Culinary travel - How does it Work?

Erich Pucher cooks in the Lambrechterhof

The culinary journeys are in

Culinary travel is the trend. These are not just pleasure trips or gourmet trips. Culinary travel is Slow Travel ultimate. Slow traveler want to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of their travel destinations, you also want to take a look behind the scenes. Let's go! Pack your suitcase and let's go Travel for connoisseurs. This type of pleasure trip includes wine trips to Austria as well as a beer trip around the world. This also includes an overnight stay in a gourmet hotel. Exploring Tuscany and Italy from a culinary point of view on a wine tour gives you an insight into local life. On a gourmet cruise or a gourmet tour, a star chef provides highlights for the palate. But it's not just package tours that bring you closer to the culinary delights of a travel destination. A gourmet tour on your own does just as much as a culinary trip. A culinary vacation is sustainable Travel with pleasure.


Restaurants and cafes in Ljubljana on the riverside - culinary trips in Slovenia
Enjoy riverside restaurants and cafes in Ljubljana - a way of culinary travel

Travelers like to enjoy

The Food Travel Monitor 2020 by the World Food Travel Association shows that 53% of holiday travelers are considered pleasure travelers. Food and drinks are more important for almost two thirds of travelers today than they were five years ago. Those who go on culinary journeys are also interested in other activities. They usually stay longer and spend more. Millennials are interested in food while traveling. Generation Z is developing into super foodies. Those who take a wine tour are also interested in beer and other drinks. And something else. Pleasure travelers travel sustainably. Traveling locally and authentically plays a role for them.


Erich Pucher cooks in the Lamberechhof - pleasure trips in gourmet hotels
Culinary trips to the gourmet hotel - award-winning chef Erich Pucher cooks in the Lamberechhof


Culinary travel means experiencing food on vacation

Experiences that are experienced individually make culinary trips interesting. Why not travel to a chef in a gourmet hotel Gourmet evenings offers? It doesn't have to be a beer trip around the world. What do you think of a weekend with a visit to a brewery. Maybe this offers an experience gastronomy? Or a wine tour on which you with a winegrower? Pleasure trips can have many faces. Maybe you fancy a gourmet cruise? They are on board a barge through the canals in southern France. An experience that will be remembered.

Special experiences are guaranteed when you meet locals on your pleasure trip. There are now more and more offers for this in Germany and Austria. You can have castle owners explain life in a castle to you. A beer sommelier explains, which beers go with which dishes. Let yourself be shown in an Italian monastery how the nuns lived there. Of course, a look into the monastery kitchen should not be missing. Or you go on a herb hunt with a monk. There are many ways to enjoy food while on vacation. Not only when visiting a restaurant.


Wine trip with overnight stay in the vineyard
Wine trip with overnight stay in the vineyard


This is how a wine tour becomes a culinary journey

If you want to experience wine, there are many options. You can explore a wine region by choosing one Road trip on a wine route do. If your culinary journey is to be sustainable, try the wines of a region in a hotel in the middle of the vineyards. This is best when in the area Wine Experiences to offer. This quickly turns a weekend getaway into a wine weekend. A picnic in the vineyards is nice. A culinary journey goes well with Wine tastings make it a pleasure experience. And if the wine tour is supposed to be something special? Then you look for wine experiences in beautifully situated wineries . held

Wine experiences with winemakers and in Wine Regions are something special. Here, too, there are offers that allow you to take a look behind the scenes. Maybe you can even help out with work. What do you think of a vacation at a winery? During the day you hike through the vineyards. In the evening you rest in a winegrower's room after a dinner where house wines are compulsory. Are you interested in other drinks? What do you think of learning more about sea buckthorn and its properties?


