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At the Mostbaron Hauer in Mostviertel Austria

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With these tips, slow travelers and connoisseurs can discover the Mostviertel Austria. The region belongs to Lower Austria. Pear trees grow in nature in the Mostviertel. The cider barons in the Mostviertel use their fruit to produce pear must. That is why the region gets its name. The Mostviertel is a travel destination for connoisseurs. At one of the must farms, they can taste the types of must that come from the region over a board snack. The pear trees bloom in spring. Then the annual cycle begins, which determines life in this area.

Toni Distelberger

A guest in the Mostviertel near Mostbaron Distelberger

The Mostviertel is the most beautiful in spring. We drive through the Mostviertel near Amstetten in Lower Austria at the end of April. We immediately notice the pear trees. They are in full bloom. It is said to be over a million. This is what Gudrun Wiesenhofer from Mostviertel Tourismus tells us. We are there in spring for a ...
Day of the must when the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel

When the pear trees bloom in the Mostviertel

Why it is so beautiful when the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel When the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel at the end of April, a pleasure weekend in the Mostviertel is particularly beautiful. This is best from the end of April to mid-May. Then the pear trees bloom there. Their white treetops shine everywhere in the meadows and ...

Enjoy wellness hotels in the Mostviertel

Discover wellness hotels in the Mostviertel Wellness hotels in the Mostviertel ensure a feel-good experience in the region between Amstetten, Seitenstetten, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Purgstall an der Erlauf and the Danube. Not only do they do this. Enjoyment experiences are concentrated around Moststrasse in Lower Austria. Mostbarons make pear must from the fruits of the ...
Snack at Mostbaron Hauer

Good restaurants in Mostviertel in Austria

Good restaurants in the Mostviertel Where can we find good restaurants in the Mostviertel? You know that our trips are always also expeditions to good regional cuisine. It was no different in the Mostviertel in Lower Austria. But we didn't expect so many good restaurants, rustic wine taverns and inns. In the gentle hilly landscape ...
Stift Lilienfeld Hiking in the Stiftspark

Lilienfeld Abbey - Abbey Library, Monastery & Gallery

Lilienfeld Abbey in Lower Austria The Lilienfeld Abbey in the Mostviertel with its library, monastery and gallery promises a surprising visit. Surprised? Why? We experience a break in a monastery that transports us to another time. The monastery in Lower Austria goes back to the year 1202. Cistercians from Heiligenkreuz were the ...
Monastery Altenburg

Monastic gardens in Lower Austria

Our monastery garden route - a journey to the self Three days we were on our monastery garden route through Lower Austria. We visited five monastery gardens. We expected it to be a treat for the eyes and senses. But the trip had more surprises in store for us. Our travel plan included ...
Stift Seitenstetten

Stift Seitenstetten in Mostviertel, Austria

Seitenstetten Abbey in the Mostviertel The Seitenstetten Abbey in the Mostviertel is particularly beautiful in spring. We visited the pen during the pear blossom season in late April. We set off from our Mosthotel Kothmühle. It goes through agricultural landscapes past imposing square courtyards, which are typical for this region in Lower Austria. At least that's how ...
Petar in the collegiate park of Lilienfeld

Lilienfeld Abbey Hiking - Muckenkogel & Klosteralm

Hiking at Stift Lilienfeld on the Muckenkogel We went hiking at Stift Lilienfeld in the Mostviertel. The area around the Cistercian monastery is ideal for a holiday in Austria with hiking for connoisseurs. During a walk through the monastery park and a hike on the Muckenkogel to the Klosteralm, we visit the area around the Cistercian monastery ...


Mostviertel Austria
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Mostviertel Austria

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