Wachau attractions for connoisseurs discover

Strandcafe Spitz on the Danube
Dürnstein in the Wachau - Wachau sights for connoisseurs
Dürnstein is one of the Wachau attractions for connoisseurs

Wachau attractions for connoisseurs

We present three Wachau sights for connoisseurs here. The Wachau in Austria is certainly one of the best known travel regions in Lower Austria. The region is not only popular because of the alley around the “Mariandl from the Wachauer Landl”. You don't hear the song so much anymore today. At least the region's tourism experts agree. This is confirmed on an information board on the Danube in Krems. In this home film, a Wacha picture was created "that has as much to do with the real Wachau region as a cellar stair pan with a drop of fine Wachauers." And they are right.

The Wachau in Weinviertel is a travel destination for connoisseurs. We even feel that on our whirlwind ride along the Danube. At the time of the apricot harvest at the end of July we are on the right bank of the Danube from Krems to Melk. This is the stretch of the Danube where it has buried itself 36 meters deep into the fuselage mountain landscape of the Bohemian Massif over a distance of 700 kilometers. Here it separates the Dunkelsteiner Wald in the south from the Waldviertel in the north. We head for three destinations for connoisseurs on our trip along the Danube:


Petar in the cafe on the ship's beach in Krems © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Petar in the cafe on the ship's beach in Krems © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


Krems in the Wachau

At the landing stage of the Danube boat trip on the Danube road in Krems we drink a coffee with a view of the Danube. Meanwhile, we watch the passengers as they board the excursion boats. Some come with the whole family, others with two. Some have a picnic basket with them, the others a bicycle. On the way, you will always have the opportunity to get off at various points on the boat trip. They can take a closer look at the places that nestle in the narrow valley between the river and the steeply rising valley walls.

So you can make yourself comfortable on one of the park benches or meadows on the riverbank and bring your own Lunch snack enjoy. Or they get off at a ship station on the way. Others cycle along the Danube Cycle Path and continue one stop further into the next ship. Definitely a nice way to explore the valley of the Wachau while enjoying biking. However, we do not have the time to go on board ourselves. Instead, we have a chocolate cocino and a latte macchiato in the café on the ship's edge. We enjoy the warm summer sun that shines early in the morning from the deep blue sky and watch the action on and on the Danube.

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Weinterrassen in the Wachau © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Weinterrassen - Wachau sights for connoisseurs


Wine region around Spitz in the Wachau

We then continue our way along the Danube with ever new views of the river and the small villages, where you can see their wealth. Lovingly tended inns, vineyards that extend up the mountain, magnificent churches and medieval castle ruins make the drive through the Wachau a true feast for the eyes. Moreover, we can hardly get enough of the ever-changing views of the Danube, which opens up behind every curve. We would like to postpone our trip home and stay here for a few more days.

Along the road we see fruit stalls again and again, where the just ripe apricots are sold. On some signs it is pointed out that the next weekend is Marillenkirtag in Spitz, which takes place every year at the end of July.

This time, however, we take a break at the Strandcafe in Spitz, which lies directly on the Danube and entices us to an early lunch with its beautiful terrace by the river. With apricot dumplings and a view of the wooded banks of the Danube, we let the soul dangle.


Unwind at Strandcafé Spitz with a view of the Danube © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Take a break from everyday life at Strandcafe Spitz, overlooking the Danube


Walk through the monastery garden of Melk Abbey in Wachau

Before we say goodbye to the Wachau, we make a detour to the monastery garden of Melk Abbey, which towers high above the Danube on the other side of the river. However, we are content with a walk through the monastery garden, which has been redesigned in recent years in its baroque splendor. Passing blooming rose beds, we walk to the pavilion on the park side facing the Danube.

Inside is a cafeteria, which is worth a visit not only for the cool drinks that are offered there. The frescoes on the walls and the ceiling of the pavilion are by Johann Wenzel Bergl and represent exotic animals and jungle plants that wind upwards. In between, Indians look down on us. We buy ice cream for dessert at the self-service counter and marvel at how the monks enjoyed their spare time during the Baroque period.


Among exotic plants and animals in the pavilion in the Melk Abbey © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Pavilion in the monastery garden Melk - Wachau Attractions for connoisseurs


Conclusion: a short visit to the Wachau is worthwhile

With these tips for destinations in the Wachau even a short visit to the Wachau can be an impressive experience. And maybe you are hungry for a longer stay? Anyway, the Wachau does not let us go so fast. We are already considering when we will come back. Finally, there are more destinations in the Wachau.

Travel Arrangements:

Arriving by plane, public transport or car

The nearest airport is Vienna Schwechat. From there you can travel by rental car or public transport. Railway stations are in Krems and in Melk.



and from April to October the Wachau railway

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Wachau attractions for connoisseurs discover

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