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Island hopping on Croatian islands

The best way to experience Croatia islands is by island hopping. The island world of the Adriatic in Croatia is diverse. We saw that on a trip on the coastal road. This led from Montenegro up to Rijeka. We saw islands with bays where nobody lives. Small. Hidden. Lonely. Quiet. Discovered islands that are a world of their own. With cities. Fishing villages. Farmers and wineries. Particularly noticeable are the rocky islets on which no life seems to exist. On these the eye sees nothing but rocks and rubble. Kilometer long. A wasteland made of stone. On the other hand, looks very different the Croatia sights in the south of Istria .

When driving along the coast, you can only see Croatian islands from a distance. If you visit one of these islands, you will only see this one island. A vacation in which you visit several islands is therefore exciting. From Split is also a Day trip to several islands * possible. This is the only way to experience their diversity. Learn how different they are. Get to know your bays, cities and people. Bathe on their shores. Wander over their hills. Stroll through the cities. Try specialties in their markets. Or chill out in their bars and restaurants.

We have looked around, where you can experience this particularly easily. The mainland cities of Trogir or Split are good starting points for island hopping on the Croatian islands. They are close to each other and not only offer good connections to Croatia islands. They are also worth seeing and a trip in and of themselves. Greta recommends Travel tips for Split.


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Split island hopping
Split © Copyright Nicolas Vigier, Flickr CC0 1.0

Split is a perfect starting point for island hopping on Croatian islands

With around 210 inhabitants, Split is the second largest city in Croatia. The city looks back on 000 years of history. This can still be felt in the city. In their buildings. In their places. in the churches. Along the waterfront. In the fortress of Klis, which is a few kilometers outside the city. Or in the Sustipan Park, from which there are beautiful views of the Split beaches and Croatian islands open. The Diocletian's Palace in Split, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is particularly worth seeing.



One or more days before or after a Island hopping tour * spend through Croatian islands. Here you can find out what to do in Split (English). Split is also a port city. Ferries to the islands off the coast depart from here.


Trogir island hopping Croatia islands
Trogir © Copyright Nick Savchenko, Flickr CC BY SA 2.0


Trogir is well suited for a stay on Croatia's coast

If Split is too big for a few days on the mainland before or after the trip, you can spend a few days in Trogir. The city is located just thirty kilometers from Split. The entire old town is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No wonder with a story that can look back on 2000 years. The Greeks, Romans and Venetians shaped the cityscape of Trogir.

There are no ferries from Trogir to the offshore islands. Due to the proximity to Split, a stay in this city is still feasible. There is a bus from Split Airport (about eight kilometers away) and a bus to the city of Split.




Discover Croatian islands off Split

These Croatian islands off the coast of Split are worth a visit. These islands can be reached by ferry from Split: Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula and Lastovo.


Brac island hopping Croatia islands
Brač © Copyright Nick Savchenko, Flickr CC BY SA 2.0

The island of Brac

Three places on the Brac Island can be reached from Split by ferry: Bol, Milna and Supetar. Brac is known for its sandy beaches. But there are also sights that are worth visiting. The Dragonja Grotto, for example. Or the Dominican monastery in Bol. The connoisseurs among you can look forward to good cheese, lamb and fish, which is best washed down with a sip of schnapps or a glass of Bolski Plavac. This is what the local wine is called.


This is a must for a beach holiday on one of the Croatian islands in the suitcase

  • Use our Checklist beach vacation Pack for the suitcase and don't forget anything for your equipment for a beach vacation
  • On the islands you have the opportunity to relax on the beach. holiday reading therefore belongs in the suitcase.
  • There are hiking trails on the islands in Croatia that are worth exploring. So think about it good hiking boots and one backpack when packing suitcases.
  • In our hiking checklist you can check whether you have packed everything you need for your hike.




Hvar © Copyright alchen_x, Flickr CC BY SA 2.0


The Croatian island of Hvar

Lavender, olive groves and vineyards - that's what makes Hvar so attractive. And of course the products that are made from it. The city of Hvar is also worth seeing. This can be reached by ferry from Split. Attractions worth visiting include the fortress, the cathedral, the city theater and the Franciscan monastery. Not to forget the restaurants in the city, where you can try typical fish dishes.



Komiza - island hopping to the Croatian island of Vis
Komiza on the Croatian island of Vis © Copyright Miroslav Vajdic, Flickr CC BY SA 2.0


Discover the Croatian island of Vis

The island of Vis is something special among the Croatia islands. Even many Croatians don't know Vis. This is because the island was a military restricted area until 1995. The island owes its nickname to this fact Gibraltar the Adriatic. Foreigners had no access there. The island was even inaccessible to most locals. That only changed after the collapse of Yugoslavia. This is also one of the reasons why tourism has only recently become an economic factor on the island. In addition, viticulture and fishing play a role.



Korcula © Copyright Robin, Flickr CC BY 2.0


The Croatian island of Korcula

This island stretches behind Peljesac in the Adriatic. In the north, the island is relatively flat and easily accessible. The southern part, on the other hand, has steep coasts with cliffs that are up to thirty meters high. In the northern part of the island there is also the town of Korcula, which can be reached by ferry. The place is first mentioned in the 10th century. However, no buildings are preserved from that time. It was only when Korcula developed into a city of stonemasons that the facade was decorated with ornate facades. In the 15th century, the city had a Gothic cityscape. For some historians, Korcula is also considered the birthplace of Marco Polo. However, science is arguing about it. Others think that he was born in Venice. In any case, it is certain that Korcula was part of the Venetian sphere of influence for a while.



Pelješac © Copyright Ivan Ivankovic, Flickr CC BY 2.0


Discover Lastovo, one of the Croatian islands

You can also reach the island of Lastovo by ferry from Split. There the ferry docks in the port of Ubli. Similar to Vis, Lastovo was once a military base. Access was prohibited to foreigners. The island has only been accessible to everyone since 1992. It is still a real insider tip for individual travelers. Lastovo is one of the greenest islands in the Croatian Adriatic. Ubli is the only ferry port on the island. From there you can reach the other island towns by public bus. Even if Lastovo has no sandy beaches, a visit is worthwhile. The cliff is worth seeing. You can reach secluded bays by boat. Here you can still enjoy nature that has hardly been touched.



Conclusion: Island hopping on Croatian islands is an experience

If you take the time to explore several Croatian islands, island hopping in the Adriatic is a great experience. You will get to know islands that offer impressions that distinguish them from each other due to their history and nature. Immerse yourself in the millennia-old history of the island world. Learn more about people and what makes their lives. Enjoy the specialties of the region. And above all - enjoy the nature of the islands and the sea. Further Beach vacation destinations can be found here.

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Discover picturesque Croatia islands while island hopping
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