Salzburg Sightseeing near Salzburg

With these Salzburg insider tips you can make your city trip to Salzburg an experience that not everyone has. The Mozart city on the Salzach tells stories. These are varied. Exciting. Entertaining. Exciting. Relaxing. Fascinating. Interesting.

Hellbrunn Palace Salzburg and its trick fountains

You can visit Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg and its palace gardens in all seasons. In summer, a walk through the castle park is fun. If it's really hot, then a visit to the water features will cool you down.

Salzburg specialties that (not) everyone knows

Salzburg is so well known that almost everyone knows some of Salzburg's specialties. When you visit Salzburg, you can hardly avoid some of them. Nevertheless, there are some special features in the culinary arts of Salzburg that you have probably not heard of.

Where can you eat well in Salzburg restaurants?

Eating well in Salzburg is easy. Eating in a restaurant in Salzburg is an experience. We can recommend these Salzburg restaurants for enjoyment trips. They offer Austrian cuisine in historic inns as well as hearty food in rustic surroundings. There is fine dining as well as culinary experiences.

Flour from the mill by the rushing brook

Flour is still ground in the Anthering Mill today. To this day, the water from the torrent in front of the house drives the grinder at the Fuchsmühle in Salzburger Land. Get freshly ground flour and homemade products at the Fuchs Mühle in Anthering.

The Trapp family Salzburg - the real story

We are on our way in search of the true story of the Trapp family's escape from the National Socialists, not the Hollywood version of the film "The Sound of Music", which made the family world famous.

The Hotel Sacher Salzburg on the Salzach

Right next to the Cafe Bazar on the north bank of the Salzach is one of the luxury hotels in the city of Mozart with style and tradition: the Hotel Sacher Salzburg. The money nobility feels just as comfortable here as the real nobility and celebrities from politics, business and art.

to discover Salzburg culinary sides

The city in Austria is not only worth a visit because of its beautiful location. It is worth taking a closer look behind the scenes of the city of Mozart. And that's why we were guests this time on the occasion of the eat and meet festival in Salzburg.

Drink the best Hochland coffee in Salzburg

At the eat and meet festival, restaurants, cafes and shops present their specialties - a real festival for connoisseurs in Austria. We also visited the 220 Grad Rösthaus and Cafe and the Salzburg coffee roastery.

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