Things to do in Mainz for Connoisseurs

Mainz offers attractions and places that invite you to enjoy. Restaurants, cafes and bars tempt you to stay on a hot summer day in August. In addition, a stroll along the Rhine promenade makes our visit to Mainz an enjoyable experience.

Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

There are many beautiful cities on the Rhine. The section in the Middle Rhine Valley between Mainz and Koblenz is particularly impressive. These two cities are two of the cities that we recommend. Discover other places that make a trip along the Rhine interesting.

Mainz Spundekäs is served with Wine in Rheinhessen

Mainzer Spundekäs recipe We tried the Mainzer Spundekäs from Rheinhessen for the first time on our culinary journey through Hesse. However, he actually comes from Mainz. There it is on the menu in every wine tavern. If you take a closer look, the cheese specialty comes from Mainz. But also in the Wiesbaden area and in the Rheingau on the [...]

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