Ireland's cities

The Powerscourt Townhouse Center

Few of them find their way to one of the most beautiful shopping temples in Dublin. Powerscourt Townhouse Center is just steps away from the city's famous shopping street, Grafton Street. Even if it is hidden away from the pedestrian zone.

Hotel in the center of Dublin

Located in the center of Dublin, the Brooks Hotel succeeds in offering its guests an oasis of calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the center of Dublin. Its location cannot be beat: steps from the shops on Grafton Street, Trinity College and the pubs of Temple Bar.

Cafe in the center of Dublin

Even from the outside, the facade of Bewley's Oriental Cafe in the center of Dublin looks inviting. It is even better when we open the doors. Immediately a coffee aroma flows towards us, which entices us to try the delicacies that are on offer here.

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