Restaurants in the Spreewald

Four restaurants in the Spreewald that we can recommend. In these you can enjoy Spreewald specialties with a view of the water, in a charming café, at a candlelight dinner for romantics and with elegance in a castle restaurant.

The Hotel Sacher Salzburg on the Salzach

Right next to the Cafe Bazar on the north bank of the Salzach is one of the luxury hotels in the city of Mozart with style and tradition: the Hotel Sacher Salzburg. The money nobility feels just as comfortable here as the real nobility and celebrities from politics, business and art.

Enjoy a Bergische coffee table

Pastry cakes and cakes - fresh every day -, Bergisch waffles in various sorts and the Bergische coffee table - "Drinking coffee with everything dröm and drom" - are advertised on a slate on the facade of the nostalgia café in Velbert Neviges in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Latin American restaurant in Miami Beach

OLA Restaurant in Miami Beach is an award winning restaurant. This Latin American restaurant serves cuisine with a twist. Anyone looking for something out of the ordinary for a special evening is in good hands in this restaurant.

Top Restaurant am Weissensee Carinthia

We started looking for restaurants and pubs that will appeal to connoisseurs. These are the restaurants that we discovered. Foodies will feel at home there.

The Bora Hot Spa Resort in Radolfzell

You can relax at the Bora Hot Spa Resort in Radolfzell. The spa offers direct access to Lake Constance and nearby excursion destinations. So you can enjoy a break and look at the surroundings at the lake.

Drink the best Hochland coffee in Salzburg

At the eat and meet festival, restaurants, cafes and shops present their specialties - a real festival for connoisseurs in Austria. We also visited the 220 Grad Rösthaus and Cafe and the Salzburg coffee roastery.

Good food, wine and the Moselle in Luxembourg

We discovered three Luxembourg sights where you can enjoy life in Luxembourg on our drive through the country. What could be better than good food, wine and a romantic river like the Moselle to enjoy life?

Three Styria hotels for connoisseurs

Discover three Styria hotels for connoisseurs, for whom the enjoyment of their guests is the top priority. Each of these hotels interprets “enjoyment” in its own way. It offers its guests an authentic experience.

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