A perfect steak from the gas grill

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The perfect steak from the gas grill

A perfect steak from the gas grill like in the Wild West - grill recipe for the gas grill

What would a barbecue be without the perfect steak from the gas grill? And yes, this is also one of our gas grill recipes for beginners. For your grilled steak to turn out well, all you need is good meat, salt and pepper. However, you can't get this meat from discounters. The best meat for steak is American entrecote. Why American, you ask? This is because North American cattle are raised outdoors. They also slaughter them later there than here. This contributes to the fact that their meat tastes much more intense than German beef.

The best place to get good entrecote from North America is in the gourmet section of the supermarket. However, you can also order it online. It's more expensive than the steaks you get at discount stores. But its taste is worth every penny. This will make your gas grilled steak perfect.

This is how you prepare the perfect steak from the gas grill

The next step depends on whether you prefer your crust crispy or tender. If the former is the case, take the steak out of the fridge about an hour before grilling and rub it with salt. Then you let the meat sit for about an hour before you put it on the grill. While this removes moisture from the meat, it ensures a crispy crust. If you like your meat more tender, leave the seasoning until after the grilling process.

For steaks from Gas grill the grill must be very hot. It is best to turn on all the burners until you reach a temperature of around 300 degrees Celsius. The high heat ensures that the pores of the meat close quickly. This keeps the moisture in the meat. Then you put the steak on the heat and close the grill lid. Then leave the meat on the grill for a minute. Then turn the meat 90 degrees on the same side and let it cook for another minute. This way you get a nice diamond pattern in the steak. Repeat this process on the other side of the steak. The steak stays on the grill for a total of four minutes at maximum heat.

This is how you treat the steak from the gas grill after grilling

Don't get irritated when it starts to smoke. This is the fat that drips onto the burners. The meat will not burn if you stick to this grill process.

Now turn off the burners. Now place the steaks on the cooler side of the grill. This stores heat of around 150 degrees Celsius. If you can lower the temperature even further to 100 - 130 degrees, that's good. At this temperature you leave the steaks on the gas grill until they have reached a core temperature of around 60 degrees. The best way to measure this is with one Grill thermometer * (Advertisement). Then the steaks are grilled to a medium medium. Then let them rest next to the grill for about five minutes. This gives the juice a chance to distribute throughout the meat.

Now season the steaks from the gas grill with pepper (and salt if you didn't do this before the grilling process).

Side dishes for the steak

Potato salad and one go well with the steak from the gas grill Barbecue Sauce* or a chutney *.

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The perfect steak from the gas grill
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A perfect steak from the gas grill

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