Hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia: wellness and pleasure

Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik Croatia hotels

Which hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia promise wellness and enjoyment? Here you can find a selection.

The coast in southern Dalmatia is undeniably one of the stretches of coastline on the Adriatic Sea in Croatiathat offers a lot of variety. islands protect the coastal landscape Dubrovnik in front of the sea. Here the mountains that rise above the coast are densely covered with pine and cedar, providing shade in the summer heat. They reach almost to the sea shore, so that we can also find places on the beaches where we can spread out our bath mats in the shade.


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Downtown Dubrovnik Croatia
Downtown - Hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia


But not only beach holidaymakers feel at home in these regions. The city of Dubrovnik is not called the "Queen of the Adriatic" for nothing. After all, it is one of the places on the Dalmatian coast with history. Founded as early as the 7th century by refugees from Epidaurus, the town came under the influence of Mediterranean lords over the centuries. The Venetians ruled here as well as the occupiers Croatia, Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

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  • Use our Beach vacation checklist for packing your suitcase if you are planning a beach holiday in Croatia.
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Sunset on the coast
Sunset on the coast from a hotel in Dubrovnik Croatia


What to see in Dubrovnik Croatia

The city wall still testifies to the defensive strength of the city. It is one of the places from which you can enjoy views of the sea and the sights of the city. Cafés in the old town, but also in the harbor area of ​​Dubrovnik, invite you to take a break with a cappuccino with a view of buildings with history or sailing ships. These still connect the islands to the mainland today. There is hardly anything better than ending a day in one of the city's street cafes or restaurants with a view of the sunset over the sea. With the view of the sunset we watch the hustle and bustle at the harbor. We watch the ships return from their day trips. Their passengers do the same and slowly fill the cafes and restaurants. They do the same and enjoy a sundowner with a view of the sea.



Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was one of the film locations for the HBO series Game of Thrones. The city served as a backdrop for Königsmund or King's Landing. There Cersei had to endure her walk of shame. The Jesuit staircase, which she ran down naked, is easy to spot in the old town. It leads up to St. Ignatius Church. Equally well-known are the Schwarzwasserbucht and the Rote Bergfried. Lovrijenac Fortress appears several times in the series. This is where King Joffrey celebrates his birthday. He later marries Margary at Park Gardac. Discover hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia for your trips to the film locations.

Check out the locations on a Game of Thrones Tour*

If you want to see the Iron Throne, then it's worth it Excursion to the island of Lokrum *. The Game of Thrones Museum is also located there. The Trsteno Arboretum is also worth a visit. It's about 20 minutes out of town. There the scenes were filmed in King's Landing Garden, where Varys and Tyrion met regularly.


View of Dubrovnik Croatia
View of Dubrovnik Croatia. Here you can find hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia


Hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia

If you don't want to spend the night in the hustle and bustle of the old town or the surroundings of Dubrovnik, but rather enjoy a quiet environment, you only need to cross the bridge that connects the city with the places in the north. A few kilometers from Dubrovnik is the city of Orasac, where the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, one of the Leading Hotels of the World, promises its guests relaxation and wellness right by the sea.




Hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia
Hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia


Hotel in Dubrovnik Croatia overlooking the sea

The hotel complexes extend over one site directly on the pebble beach. Only fifteen kilometers north of the city center of Dubrovnik, hotel guests can relax from the hustle and bustle in the city with a swim in one of the three outdoor pools with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the islands. Or let yourself be pampered in the spa of a wellness hotel.



The turquoise of the sea is reflected in the hotel pools as well as in the colors of the interior furnishings of the hotel rooms. The color tones of the furnishings transport the guest into a world that is determined by the sea. A place to relax from everyday stress and to enjoy life on the Adriatic.

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Hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia: wellness and pleasure

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