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Volkach Wine Festival - when the first Grapes of the Year are pressed

The Volkacher councilman opens the grape harvest
The Volkacher councilman opens the grape harvest at the Volkach wine festival

The Volkach Wine Festival

We visit the Volkach Wine Festival. wine festivals offer a perfect opportunity to experience the wines and the way of life in the wine regions of the world. This also includes the Volkacher wine festival. “The best that God has sent us is fine wine from Franconia“- We discovered this saying on a house wall in Nordheim on the wine island in the Main loop in the Franconian wine country around Volkach. When the days get cooler again in early autumn, the harvest on the Main begins in the Franconian wine country. Then parties are celebrated and the young wine is tested. We were at the Volkach Wine Festival, which officially opens the grape harvest. This year begins two weeks later than usual because the winegrowers want to give the wine a little more sun. We had a summer of the century with many sunny and hot summer days, but the winter also lasted a little longer than usual. To make the vintage a perfect wine year, the grapes are left to ripen for a while.


The Wine Festival Volkach celebrates the start of the Harvest

However, this does not prevent the Volkachers from pressing the first grapes of the year at the Volkach Wine Festival and serving fresh juice to the festival goers. The market square in front of the town hall of Volkach becomes a large fairground with long wooden tables and wooden benches where visitors can enjoy themselves. The Volkacher town councilor and the wine princess of the village welcome the guests from the fountain in the middle of the square. They will be accompanied by the Volkacher Landsknecht and wine princesses from the surrounding wine communities, because Volkach is located on the Main loop and only a few kilometers away from the wine island in the middle of the Main, on which red and white wines are grown.


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Volkach Wine Festival on the Mainschleife

The Volkach Wine Festival has been taking place every year since 1948 and lasts for several days. The eleven festival vintners present more than 120 Franconian wines from the Bavarian Vineyards on the Main Loop. We watch how the Volkacher town councilor, the wine princess and the Volkacher Landsknecht together with two winegrowers prepare the first grapes of the season for the press. In the meantime, the Volkacher brass band creates a wine-like atmosphere and a dance group entertains the festival visitors with dances in historical costumes.

A colorful spectacle! In the meantime, the wine press is ready for the first grapes of the year, and we watch the Wine Princess and the Lansquenet pouring buckets of young grapes into the press that the Volkach Alderman sets in motion by hand. A whole trough full of freshly squeezed wine juice is then distributed to the waiting festival visitors at the Volkach Wine Festival. They are invited to try the first grape juice of the year with Franconian specialties such as "Onion Plootz" (onion bread) and Franconian fried sausages (sausages).

The town band Volkach ensures a good mood
The town band Volkach ensures a good mood

A Day Trip to the Franconian Wine Country

Since we only went on a day trip to the Franconian wine country, we prefer, our Wine snack to enjoy in one of the currently open hedges in the area of ​​Volkach. For this we leave the Volkach Wine Festival and drive a few kilometers out to the wine island in the middle of the Main to Nordheim, where we try Franconian specialties at the Glaser winery. Petar and I share an onion bread and a plate of liver wörschtli and Blutwörschtli in the pan with roasting patties. We still understand liver sausages and blood sausages, but we have to inquire about “roast sausages”. Our Franconian language skills do not yet go that far: we learn that these are fried potatoes.

More tips for Volkach on the Main Loop

    • Volkach sights that are also worthwhile at the Volkach Wine Festival:

      • The town hall
      • The market square with the market fountain
      • The parish church
      • the old latin school
      • the rent office
      • The Franciscan monastery
      • The Alte Würzburger Amtskellerei
      • The Upper Gate
      • The upper market
      • The St. Michaels church
      • The Citizens' Hospital
      • The Shelf House
      • The baroque barn museum
      • The lower gate
      • The Echterhof
      • The town houses on the market square
    • Where is Volkach?

Volkach is located in the Franconian wine country near the Main loop. A Map is here.

    • Wine festivals in Volkach and the surrounding area

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Together with beets from Grandpa's garden, the Franconian specialties turn out as quite hearty and make us thirsty for the young grape juice, that we enjoy. "Heckenwirtschaften" (restaurants) are the perfect place to taste Franconian wines directly from the winemaker. In the past, winegrowers opened their gardens, living rooms or even bedrooms for wine lovers for a limited period of time, served them hearty home cooked meals and their own wines. Today you can get Franconian specialties and wines in nicely decorated taverns or garden inns or at the Volkach Wine Festival. Franconian wines cannot be tasted more authentically. However, you have to know, when which "Heckenwirtschaft" is open. You can check that, for example on this website.

Wine Princess, Landsknecht and councilman press the first grapes
Wine princess, lansquenet and councilman press the first grapes at the wine festival Volkach

That has to be in the suitcase for the visit to Volkach

    • Comfortable Shoes. In Volkach you walk a lot.
    • forget comfortable pumps not, because in some Volkach restaurants you dine in elegant surroundings.
    • A backpackin which you put a picnic.
    • A Camera* for the photo opportunities that Volkach offers.

Even if this time we were in the Franconian Wine Country only for a day trip to the Volkach Wine Festival, we recommend spending a whole weekend or a week there. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails in the wine country, where you can explore the beauties of the wine regions along the Main river. And of course there are a number of ways to experience the wine, the harvest and the winemakers.

The next Volkach Wine Festival takes place from August 13th to 17th, 2021 in Volkach.

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Volkach am Main
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