Learn to cook Waldviertel specialties in the Kochatelier in Vienna

Waldviertel specialties - organic carp with smoked crust and bacon

Cooking Waldviertel specialties

Anyone who has read our Genuss travel blog for a long time knows that we value Austrian cuisine very much. Therefore, this cooking course is one of our Vienna travel tips. We are particularly impressed by the enjoyment regions of Austria, and there is a lot to discover there. This time we were invited to a cooking class in Kochatelier by Thomas Hüttl in Vienna, where we cook our food together with Elena and Hermann Paschinger von Creative travel and Joesy Rozsnyai from Gastro Magazine tried on Waldviertel specialties. Waldviertel Learn how to cook specialties with tips on how we can do this at home.



Cooking class with Elena Paschinger and Joesy Rozsnyai
Cooking class with Elena Paschinger and Joesy Rozsnyai

Thomas Hüttl learned the trade from scratch in various apprenticeships, including those in which cooking stars such as Alfred Schubeck and Eckart Witzigmann came and went. Since 2003 he has been offering cooking courses of various lengths in his cooking studio at Schönbrunnerstraße 36/3 in Vienna. For some of his courses, only the main topic is fixed beforehand: fish, meat or pastries. "The dishes that we ultimately cook together are then determined by the market," laughs Hüttl. He likes to go to the Viennese Naschmarkt with his course participants, where they look for the fresh ingredients from which delicious things are conjured up together.


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Petar learns to cook under the direction of Thomas Hüttl
Petar learns to cook under the direction of Thomas Hüttl


Learn to cook Waldviertel specialties by Thomas Hüttl

At our cooking class in Hüttls Kochatelier, the ingredients are already available, and the Waldviertel specialties, which we cook together, are set.

The Waldviertel specialties menu includes Waldviertel organic carp in a smoked crust from the bacon pan on beetroot and a Heurigen in white wine and horseradish broth as a starter. There is also a Grünnen Veltliner Kellerberg 2014 from the Weingut am Berg.


The pork fillet is seared
The pork fillet is seared


main dish

For the Waldviertler specialties main course, we cook a Dachsberger pork fillet on mushrooms in root cream with herb serviette dumplings according to Thomas Hüttl's instructions. The Riesling Gaisberg 2013 from Schloss Gobelsburg tastes wonderful with this. Because barrique wines are not among my favorite wines, I do without the Zweigelt Barrique 2011 from Eitzinger. It is well known that wines are a matter of taste.


The Waldviertler specialties dessert then meets our taste exactly: we conjure up a chocolate soufflé with a soft chocolate core and caramelized Wachau- Marillenröster to which the Trockenbeerenauslese 2007 by Rabl fits wonderfully.

Waldviertel specialties That's how it works

I'm always wary of carp, but this Waldviertel carp with a smoked crust was probably the best I've eaten so far. The crust and bacon make this fish a real treat. There was nothing "fishy" about him at all. When preparing this Waldviertel specialty, I was surprised at how long it was roasted on the skin side, but that's exactly what makes the crust so tasty, as Thomas Hüttl explains to us.

First we sear the pork tenderloin. Then it is placed in the oven, where it continues to fry at medium temperature for about 20 minutes. Then it comes into the tube at about 50 degrees and rests - wrapped in aluminum foil - until we have prepared the rest of the meal. So it is exactly right when serving: still slightly pink, wonderfully juicy and tender. We prepare the mushroom sauce from different types of mushrooms. There were also herbal serviette dumplings, the dough of which was wrapped in cellophane film and cooked in boiling water for about 20 minutes.


Here caramelizes the sugar for the dessert
Here caramelizes the sugar for the dessert


We are not allowed to publish the Waldviertler specialties recipe for the dessert. Just this much: when it comes to soufflé, it’s all about measuring the ingredients down to the gram. Then the same goes for the soufflé. In any case, it tasted delicious.


Waldviertel specialties - organic carp with smoked crust and bacon
Waldviertel specialties - organic carp with smoked crust and bacon
Waldviertel specialties - Dachsberger pork tenderloin
Waldviertel specialties - Dachsberger pork tenderloin
Waldviertel specialties - chocolate soufflé
Chocolate soufflé - Waldviertel specialties


Enjoy Waldviertel specialties together

It is well known that after work comes pleasure. In this case, this consists of a meal in the adjoining room of the course kitchen, during which we review our cooking skills. And who knows, maybe we will succeed in such creations from Waldviertel specialties at home and we can there lower austrian Cook delicacies until your next trip to Austria, a land of pleasure.


Here, the many cooks DO NOT ruin the porridge
Here the chefs do NOT spoil the broth when cooking the Waldviertel specialties


If you want to take part in a cooking course with Thomas Hüttl, you can do so in his cooking studio in Vienna. An experience for everyone who likes to cook and wants to get tips from the master. By the way, also a gift idea: there are also vouchers to give away for the Waldviertel specialties cooking courses by Thomas Hüttl. Or are you interested in cooking courses in other countries? Laura Lynch of Never a Dull Knife describes in detail how to improve your cooking skills during a cooking holiday, The article is in English, but so well researched and so detailed that it's worth bringing it along Google Translate to translate.

We stayed in this time in the Enziana Hotel Vienna *, which tries to celebrate the Austrian way of life with gentians, dirndls and lederhosen in the big city. The hotel is located near Karlsplatz. The guests came from all over the world.



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Source Waldviertel specialties: research on site. Thank you Trips to Savor for the invitation and assistance with this trip. Our opinion remains our own.


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Learn to cook Waldviertel specialties in the Kochatelier in Vienna

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