Freisinger Hof Hotel Restaurant at the English Garden in Munich

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Freisinger Hof restaurant and hotel lobby

A Munich hotel in winter

It is 7.00 a.m. in the morning at the Freisinger Hof Hotel and Restaurant in the English Garden. I rub my eyes in amazement. Was that a rooster that crowed? I can tell through the gap between the curtains that it's getting light outside. We are here for two days during the Munich Holiday Fair and spend two nights at the Hotel Freisinger Hof. The hotel and its restaurant are located in the Unterföhring district and are directly adjacent to the English Garden Munich, From our superior room on the first floor I look out on the snow-covered trees and meadows of Munich's large city park, on whose northern edge we are. In the summer you can hear the birds singing. But it is still too cold for them in the winter park. But the rooster from the yard, which lies below the hotel in the park, starts his day's work in time for sunrise. Loudly, he wakes his hens and the people in the surrounding houses.



The evening before I had noticed how quiet it is here. I don't feel like in a big city Bavaria to be. On the contrary. When I look out the window, I feel like I'm in a beautifully located hotel in the country. Our sleep during the first night was not disturbed by any noise. Neither car nor aircraft noise broke the silence of the park. On the second morning the wind was different at the airport. I heard the planes take off and land from a distance. However, these were so far away that they did not interfere.


Cozy sitting area in the Freisinger Hof
Cozy sitting area in the Freisinger Hof


Freisinger Hof Restaurant and Hotel

The Freisinger Hof is both a restaurant and a hotel. It belongs to the Freisinger Hofbräu brewery, hence the somewhat misleading name. Freising is still a few kilometers away from here. Hotel and restaurant are managed by the Wallisch family. We realize quickly that passionate hosts are at work here. Everywhere I recognize the love with which both hotel and restaurant are run. It starts with the setup.



Country-style Hotel

We are accommodated in the newly built hotel wing, which is right next to the traditional guesthouse. Both buildings are furnished in country style. What I particularly like is that they do not just use the traditional Bavarian country style. Nothing seems overloaded. A wooden bed and friendly curtains are enough to give our room a rural charm. Otherwise, it's nice little things, that make up the charm of the room. The little heart of paper, on which the hotel wishes us a good night. In addition there's a red chocolate heart as a Betthupferl.



Bed in the Freisinger Hof
Bed in the Freisinger Hof


In the bathroom, the bath utensils are stowed in a glass container made of cut glass. This lends the bathroom a touch of nobility. The white washcloths are lovingly folded in rose form, which enhances this impression. It is little things like these, that show that the Freisinger Hof values ​​the well-being of its guests.



Tasteful bathroom decor
Tasteful bathroom decor
Washcloth rosette
Washcloth rosette


I really like the sitting area in front of the two elevators on the first floor. With its red couches, the white orchids on the lattice windows, the embroidered linen pillows, and the elegant candle holders on the sideboard, with thick, long candles, this corner is very inviting. On a table on the back wall of this room, guests are offered sweets in beautiful glass carafes. Apparently, the guests like to use it, because on the second day we find different treats in there.



A great Breakfast

A breakfast buffet rarely delights me as much, as what we find in the breakfast room the next morning. Its size is amazing. Granted, we only get into the breakfast room shortly after nine o'clock. Another couple is sharing the breakfast room with us. It is possible that most of the guests have left the hotel already. Still, I am amazed at how diverse the food offered here, is.


breakfast room
breakfast room


This starts with the types of bread, that are served in baskets. As I lift the lid of a seething pot, I am astonished to find Weißwürste (white sausages) floating in herbal broth. The selection of breakfast cereals is as varied as the homemade jams. Among them I see such extraordinary spreads as a very appetizing-looking walnut spread. The same applies to the juice selection. From cloudy (home-made?) apple juice to freshly squeezed orange juice to home-made juice cocktails, guests are spoiled for choice. If you prefer to eat your fruit in solid form, you can choose between melons, pineapples, and other types of fruit.


