than a hotel. The park in which it is located only reinforces this impression. The view of the lake from the park is magnificent. For this reason alone, a detour to the end of the lake from the old town of Bled is worthwhile.

Vila Bled *
Cesta svobode 26
4260 Bled


Camping Bled for Bled Camping

You can camp by the lake in Slovenia at Lake Bled motorhome stopover


cream cakes
Bled Kremsnita

Take a lunch break in one of the quiet restaurants on Lake Bled.

There is no better way to enjoy the incredible scenery of Lake Bled than stopping for lunch at one of the many tranquil restaurants. Whether you prefer a classic Czech restaurant or a cozy little bistro with freshly caught fish dishes, Lake Bled definitely has something to offer for every taste! Enjoy your meal and get ready for more exciting adventures around the lake.

Restaurants in Bled Slovenia

  • Try the original cream cakes in Bled Old Town

In the old town of Bled we look for a seat in the beach café of the Hotel Park. Here, for example, there are the original cream cakes from Bled. You can find them in almost every pastry shop and café in Slovenia. However, nowhere does it taste as good as here, where it was invented. Today it even belongs to the specialties of Slovenia. Since its invention in 1953, Hotel Park's pastry chefs have set a record. They have produced more than 12 million of the cakes so far. We'll try one of the pastries before continuing to the castle.

Hotel Park*
Cesta Svobode 15
4260 Bled


You can also eat well in the

Grand Hotel Toplice *
Cesta Svobode 12
4260 Bled

It is the last evening of ours Travel through Slovenia. That's why we treat ourselves to a dinner at the Grand Hotel on Lake Bled for the evening. That is Pure enjoyment in Slovenia. The Grand Hotel Toplice looks back on a long history. Kings, politicians and stars have stayed here. Today it is definitely the most elegant hotel in Bled. It belongs to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and is located directly on the shore of the lake. It's still popular with those who can afford to stay overnight. Today, however, most come for the hot springs and golfing opportunities offered by the hotel.

We are here to learn Chef Bertoncelj's cooking skills. He is among the elite of Slovenian culinary artists. We therefore visit his restaurant Julijana, where we eat with a view of the lake. After Amuse Guele appetizers, there's a salad with salmon pralines, pumpkin soup, meats with vegetables and pea puree. At the end we get a fruit mousse as a highlight.

Or treat yourself to a meal at

Restaurant at Bled Castle
Grajska cesta 61
4260 Bled
Tel. +386 4 620 34 44

A reservation is definitely recommended.

Castle on Lake Bled
Bled Castle towers over Bled's old town


Questions and answers about Lake Bled and Lake Bled

Is Bled beautiful?

Bled and Lake Bled are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. The reason for this is certainly the grandiose landscape in which the lake and the city are located. In summer, Bled Slovenia attracts countless day trippers and bus tourists. We were there in the fall. In the off-season there is less hustle and you can also find places that are quieter.

Blejsko Jezero – What's Bled in German?

Bled Slovenia is the place on Lake Bled. The German name is Veldes or Feldes. This means that Lake Bled is also known as Lake Veldes. In Slovenian it is called Bled Jezero or Blejsko jezero.

Can you swim in Bled?

Yes, that is possible. The water temperature of Lake Bled is around 25°C in summer. There is a swimming pool and several beaches on the lake where this is possible. Some hotels also offer private beaches. Detailed info can be found here.

Can you shop in Bled?

Bled Slovenia is too small for a shopping mile. There are a few shops, but you won't find any boutiques or a shopping mile. In the souvenir shops you will find handicrafts from Slovenia. These are, for example, bobbin lace, crystal glass from Rogaška, wood carvings, pottery and wines and brandies from Slovenia.

How to get to the island of Bled?

From the lake shore, the pletna boats, which are typical for Bled, take their passengers across the lake to the island of Blejski Otok.

Where and how high is Lake Bled? How long does it take to drive from Ljubljana to Bled?

The lake is at an altitude of 475 meters inland Slovenia and is about an hour's drive from Ljubljana removed. It is a good 26 kilometers to the border with Austria via the autobahn.

How deep is Lake Bled?

Lake Bled is 31 meters deep.

Does Bled have a train station?

Bled Slovenia can also be reached by train. Bled railway station is on the railway line connecting Villach with Koper (Slovenia) or Gorizia (Italy). It is about one and a half kilometers to the city center. You can get there either on foot, by taxi or by tourist train.

Lakes in Slovenia

There are other lakes in Slovenia that are worth visiting. This includes:

  • Lake Bohinj
  • The Triglaver Lakes
  • The Lorenz Lakes
  • The Plansar lake
  • The seeping lakes of Pivka


You need this for a stay


Bled destinations

Places around Lake Bled that are worth visiting


Tips from travel bloggers for Lake Bled

Travel Arrangements:

Arrival to Lake Bled

Arrival by plane, bus or train*. By car you can reach the Bled old town of Munich in three hours 45 minutes (without traffic). It takes about two and a half hours from Salzburg and about four hours from Vienna. The nearest airport is Ljubljana.

Car Rentals:

Rent a car - book quickly and easily!

Hotels on Lake Bled:

Accommodations in and around Bled * you can also book through our partner





Discover Bled Slovenia and its old town on Lake Bled
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Discover Lake Bled Slovenia in two days

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