Kelly Woodward from Miami Food Tours - a great way to experience pleasure trips
Kelly Woodward from Miami Food Tours


Food trips are Active Trips

Discovering a country or a city in culinary terms often means getting to know its people. This can be the case, when you visit a cheese producer, who manufactures specialty cheese like his family has done for centuries. In cities you have the opportunity to participate in food tours. These are interesting, if you are looking for restaurants, where the locals eat. We like to book food tours, when we are not familiar with the culinary specialties of a region. They give us an insight into the local cuisine on our food trips.

There is one thing that culinary trips are not: boring trips. With a little planning, you can create a vacation where you will come home with experiences and insights that you did not previously suspect how exciting they are. Get to know the local people. Get involved in their way of life. This creates experiences that remain unforgettable. Regardless of whether you are exploring your travel destination in a gourmet hotel or on a gourmet cruise, or whether you are exploring the area around your holiday destination on your own, there are offers for every taste. Be inventive and approach your hosts. You will see, it is fun to immerse yourself in a strange way of life.


Culinary travel is fun on a wine tour through Hesse - pleasure travel par excellence
There are specialties at the picnic in the vineyard


Go on a Journey of Discovery

It is very exciting to put a motto on your culinary journey. You can even do that at home. We were in Burgenland on the way in the footsteps of the Christmas goose. During the trip we bought ingredients for a feast. We cooked this in a restaurant at the end of the trip. Why not get to the bottom of the specialties in Germany? We did that on one culinary country tour through Hessen. We visited producers. They showed us how they make their products.


Festively laid table on the Arosa Luna - wine tour
Festive table


Enjoy a Gourmet Cruise

We have never had a gourmet cruise before. Instead, we spent one evening on a river cruise on the Rhone with a gourmet dinner. The food was served on a table with a view of the river. It wasn't just the food that was a pleasure. The view of the landscape along the Rhone contributed to the enjoyment of this evening in France. There are also cruises in which gourmet food plays the main role. There is one on the Danube or the Moselle. Both rivers cross wine regions. So what could be better than turning a culinary journey into a delightful experience. Trips to savor are perfect for this.


Petar learns to cook from Thomas Hüttl culinary travel
Petar learns cooking under the direction of Thomas Hüttl


Why not travel to a Chef?

Have you ever thought about traveling to see a chef? What's better than learning from the experts? We have done this several times on our pleasure trips. In Vienna we learned how to cook in a cooking class Waldviertel specialties cooks. in the Gailtal in Carinthia we learned how to knead pasta. We made a soup from herbs that we collected earlier. There was also a herb menu from the show kitchen in a gourmet hotel. There are many places where you can take cooking classes. Hotels definitely offer these again and again. There are also offers for this in gourmet regions. It is therefore worth keeping an eye out for.


Culinary travel means buying regional specialties
Culinary travel means buying specialties


Food Specialties are Souvenirs

Culinary travel also means looking for specialties. market visits, Shopping spree specialty shops and visits to Hofläden or court cafes and producers are part of every pleasure trip. In some food destinations, even visits to supermarkets are exciting. I am thinking of Newfoundland, where we are Kabeljaubäckchen discovered. Souvenirs, which we bring home from these visits, let us relive the experiences in our kitchen. We therefore enjoy it between our tours Recipes to try out that we bring with us from pleasure trips.


Wine Princess, Landsknecht and Councilor - Wine Tour Culinary Travel
Wine princess, lansquenet and councilor squeeze grapes at the Volkach Wine Festival


Wine, Beer or Street Food Festivals

Wine tours in Germany don't just mean a wine tour Mosel, Rhine, Danube or Hair to explore. Wine regions offer even more culinary travel experiences. Food and wine festivals are everywhere. A visit is suitable both for a weekend trip and as part of a wine tour wine tasting. We asked wine travel bloggers from around the world which ones wine festivals They recommend. But it is often worth taking a look at the daily newspaper. There you will find references to beer festivals or street food festivals. If you combine a wine tasting on the Moselle with an overnight stay in a gourmet hotel or Bed and Breakfast, it quickly turns into a culinary journey that is fondly remembered. Or go on a search for the specialties on site.

