In Salzburg music is in the air

During a stroll through Salzburg and a tour through the Salzburger Land, it quickly becomes clear what an important role music and world-famous musicians play in the Austrian city. Again and again you come across names like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert or Johann Michael Haydn.

Christmas market in Hellbrunn Palace

The most beautiful Salzburg Christmas market for us is the Christmas market in Hellbrunn Palace. In the time before Christmas, a whole forest decorated with thick red Christmas tree balls stands in the courtyard of Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg.

When the Krampus bypass in Salzburg

When the Krampusse and Perchten go to Salzburg for Christmas, then all hell breaks loose in the Gnigl ​​district. The rough journeymen accompany Saint Nicholas on his way through the Salzburg foothills in the period before December 6th.

Salzburg Christmas in the Stiftskeller

The Christmas wonderland in the courtyard of the Stiftskeller St. Peter in Salzburg is a real gem. Nowhere can you experience Salzburg Christmas more beautifully than there. Not only that you can eat well in the monastery cellar, there is also Salzburg's most beautiful Christmas tree.

Christmas market on Domplatz in Salzburg

The Salzburg Christmas market on Domplatz is the oldest in the city. The stalls, which smell temptingly of fresh gingerbread, hot mulled wine or apple punch and sausages with cabbage, are grouped around the cathedral on Domplatz and Residenzplatz.

Christmas on the fortress Hohensalzburg

However, none of the Salzburg Christmas markets is as contemplative as the Christmas market at the Hohensalzburg Fortress. He's not as big as the others. In return, he conveys the spirit of Christmas better with his wooden huts in the courtyard of the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The Hotel Sacher Salzburg on the Salzach

Right next to the Cafe Bazar on the north bank of the Salzach is one of the luxury hotels in the city of Mozart with style and tradition: the Hotel Sacher Salzburg. The money nobility feels just as comfortable here as the real nobility and celebrities from politics, business and art.

Hotel am Mirabellplatz in Salzburg

Especially in cities that are full of history themselves. Salzburg is such a city where you stumble across a different piece of history from the Salzburger Land in Austria at practically every corner. The Hotel am Mirabellplatz is such a place.

Where can you eat well in Salzburg restaurants?

Eating well in Salzburg is easy. Eating in a restaurant in Salzburg is an experience. We can recommend these Salzburg restaurants for enjoyment trips. They offer Austrian cuisine in historic inns as well as hearty food in rustic surroundings. There is fine dining as well as culinary experiences.

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