Stralsund insider tips: Discover a UNESCO World Heritage city

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Stralsund insider tips

Stralsund tips

Stralsund, a UNESCO World Heritage City, has many hidden treasures and insider tips that you can discover during your visit. The city, characterized by its brick architecture, is an impressive testament to past splendor and power. Stroll through the winding streets of the old town, where you can discover numerous insider tips. Admire buildings like the imposing St. Marien Cathedral or the St. Nikolai Church with its colorful interior. One of our Stralsund tips: Visit the Meeresum to experience the underwater world of the Baltic Sea up close.


Magnificent and worth a visit: the brick facade of the town hall in Stralsund

Stralsund Sights - Hanseatic City and UNESCO World Heritage Site

The expanse, the smell of salt in the sea, the fresh breeze that almost always blows there, and the rough character of the surroundings lure people to Stralsund. It is a place whose center still lives on the charm of its past. In the World Heritage City, you can feel ...
The gabled houses in the Hotel Scheelehof

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Stralsund - enjoy Hanseatic hospitality

The Romantik Hotel Stralsund Scheelehof is a hotel whose ambience takes us back to the times when the cogs of the Hanseatic merchants still shipped malt and grain from Stralsund to other Hanseatic cities in the Baltic States. The history of the Romantikhotel Scheelehof ...
wall detail

St. Nikolai Church Stralsund - UNESCO World Heritage

During our half-day stroll through Stralsund's old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we therefore concentrated on the three churches in the city in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania that belong to it. We wanted to see what is so special about these churches that they...


Stralsund insider tips: Dive into the Ozeaneum

One of the absolute top Stralsund insider tips is the Ozeaneum. Here you can immerse yourself in a fascinating underwater world and experience sea creatures up close. The breathtaking aquariums and interactive exhibitions offer a deep insight into the diversity of the Baltic Sea and the world's oceans.

Stralsund insider tips for those interested in history: The German Maritime Museum

Stralsund also has another insider tip for those interested in history: the German Maritime Museum. Here you can learn more about the city's maritime history and the important role trade played in its development. The exciting details about seafaring and fishing are closely linked to Stralsund's identity. (Please note that the museum is currently undergoing renovations and is expected to reopen to visitors in 2024.)

Relaxation and enjoyment: Stralsund insider tips along the harbor promenade

A walk along the harbor promenade is one of the absolute must-dos in the city. Here you can feel the maritime atmosphere, enjoy the fresh sea air and admire the passing ships. The lively cafes and restaurants along the harbor invite you to linger.

Stralsund insider tips for nature lovers: Stralsund Zoo

Another recommendation for nature fans is the Stralsund Zoo. Here you can marvel at exotic animals and spend a relaxing day with the family.

Stralsund insider tips: Practical tips for your visit

To make your visit to Stralsund perfect, here are some helpful Stralsund insider tips: There are parking spaces in the city center, but these can be limited. A good alternative is therefore to use public transport. Also, be sure to check attraction opening times and entrance fees in advance to avoid disappointment.

Stralsund insider tips: accommodation and gastronomy

Accommodation in Stralsund ranges from cozy hotels and guesthouses to comfortable holiday apartments. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak season or public holidays, to ensure a comfortable stay.

Use our hotel map to find your accommodation. Please enter the location, duration of the trip, number of people and the type of accommodation you require. You will then receive a list with current prices for the accommodations that can be booked for your travel dates.

The food scene in Stralsund is also worth a visit. From restaurants with seafood specialties to cozy cafés and bars, there is something for every taste. Also, don't miss the opportunity to try the regional specialties such as fish rolls or Labskaus.

Stralsund insider tips: Discover the area

Stralsund is also a good starting point for excursions in the surrounding area. The islands of Rügen and Hiddensee are definitely worth a visit with their nature and beaches.


Stralsund insider tips - maritime flair
Stralsund insider tips with maritime flair


Fascinating Hanseatic city: Stralsund insider tips for beautiful moments

Stralsund, with its rich history, maritime flair and attractions, is undoubtedly a true jewel. Discover the Hanseatic city of Stralsund and experience great moments in this beautiful city.

Questions and answers about the Stralsund insider tips

What is the best way to get to Stralsund?

You can easily reach Stralsund by car, train or bus. The city is well connected to the transport network.

Are there guided tours through Stralsund?

Yes, various guided tours through Stralsund are offered. They offer deep insights into the history as well as into the sights of the city. You will get to know our Stralsund insider tips even better.

Which sights have special opening times?

Some sights in Stralsund have special opening hours. It is therefore advisable to check in advance when they are open to avoid disappointment.

Are there special events or festivals in Stralsund?

Yes, Stralsund has a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. Therefore, find out in advance about the current program of events.

Where can I find recommended restaurants with regional cuisine?

In Stralsund there is a wide range of restaurants offering regional cuisine. The harbor promenade and the old town are good places to find cozy restaurants.

Which excursions can I take from Stralsund?

You can go on various excursions from Stralsund. For example, visit the Hanseatic city of Greifswald.

Are there special safety instructions for visitors to Stralsund?

Stralsund is generally a safe city, but as with any travel destination, visitors should still take care of their personal safety and their valuables.


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Stralsund insider tips
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Stralsund insider tips: Discover a UNESCO World Heritage city

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