Learn to cook Austrian food

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Richard Brunnauer

Learn Austrian Cooking with the gourmet chef in Salzburg

As you know, we like Austrian cuisine very much. For a few years now we have been drawn to it again and again Salzburg country looking for new delights from the cooking pots of the Alpine region. During one of these visits, we were on our Advent trip to Salzburg last year, among other things Restaurant Brunnauer in Salzburg came across, whose kitchen impressed us even then. We learned that Richard Brunnauer, tenant and head chef of the restaurant of the same name and proud owner of two Gault Millau toques, also offers cooking courses for interested gourmets. Reason enough for us to take a look behind the scenes of this gourmet restaurant in Salzburg. Austrian Learning to cook is fun with Richard Brunnauer.


Learn to cook Austrian
Do you want to learn Austrian cooking – Petar has to help too


Learn Austrian cooking with Richard Brunnauer

So we use our visit to Salzburg on the occasion of the eat and meet festivalsto which we have been invited by Salzburg Tourism to attend one of its cooking classes. Together with Elena Paschinger from Creative Lena and Gudrun Krinzinger of Reisebloggerin.atthat we have been to several times Trips to Savor were on the way, we set out to try our hand at the culinary art of a gourmet chef under the guidance of Richard Brunnauer. However, he makes it easy for us, because the dishes that we prepare together with him and his sous-chef can easily be cooked at home: there are meat donuts on sauerkraut, beef roulade with herb dumplings and - how can it be different in Austria - Kaiserschmarrn Recipe with apple compote.


Meat donuts on sauerkraut - learn how to cook in Austria
Meat donuts on sauerkraut - learn to cook Austrian


Everyone should be able to cook. Learning Austrian cooking helps.

When Petar, who also has to learn to cook in Austria, asks if we can publish the recipes, Richard Brunnauer says succinctly: “Yes, yes. It's no secret, and everyone should be able to cook. ”I won't list all of the recipes here, though. After all, this is a travel blog, but I'm happy to pass on a few tips. The meat donuts are made from a kind of choux pastry and filled with a meat filling. “You can also use cheese or vegetables instead,” suggests Richard Brunnauer.


beef roulade
This is what the beef roulade looks like on the plate - learning to cook Austrian is easy


Beef roulade - learn to cook Austrian

The beef roulade, which I often make myself at home, albeit in a different way, is prepared in an appealing way - suitable for gourmet cuisine. We fill them with carrot slices, pickles, mustard and bacon slices. After they have simmered in the pot for an hour and a half, our host will cut them open and serve them together with the homemade herb dumplings. A meal to our taste!


Learn Austrian cooking - the Kaiserschmarrn
Learn to cook Austrian - the Kaiserschmarrn


Kaiserschmarrn is part of learning Austrian to cook

I find it interesting that Richard Brunnauer stirs the Kaiserschmarrn with whipped cream and lemon juice and lets it bake in the oven. Then he cuts the dough and swirls the pieces in granulated sugar that he has caramelized: delicious!


Graduation to learn Austrian cooking
It tastes particularly good, doesn't it? - The degree to learn to cook Austrian


A treat at the end - learning Austrian cooking

Learning to cook Austrian is fun. After we have finished our creations with a lot of fun with the help of Richard Brunnauer, we can enjoy them in the restaurant of the house together with matching wines. A conclusion full of pleasure for an afternoon in Richard Brunnauer's guest kitchen. Learning Austrian cooking with Richard Brunnauer is an experience!


Wine from the Kamp Valley
And with it there is the wine from the Kamptal - learning to cook Austrian is a pleasure


By the way: if you want to take part in a cooking course yourself, you can do so at Brunnauers. Themed cooking courses are offered there all year round. These vary from time to time: there is seasonal cuisine as well as cooking in other countries. Learning to cook in Austrian is not his only topic.

Brunnauer restaurant
Fürstenallee 5
5060 Salzburg


This is how Elena Paschinger experienced the cooking course at Brunnauers:
(M) A gourmet trip to Salzburg: A gourmet chef to the main menu
Gudrun Krinzinger reports here:
A cooking class at the gourmet chef Brunnauer in Salzburg

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Source Learning to cook in Austria: Research on site at the invitation of Salzburg Tourism. However, our opinion remains our own.

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Learn to cook Austrian food

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