Where you can experience the Rhine meadows on a carriage ride

Exterior views in the Urdenbacher Kämpe

On the Rhine - enjoy the Auenblicke in the Urdenbacher Kämpe

Auenblick in the Urdenbacher Kämpe lure us on a carriage ride into the Rhine Valley in Nordrhein-Westfalen. "The water comes for three days, it stays for three days and it drains again for three days." This sentence from our coachman, Mr. Reuter from the cold blood breed Reuter in the Bürgel house in the Urdenbacher Kämpe on the Rhine, remains in my memory indelibly. On our # Winter happiness trip through Neanderland We visited the Rhine meadows near Monheim south of Dusseldorf. Mr. Reuter invited us to experience the Rhine meadows on a carriage ride through the nature reserve in the conurbation on the Rhine. We are leaving Erkrath through a region where one place stretches almost seamlessly to the other. All the more astonished we are, as we are shortly after Monheim suddenly in the midst of an original meadow landscape. A contrast that could not be bigger. The Shire surrounded by modern urbanity.


Mr. Reuter before our carriage ride through the Rhine meadows
Mr. Reuter before our carriage ride through the Rhine meadows


Experience the Rhine meadows on a carriage ride

Am House Bürgel, a former Roman fort that is today Grange, Roman Museum and Biological Station in one, we meet Mr Reuter. He is waiting for us with a two-horse carriage in front of the former mansion. The weather is for an 9. December sunny and cool. But it is not so cold that we need the provided blankets. As it rained the night before, our carriage ride goes through water-filled potholes on a dirt road. As we sit unusually high in our carriage, we cling to the sides of the carriage a little uncertainly. But we soon get used to the even swinging of the two-in-hand. Only if one of the potholes is too deep, we still grab hold of the side rails of our carriage seats.


Rheinauen on a carriage ride on the Rhine
Exterior views in the Urdenbacher Kämpe am Rhein
Rheinauen on a carriage ride Mr. Reuter tells of the flood in the Rhine meadows
Mr. Reuter tells of the flood in the Rhine meadows


That's how you live in the Urdenbacher Kämpe

Mr. Reuter proves to be a connoisseur of the floodplain landscape. No wonder, since he has lived here for years and experiences the regular flooding of the meadows. Every year the Rhine floods the Urdenbacher Kämpe, and Haus Bürgel, where Mr. Reuter breeds his cold-blooded animals, is right in the middle. He can tell us exactly how high the water has to rise to make Haus Bürgel an island. "At a level of ten meters above normal, the ground floor of the manor house is under water and we hope that the level will not rise any further," he tells us calmly from his coach goat.

When I asked how one can live with this constantly recurring threat, he laughed and said: “With good stocks and good nerves!” In the manor house of Haus Bürgel, the usable rooms for residents and users are only set up from the first floor. Here Mr. Reuter lives on the first floor, and this is also where the biological station, which is responsible for the Urdenbacher Kämpe, is located. The ground floor serves as a warehouse that is emptied if there is a risk of flooding. It's the same with the stables. Approach flood waves over Rhine and Mosel, the animals are housed in higher farms. “My four daughters spend the night with friends during the flood in order to be able to continue school. Then we stay here and pay attention to the yard and the surroundings. ”


Rheinauen on a carriage ride Unreal morning scenery in the Rhine meadows
Unreal morning scenery in the Rhine meadows



Through the Rhine meadows on a carriage ride
Through the Rhine meadows on a carriage ride


Carriage ride through the Rhine meadows - Auenblicke to enjoy

However, we do not get anything from it. For us, the Rheinauen on a carriage ride to experience one thing above all: a one-hour leisurely drive through a landscape, as we have not yet met. Alluvial forests and plants, which only occur here, grow in these floodplains on the Rhine. We are on the road in the morning, while the winter sun throws a yellowish light through the fading mist.