Five-minute eggs
Five-minute eggs


Great Selection for Breakfast

The selection of sausages shows that they like to serve Austrian specialties. Many of the sausages come from the nearby Innviertel. There are delicious salads made from sausage and seafood. A selection of cheeses, beautifully decorated with walnuts, extends the offer. And if you are not satisfied, you can still get a piece of the homemade pound cake, which is so tempting at the other end of the buffet between the boiled eggs and the yogurt varieties.

Coffee or espresso are served fresh at the table. If you want, you can infuse your tea with hot water from the samovar, which stands on a table by the window. A very friendly girl in a charming dirndl delivers it and makes our morning perfect.


Table decoration at breakfast
Table decoration at breakfast


I like the lovely decor in country house style in the breakfast room. Bread, tea and sausage slabs stand on decorative crochet blankets. Our breakfast table is decorated with a set of four rose petals and a burning candle. The furniture is done in light wood and complemented by colored curtains, which make the room cheerful. In this hotel you like to get up and look forward to the great breakfast that awaits you.

Delicious Dinner in the Restaurant Freisinger Hof

No wonder then that the two dinners that we eat in the restaurant Freisinger Hof next door, also are great. While we find a free choice of tables in the restaurant on the first evening, we are glad that a table is reserved for us on the second evening. On that evening the restaurant is jam-packed. Reservation is therefore strongly advised.

Courteous, the friendly waiters take off our coats and lead us to our table. The first evening I am curious. Therefore, I order an appetizer and main course. I do not know the size of the portions yet. But you should not underestimate them.


Scallop on salmon statar and avocado
Scallop on salmon statar and avocado


Austrian-international cuisine in the Freisinger Hof Hotel and Restaurant in the English Garden

The menu selection reminds me a lot of our trips to Lower Austria. From Tafelspitz to apricot dumplings I discover many Austrian specialties. But there are also such exotic appetizers as salmon tartare or scallops. As a big fan of Canadian sea animals, I order fried scallop on the first evening as a starter and a Tafelspitz as a main course. Petar chooses a Tafelspitzbouillon with daytime snack (Griesknödel) as first course and a fried chicken with rocket salad as main course. The scallop perfectly fulfills my cravings for Canadian delights. It is well flavored and tastes exactly as I wish. The same applies to our Austrian main courses.

On our second evening in the restaurant Freisinger Hof we are a little more careful and refrain from appetizers. The amount was more than enough on the first evening. Therefore, this time we only take two main courses. Petar chooses pork from Innviertler Schwein with sweet potato puree. My choice is an onion roast with fried potatoes. Once again, the culinary art of the chef in the Freisinger Hof delights us.

Apparently, he succeeds in doing so with the guests at the neighboring tables. Because we only hear satisfied approval to the waiter's question, if the food tasted well.


What you need for a trip to the Freisinger Hof Hotel and Restaurant Munich


Conclusion: Freisinger Hof Hotel and Restaurant at the English Garden with personal service

We can highly recommend the Freisinger Hof Restaurant and Hotel. It is a hotel where you can relax after a fun-filled day in the city, an evening in the Munich Arena or a busy day at the Munich Exhibition Center. Do you need ideas what to put in Munich in winter can do? Then Veronika has some great ideas. Krystianna has tips for a perfect day in Munich.


The Freisinger Hof Hotel and Restaurant at the English Garden

Oberföhringer road 189 -191
81925 Munich
Tel. (089) 952 302
Book here: Freisinger Hof

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Freisinger Hof Hotel Restaurant at the English Garden in Munich

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  1. Dear Ones,

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    1. Dear Katja,

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    1. Liebe Sabine

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    1. Hello dear Simone,

      then you will probably like the hotel. We travel a lot in the hotels of the world, but rarely have I seen such a varied and great breakfast as in the Freisinger Hof. There were even white sausages there. ❤️ Let us know how you liked it when you were there.

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