Wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois - the Loisium Resort & Spa

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The Loisium Resort & Spa in Langenlois

We take two days for ours Wine trip to Austria. We want the Wein Wellness Hotel in Langenlois in the lower austrian Langenlois in Waldviertel to get to know. This place proudly calls itself the largest wine town in Austria. The Kamptal wine region, where the hotel is located, is definitely worth a visit. One thing also applies to the region. Connoisseurs and wine lovers come here. Imagine looking out your bedroom window and seeing nothing but vineyards stretching to the horizon. You are also far away from car noise or other disturbing noises. Even the view over the vineyards helps to slow down.


Wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois
Wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois



Rest and relaxation in the wine Wellness Hotel

Even more intense, we feel the tranquility that radiates this region, at the back of the hotel. This is the place Langenlois and the wine world Loisium turned. There we swim in the turquoise pool. We enjoy the sun in one of the Hollywood swings. Or we doze in the hammock. Every time we look at wine, vines and roses. These line the wine fields. They are the first to be attacked by phylloxera, they say. For us, however, they are more of a bonus that enhances the feel-good character of the sunbathing area in front of the spa of the Loisium Hotel.


Loisium Resort and Spa
Loisium Resort and Spa


The rooms at the Loisium Resort & Spa

Our room is furnished in a modern design. That may not be for everyone. We, too, prefer traditional wineries as accommodation in regions of connoisseurs. However, the Loisium Wine & Spa Resort managed to convince us with its ambience, a great dinner and the friendliness of the staff. We definitely feel at home in our room, whose bathroom is surprising. You should know your roommate, because the bathroom is only separated from the living area by a glass wall. When I look at the other guests, it's usually not a problem, as most of the other guests are middle-aged couples taking a short break here.


Lots of glass and brightness
Lots of glass and brightness


Culinary delights in the wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois

The bar is located on the ground floor and serves the "Loisl", a fresh, non-alcoholic cocktail. It also fits perfectly with the hot days we experience here. Mint, lime and lemonade make it our favorite drink at the Loisium Resort. The bar is also followed by a cozy reading corner. Behind it are the restaurant and the terrace, where we finally enjoy our dinner. Our waiter patiently answers our questions about the different wines. He also explains their advantages to us. The most important thing about this dinner, however, is that the wines are perfectly coordinated with the dishes. There is baked free-range egg on truffle puree and chak poi, blackberry ice cream in prosecco, pork fillet in pepper sauce with almond balls. As a dessert there is then chocolate mousse with creme fraîche ice cream and apricots with excellent berry selection.


Delicious food in the wine wellness hotel in Langenlois
Delicious food in the wine wellness hotel in Langenlois


If you go from the lobby in the other direction, you get into the sprawling spa area of ​​the hotel. On two floors you can massages, relax or go to the sauna. We decide on a very special spa experience. We are massaged with a view of the vines in the outdoor spa.

All around wine experience in the Loisium Resort & Spa

Very pleasant for wine lovers and connoisseurs is that the Loisium wine experience world just steps away from the Wein Wellness Hotel in Langenlois. We stroll through the ancient wine cellars, a former winery and the modern halls of the wine experience world. There you celebrate the mysticism of the wine. In addition, we learned a lot of interesting facts and interesting information about the wine production in Kamptal. In addition, we are told exciting things about the wine itself. A wine tasting was not missing. We learn the Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé of the Steininger Winery as well as the Greens and Roter Veltliner. This is typical of Kamptal. Refreshing, this wine trickles down the throat. That's why he will surely become one of our regular wines for us.


The bar in the Loisium Resort and Spa Wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois
The bar at the Loisium Resort and Spa


A picnic in the vineyard at the Wein Wellness Hotel in Langenlois

The highlight of our stay at the Wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois, the Loisium Wine Resort & Spa *, expected us on the second evening. We are invited to a picnic in the vineyards. But we do not have to carry a picnic basket up the vineyards. On the contrary, our goal is a metal sculpture that can be seen from afar. Next to it is a platform on the top of the Käferberg. From there, the view opens onto Kamptal, the Danube valley and Langenlois. We are also in the middle of the vineyards.

Almost like a table cover, there is an opulent buffet of fresh fruit, salad, vegetables, sausage and cheeses in one corner. There is also a large cooler bag with a variety of drinks to choose from. An elegantly laid table awaits us, from which we can enjoy the view of the valley. "The perfect place to celebrate an anniversary with your loved one or to propose to her," I think to myself. But we can hardly see enough of this beautiful view, with wine and a great picnic.


Picnic in the vineyard
Picnic in the vineyard


A perfect hotel for wine lovers and connoisseurs

All in all, we can highly recommend a stay at the Wein Wellness Hotel in Langenlois, the Loisium Wine Resort & Spa. It is best to take a few days to savor the hotel's offers for connoisseurs. A short vacation and days of pleasure can hardly be more beautiful. If you have the time and leisure, you can start your wine journey in the Wachau extend well.


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Wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois - Loisium Wine & Spa Resort
Loisium Avenue 2
3550 Langenlois

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Wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois - the Loisium Resort & Spa

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