Whale Watching Alaska and Canada

You can find the best spots for whale watching in Alaska and Canada here. Whale watching is definitely part of a trip to Canada or Alaska. You can enjoy nature everywhere in Canada and Alaska. These are the best places to see whales.

Mt Denali - best viewpoints

Mt Denali in Alaska is one of those mountains that you absolutely want to see, but that doesn't show itself to everyone. Here you will find the best viewpoints on the mountain. It also takes a bit of luck that the mountain shows itself.

On the way on the Dempster Highway

I have often been asked what was the most impressive experience for me that I associate with Canada. Well, there is a lot that I have experienced in the more than thirty years that I have traveled the vastness of Canada. One thing is for sure the enormous size of the country, for which one human life is not enough to [...]

Dream trip, where money does not matter

You can still dream, right? And especially when it comes to our dream trip to regions for which we have all the financial means to make it a reality. When I saw Janina's and Katharina's call for their blog parade on SOS wanderlust with this topic, the Arctic immediately occurred to me, a [...]

From Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean & to Herschel Island

A few weeks ago I introduced you to the first part of the most exciting journey of my life, which led from Whitehorse over the Dempster Highway to Inuvik. However, that was only the beginning of a journey that I will never forget. My journey from Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean and on by bush plane to Herschel Island was even more impressive [...]

Newfoundland, Canada - the island of explorers

Perhaps it is because of its location that the island of Newfoundland, Canada has a number of explorers in its history. Not all of them are from the island, some discovered it themselves. But it is noticeable that we repeatedly come across enterprising and courageous adventurers on our trip through Newfoundland, Canada, who in [...]

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