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Things to do in Inverness Scotland

We want to discover the sights of Inverness Scotland. Cameron knows the city well as he lives there. He also shows them to guests from all over the world. He is very well known in his city. Not only do people greet him and shake hands all the time. No, even overseas visitors are enthusiastic when they see it.

Discover Cawdor Castle in Scotland

The Earl of Cawdor's widow still lives today at Cawdor Castle in Scotland. She moves out of the castle during the warm season and spends the time between April and October in another of her properties. During these months the castle is open to the public.

Excursions from Inverness for 2 Days

Which Inverness excursions are ideal for a 2 day short break? If you want to spend a long weekend in Scotland and get a taste of the Scottish Highlands, then this tour is a good start.

Enjoy typical Scottish food and drink

What is typical Scottish food and drink? You can find typical Scottish food and drink in pubs as well as in restaurants or hotels in Scotland. It's not just shortbread and whiskey. Although of course these are also part of pleasure travel. We notice one thing very quickly during our stay in Scotland. Scottish food is hearty and ... go to Article

Is there the Loch Ness monster really?

Discover Loch Ness On our tour of Loch Ness we keep hearing the question: is the Loch Ness monster really there? Or not? That was the question we asked ourselves on our Loch Ness Tour from Inverness. For two days we went in search of clues. Exciting was our Loch Ness Tour ... go to Article

Which travel guide Scotland is suitable for which trip?

Guide to Scotland Which guide Scotland is suitable for our trip? We are asking ourselves this question at the moment. We are traveling to Scotland for the first time. We'll look at Inverness and Loch Ness. It will be a flying visit, not a trip that leads through the whole country. Before that we used to talk about the country, ... go to Article

Glenfiddich Whiskey - in family hands since 1887 #Sponsored Post

  Advertisement - We love the ambience of old-fashioned Scottish Glenfiddich Whiskey distilleries. Behind stone walls, valuable whiskeys often store for decades in old oak barrels. At Glenfiddich, there are even whiskeys that are older than 125 years. If you approach a whiskey distillery, you will be sniffing before you enter the production ... go to Article