Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont

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Breakfast with Sam von Trapp in the von Trapp Restaurant

“Fresh chicken eggs from our farm” are the words Sam von Trapp uses to welcome us to our breakfast at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont. Sam is a member of the real von Trapp family and one of the heirs to the Sound of Music Hotel in Stowe. His family built the hotel there after their musical success. He laughs as he invites us to help ourselves to the breakfast buffet.

Homegrown agricultural products play a major role in Vermont. No wonder, as we drive past one farm after another on our tour of this state. Slow food from Vermont. It is nothing different than what our grandparents already did. Namely, to live from the products of their work and from the region. This is still done today at the Trapp Family Lodge Hotel. The hotel's own farm supplies numerous products that are served in the hotel's restaurant. The von Trapp Lodge even has a brewery.



We are guests at the Sound of Music Hotel in Stowe
Breakfast with Sam von Trapp at the Sound of Music Hotel in Stowe

The Sound of Music Hotel - The von Trapp Lodge in Stowe Vermont

It was no different in Sam von Trapp's grandparents, as he tells us, and as we can see from the numerous photos hanging on the walls of his home by his grandmother, Maria von Trapp, and her own children and their own children. You can see the family catching up on the hay, on the hay wagon and on many other farm work.

We had ours Visit to Salzburg Experienced by the Trapp family a few years ago, they are a magnet for visitors, especially for guests from the USA. The family of Trapp 1938 emigrated there because Georg von Trapp, as a monarchist-minded officer, did not anticipate the development in the Third Reich. At the instigation of Maria Augusta, the second wife Georg von Trapps, the family had already become famous in Austria with her family choir. The family had lost all of their fortune to 1935, and Maria appeared with her husband's five daughters and two sons. Only two years later, they won the first prize in the folk singer competition of the Salzburg Festival. An insight into the family history and the filming of "The Sound of Music" we received during this visit in Salzburg.



At the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont, the Sound of Music Hotel in Stowe
Austria can be recognized everywhere in the hotel in the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont

The Sound of Music and the von Trapps

They continued their concert tours in the USA and quickly gained a large fan base there too. “At one of these concerts,” says Sam von Trapp, Maria's grandson, “they had to wait for the musicians. Because the audience was already sitting in the concert hall, Maria came up with something. She stepped on the stage and told the audience the story of our family. Then an enthusiastic fan came to her and suggested that she write this story down and publish it. ”She never let go of the idea, and so in 1956 she published her book under the title“ The Trapp Family ”. The family's global success was unstoppable: two years later the story was filmed and in 1959 the successful musical "The Sound of Music" spread the family story around the world.


Restaurant at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont
Candlelight dinner at the Trapp Family Lodge Hotel

How the Trapp Family Lodge, the Sound of Music Hotel, Vermont was founded in Stowe VT

“And how do you get the idea of ​​opening a hotel?” I ask Sam von Trapp. He laughs and says: “It happened all by itself, as my grandmother ran a very hospitable and open house. We always had guests from all over the world visiting, and so it turned out that we turned it into a hotel. ”Also with success, as we can see for ourselves. The Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont is very popular with its mainly American and international guests. Everything here is still reminiscent of the family's Austrian homeland: there are Mozart, Strauss and Schubert rooms. The hotel itself looks like one of the mountain huts in the Salzburg Alps, only it's much bigger. And even the surrounding area of ​​Stowe, Vermont, with its rolling hills and beautiful scenery makes it seem like Salzburg is just around the corner.

"Do you still speak German yourself," I want to know from Sam von Trapp. He laughs again and says that unfortunately he can't. His travels took him to the Latin American regions of the world, and other languages ​​were more helpful. However, he now prefers to spend most of the year in Stowe. "Only now and then do I go skiing in the Rocky Mountains or in other ski areas in the world."

In Stowe Vermont, the von Trapp Lodge is a Family Inn

Families will feel right at home at this Stowe Vermont Family Inn. Away from the main roads, families can enjoy the views of nature. You almost think you're hearing the von Trapps hit: Edelweiss in Stowe.


View from the Trapp Family Lodge © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
View from the Trapp Family Lodge Hotel - The Hills are Alive in the Sound of Music Hotel in Stowe

Where is Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont?

The Trapp Family Lodge is located on a hidden side street on a hill above Stowe. From there we have a view of the valley below and the range of hills on the other side of the valley. Our room has a balcony from which we have a panoramic view of the surroundings. The curtains and the photos on the walls show episodes from the family history of Maria von Trapp, whose soul can still be felt in this house to this day.

Trapp Family Lodge
700 Trapp Hill Rd
Stowe VT 05672

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Trapp Family Lodge Vermont Sound of Music Hotel
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Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont

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