Conclusion: Culinary Trips are Exciting and Varied

These are just a few of the ways in which you can travel culinary. There are other options. What do you think of a music festival where specialties are offered? Have you ever cooked with wild herbs? Or dined at a local's home? It is exciting to find out how to combine food and drinks. Have you ever visited a farm to learn more about sustainability? There are even museums dedicated to food and everything related to it.

We agree with our pleasure blogger friend Laura von Savored Journeys to when she declares: Why I Travel For Food and You Should Too. Culinary travel is definitely fun.


Gourmet tours around the world - wine tours
Click on the photo and make a note of “pleasure trips all over the world” on Pinterest


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Culinary travel - How does it Work?

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  1. Culinary and enjoyable trips and vacations let you experience the regional specialties particularly well! A nice article with a lot of atmosphere! LG, Hermann Paschinger

    1. Dear Hermann,

      I am very happy if you like the article. I fully agree with you. On culinary trips you get direct access to the local people and experience a region intensely.


  2. Dear Ones, you speak to me from the soul. I also travel relaxed and preferably with the family. We love to immerse ourselves in the culture of a region and a country when traveling, and that is why eating is a must. I think that regional food and recipes provide a lot of information about the country and its people, and I often associate a country and a region with this taste after the trip ... what wine, what ingredients, how it is prepared ... that too a lot to do with wellbeing.
    Best regards,

    1. Dear Tanja,

      What we like about culinary travel in addition to access to regional culture and good food and drink is that you often come into closer contact with the local people. We have made a lot of nice acquaintances in this way that we would never have met without this type of travel. Food Travel is also a sustainable way of traveling, because this type of tourism gives the local population something of the travelers who visit their region. Provided that appropriate options are offered.

      Best regards,
      Monika & Petar

    1. Dear Antje,

      we totally agree with you. Culinary travel is pure enjoyment. We are big fans of this kind of travel.

      Best regards,

  3. For me personally, enjoyment is much broader than the culinary arts. Nevertheless, I find courses with regional products particularly exciting.
    I like to think of wine tasting, baking Kaiserschmarrn, making Vinschauer myself or many other culinary tips on my travels.

    Regional, local and therefore directly to the people, delightfully beautiful.

    Best regards, Katja

    1. Dear Katja,

      we agree on this, because for us enjoyment generally also means more. I don't think we're the only ones, as the World Food Travel Association study shows. Enjoyment can be so many things: actually everything that appeals to all the senses and triggers a feeling of wellbeing there.

      However, culinary trips, which this article deals with specifically, are really about food - whether regional, local or international. We find the connection between the culinary art of a travel destination and the cultural heritage of the region particularly exciting. There is often a fascinating connection. Erik Wolf, the director of the World Food Travel Association, sums it up when he says: "The act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place." That's exactly what we put on our culinary Search and find trips.

      Best regards,

  4. I honestly have to say that as a hobby photographer I am hardly interested in culinary things on a vacation because I prefer to spend time outdoors in nature. While others go out to eat at sunset, I prefer to take pictures of the golden or blue hour. Other than that, eating is more of a food intake for me and I rarely serve something like that and don't really take my time. All the more interesting to read what I might miss here and there.

    1. Then culinary trips are obviously not your thing, although there are also culinary topics that play a role for outdoor travel. How about a snack, for example. There could be some tips for you if you are out and about a lot in nature.

  5. My next trip is to Naples, do I have to say more? :-) I can't wait to explore the home of Neapolitan pizza and take a pizza baking class. In any case, culinary trips are very important to me - especially since I love to try regional specialties and I like to shop locally. As you say, there are hardly any better souvenirs than local delicacies. :) This is how you support the people in the region and remember the trip for a long time.

    1. Hello Sigi,

      I hope you write about your pizza baking course when you return. And ask yourself who originally invented pizza. There are even people who say it was baked in New York for the first time. I would be interested in the opinion of the Italians.

      Best regards,

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