This creates an unreal atmosphere. This is reinforced by the flora and fauna, which we can observe from our seat on the carriage. A gray heron, who looks at us as curiously as we look at him. Little birds that rush past us so fast that we can not recognize them. Particularly spooky are the giant trees of Canadian poplars, which were planted here after the destruction of the Second World War to supply wood to a nearby match factory. This factory is now closed, and there are no more takers for the trees, which after a certain time throw off their twigs and branches. So they stand as memorial in nature and give the floodplain a mysterious character.


Wintry meadow orchards in the Urdenbacher Kämpe
Winter orchards


Slowly through the Rhine meadows

Our route through the Rhine meadows leads from Haus Bürgel past the floodplain forest and along the banks of the Rhine, from where we have a beautiful view of Zons on the other side of the Rhine. From there we turn into the Urdenbacher Kämpe and drive past orchards past meadows to Altrhein, the old riverbed of the Rhine. More than 50 different apple and pear varieties grow on these meadows, which also serve as pastures. In spring and summer, these meadows must be particularly beautiful: Meadowfoam, meadow button and Herbstzeitlose grow on it. We can still guess the beauty of autumn, the frost has not yet dropped the remains of autumn leaves from the trees. This enchanted landscape can also be explored on various hiking trails.


The mansion in Haus Bürgel in the Urdenbacher Kämpe
The mansion in the house Bürgel


Urdenbach, a village suburb of Dusseldorf

Before Mr. Reuter drives us back to Haus Bürgel, he takes a little tour of Urdenbach, one of the southern suburbs of Düsseldorf. The village character of this place fits well with the landscape of the Rheinauen, and we can imagine what it looked like here when the urbanization of the region was not as advanced as it is today. We really enjoyed the excursion through the Rheinauen on a carriage ride. This is an excursion that is guaranteed to please children too. More suggestions for Excursions in North Rhine-Westphalia with children is available from Phototravellers.


Arrival by car, bus, train and ferry

S-Bahn and bus:

From the S-Bahn stops Hellerhof and Garath on foot in about 10 minutes.

By bus 788 from S-Bahn station Benrath and from bus station Monheim.

Ferries to Urdenbacher Kampe:

Rhine ferry Zons-Urdenbach (car and passenger ferry), all year, www.faehre-zons.de

Piwipper Böötchen (persons and bicycles), seasonal operation, www.piwipp-boot.de

Parking options in the Urdenbacher Kämpe:

At the exit of Dusseldorf-Urdenbach, Drängenburger Str.

Exit Monheim-Baumberg, Urdenbacher Weg

On the banks of the Rhine in Monheim-Baumberg, end Klappertorstr., Arriving via Hauptstr.

Camping Monheim-Baumberg, Urdenbacher way

Camper Rentals:

Compare motorhome prices here. Or do you prefer to travel with him Rooftent or Zelt?

Overnight accommodation near the Urdenbacher Kämpe:

You can book accommodation in Monheim here*

Views on the Rhine in the Urdenbacher Kämpe


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Source Urdenbacher Kämpe: own research on site. Thank you The Neanderland and North Rhine Westphalia Tourism for inviting me to this trip. However, as always, our opinion remains our own.

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Where you can experience the Rhine meadows on a carriage ride

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  1. You were just around the corner with me. Whereby I explore the Urdenbacher Kämpe on foot or by bike. It was new to me that you could make a comfortable carriage ride there. Good to know! In any case, this is a wonderful spot in the south of Dusseldorf!

    1. The carriage ride is worth it! It was a lot of fun to ride the horses through the Rheinauen.

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    When reading your texts, about this very well-known area, I had the impression to sit in the coach together with you. I literally had a lump in my throat, that's how I felt about what you're writing and just as you're writing. I was also able to get to know Mr. Reuter myself and can only confirm that he is exactly the same as you can see and read it. He does his utmost to bring the nature, animals and history of the area to the passengers. He does this out of complete conviction and from his many years of experience, he literally reports with body and soul.

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