When the pear trees bloom in the Mostviertel

Day of the must when the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel

Why it is so beautiful when the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel

The pear tree blossom in the Mostviertel at the end of April is a pleasure weekend in Mostviertel especially nice. This is best in the period from late April to mid-May. Then the pear trees will bloom there. Their white treetops shine everywhere in the meadows and in front of the woods. We were allowed to experience this ourselves on a short trip to the Mostviertel. We visit Most Barone on the last Sunday of April. This weekend is the annual Day of the must celebrated. The cider barons of Lower Austria their gates. They welcome visitors with regional specialties. Pear must, warm hospitality and great experiences are guaranteed.


Enjoy a weekend of pear blossom in the Mostviertel
Experience a weekend of pleasure when the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel


Stay here during the pear tree blossom in the Mostviertel:


To the pear blossom in the Mostviertel at the Mostbaron of Hauersdorf
At the pear tree blossom in the Mostviertel at the Mostbaron von Hauersdorf


Experience a weekend of pleasure when the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel

Our first visit on our pleasure weekend in the Mostviertel leads us to the pear tree blossom in the Mostviertel to the Mostbaron von Hauersdorf. He also introduces us to his musts and liqueurs. At a snack With meat dumplings, bacon and sausages he serves us the perry of the region. He also shows us the products of his wife. This takes over the distilling of the noble juices. There is nut liqueur, pear liqueur and apple strudel liqueur. The imagination knows no limits.


We use the warm sunshine and enjoy the afternoon in the wine tavern. This has the family Hauer furnished in their square courtyard. This yard takes my breath away, because it looks more like a castle. He hardly remembers a farm. By hand, the farming family has made their farm a real gem. This is how a gem of regional farm architecture was created. That alone makes a visit to the Hauers worthwhile.


Such a Brettljause heard on the day of the must
Such a Brettljause heard on the day of the must


Guest at the Seppelbauer

On our pleasure weekend we continue to the Seppelbauer. He is also a cider baron. However, he does not run a wine tavern. Instead, he sells his products in his cider store. On the day of the must, however, every visitor is welcome. Then it is also served with him. And made real music. He tells us that around a thousand visitors come to the Mostviertel on the feast day of the pear tree blossom. A masterpiece for the host.


But we hardly get anything from it. We are too late for that. However, the reason why we visit his farm is different. We want his pear cuvée Mostviertel Three M / 3 He first introduced this to the market two weeks before. A pear must that tingles on the palate like sparkling wine. And it tastes just as good. In any case, I can very well imagine it as an aperitif at an elegant dinner. So he will be presented to us in the coming days.


You need that for a hike in the Mostviertel


Fancy a visit to the Heuriger

The third cider baron that we visit during the pear tree blossom in the Mostviertel is Leopold Reikersdorfer. He runs his wine tavern in the press house of his farm. It's high up on Moststrasse. From there you have a wonderful view of the orchards. The pear trees grow on them. These can be up to 20 meters high. The farming families harvest their fruits by hand every autumn. You can get up to a ton of pears per tree. These are cider pears. These are not suitable for consumption. However, they are perfect for juice and must production.


Most of pear juice is a drink with an alcohol content from 3 to 7%. It is also very refreshing. We hear again and again that the Heuriger farms have hardly problems with alcoholized guests. The reason is the low alcohol content of the drink. In addition, its effect disappears very quickly. Good to know. Even if we are not in the car this weekend. The next visit will come for sure.


Pear must is celebrated in the Mostviertel like wine
Pear cider is celebrated like wine in the Mostviertel - most beautifully during the pear tree blossom in the Mostviertel


Day of the must

Must Day is celebrated every year on a Sunday at the end of April. At the time of the pear tree blossom in the Mostviertel, the cider barons open their courtyards to visitors. It is served that the tables bend. And of course there is also fresh pear cider. Mostes Day is a festival on which the Mostviertel celebrates itself and its ancient pear trees.



Spend the night in the Kothmühle when the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel

We stay overnight in the Relax-Resort Kothmühle. This hotel is located in the Mostviertel. We spend the night surrounded by forest. The hotel is also surrounded by meadow orchards. Here we spend two days. Despite its quiet location, we are in the heart of the action. Moststrasse is only a few minutes away.



Contact addresses for the pear tree blossom in the Mostviertel:

  • Mostbaron von Hauersdorf, Hauersdorf 114, 3300 Ardagger
  • Mostbaron Seppelbauer, Brigitte u. Bernhard Datzberger - Pittersberg 12 - 3300 Amstetten
  • Mostbaron Reikersdorfer, Greinöd 1, 3364 Neuhofen / Ybbs

The day of the must

The day of the must takes place on April 24, 2022.


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Mostviertel to the pear tree blossom
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When the pear trees bloom in the Mostviertel

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